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Being in the halls of Morgan County Middle School brings back lots of memories from 30+ years ago when I walked the 4th – 8th grade halls myself as a student here. It was some of my struggles (academically, physically, emotionally, and socially) during this difficult time in life that gave me the determination to make my class one that students will feel loved, needed, respected, and challenged. I want my students to look forward to coming to science each day, and I want them to be able to share with someone else each night concerning what they learned new that day.6th Grade Elawelcome To Mrs. Bryan6th6th Grade Elawelcome To Mrs. BryanGrade

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Delete any program vistafree software and shareware. 6.4 Students declare goals on classroom CAFE Menu. When students’ goals are decided, they declare their goal on the CAFE Menu. (Refer to step 4 in 7 Steps from Assessment to Instruction.) Students may declare a goal and strategy that is not yet posted on the class CAFE Menu. These 6th graders are reviewing their knowledge of CAFE strategies by determining which CAFE heading each strategy card should be placed under. A great assessment for any time of year. Read more about Whole Class Review of the CAFE Menu Strategies. BRYAN'S LEARNING CAFE: HOME; OUR CLASSROOM; 6th GRADE ELA 7th GRADE ELA. 8th GRADE GEORGIA STUDIES. Lesson Plan (21 - 25 Oct) SS 8th Grad Unit 6 Post.

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After graduating in 1989 from Morgan County High School, I worked at the Bank of Madison for 6 years as I worked on my Bachelor’s Degree in Middle School Education at UGA. Later, I continued my education at UGA and received a Master’s Degree in Instructional Technology. My first job was at Nathaniel Greene Academy where I taught 3rd grade for a year. Excited to get back to my hometown, I taught 8th grade Language Arts, Science, and reading for ten years. Then I moved to 7th grade at Morgan County Middle School where I taught Life Science, Language Arts and reading for seven years. Of the sciences, I have taught Earth Science, Physical Science, Life Science, and Integrated Science during my teaching career. This will be my fourth year teaching 6th grade.

A little more about me… My family consisting of my husband and 12 1/2 year old daughter live in Madison. My mother and father, Carolyn and Glynn Broome, have lived in Madison for 40+ years. My brother, his wife, my nine year old nephew, and my six year old niece live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. My hobbies include “mini vacations” with my family, spending every minute I can with my daughter playing and learning, gardening, painting, cooking, fishing, and surfing the web for resources. I am a member of Fusion Church of Madison.

I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year!!!


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