How does it work?

Take a picture with your smartphone of your hive frames.

Artificial Intelligence algorithm will provide feedback about varroa infection, bee count and other important data in the future.

Use the feedback to make more accurate and faster decisions regarding your bees.


What can ziBees help you with?

Automatically detect varroa presence

ziBees can detect varroa mites based on a picture of your hive frame.

Quick diagnosis

ziBees can diagnose varroa mites faster and cheaper than traditional methods. You can expect results with minutes. It also doesn’t kill the bees like alcohol washing does.

Drone brood diagnosis

ziBees in the future can provide information on the ratio of drone brood cells to worker brood cells. Use this information to better analyse your bees strenght and swarm instinct.

in the future


Count down bees

Quickly count all visible bees based on an hive frame image. Take action if you see strange anomalies during the season.

Check your queen presence

Find out if your queen was visible on an frame or not. Take action based on multiple inspections.

in the future

Automatically find other diseases

In the future ziBees will be able to suggest other diseases visible on the frame. Use the app, take pictures and help our artificial intelligence learn, so we can help your bees.

in the future

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