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Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow was published on 26th April 2004, English. Penguin Press was the publisher of the Alexander Hamilton book. This is the New York Times bestseller and it won the prizes like George Washington Book Prize in 2005, National Book Critics Circle award nominee for biography in 2004.

Alexander Hamilton Audiobook Free. I even just recently reviewed a bio regarding George Washington (who was close to Alexander Hamilton) by the very same author (Ron Chernow), and even that a person wasn’t especially spectacular. For whatever reason, though, this set is really exceptional. Download Now; Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow Audiobook Free Download Mp3 The #1 New York Times bestseller, and the inspiration for.

It is a very famous book in the United States. In this book, the author explained details about the biography of the Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was one of the most brilliant men of his most brilliant time and in American history, he was one of the most famous figures.

Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow Book Details

Name of the Book: Alexander Hamilton

Author of the Book: Ronald Ron Chernow

Published Date: 26th April 2004


Published Organization: Penguin Press



No. of Pages: 818

Available Price: Rs.500/- to Rs.1, 650/-

ISBN: ISBN 1594204092

Direct textbook:

No. of Pages: 832

Available price: Rs.1, 000/-

ISBN: ISBN 1594200092

Alexander Hamilton Ron Chernow Free Download

About Alexander Hamilton Book

The book explains about Alexander Hamilton and his life. Hamilton was a genius and worked as clerk, military General and fought in several battles viz. Battle of York town and Battle of Monmouth. He later worked as a lawyer and finally worked as a Secretary of the Treasury in United States.

Though he worked as a Secretary of Treasury for only five years, he became a greatest influential Secretary of Treasury in US history. He wrote five key reports that are helpful to establish American Financial Policy. Super mario crossover 3.5 new. He finally wrote a report which convinced Congress to establish a national bank to control the country’s finances and it helped in encouraging Congress to create a national mint and stable national currency.

This is a simple summary of the book Alexander Hamilton. To know completely about this book, just purchase the books online that are available through in Amazon or Direct textbook.


Alexander Hamilton Ron Chernow 2004

Ronald Ron Chernow was an American writer born on March 3, 1949 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA. He possessed graduation with honors from Yale and Cambridge University in English literature and later began his career as a journalist. He was not only a journalist, but a historian, writer and a biographer. He has written best-selling and award winning biographies of historical figures from the world of finance, business and American Politics.

Ron Chernow’s books include Alexander Hamilton, Washington – A Life, The Warburgs – The Twentieth Century Odyssey of a Remarkable Jewish Family, Titan – The Life of John D. Rockfeller, Senior, George Washington – Selected Writings, The Death of the Banker – The Decline and fall of the Great Financial Dynasties and the Triumph of the Small Investor, Grant and Tytan – Zycie Johna D. Rockfellara. His first book is “The House of Morgan – The American and the Rise of Modern Finance” which was written with his journalistic talents combined with his experience studying financial policy and made him won National Award Book for Non-fiction in 1990. He also won Pulitzer Prize for Biography (2011) and American History Book Prize in 2011 for the book “Washington – A Life”.

Ron Chernow Alexander Hamilton Summary

Alexander Hamilton Book Summary / Contents

This book was divided into forty – three chapter as listed below:

  1. The Castaways
  2. Hurricane
  3. The Collegian
  4. The Pen and the Sword
  5. The Little Lion
  6. A Frenzy of Valor
  7. The Lovesick Colonel
  8. Glory
  9. Ringing Billows
  10. A Grave, Silent, Strange Sort of Animal
  11. Ghosts
  12. August and Respectable Assembly
  13. Publius
  14. Putting the Machine in Motion
  15. Villainous Business
  16. Pangloss
  17. The First Town in America
  18. Of Avarice and Enterprise
  19. City of the Future
  20. Corrupt Squadrons
  21. Exposure
  22. Stabbed in the Dark
  23. Citizen Genet
  24. A Disagreeable Trade
  25. Seas of Blood
  26. The Wicked Insurgents of the West
  27. Sugar Plums and Toys
  28. Spare Cassius
  29. The Man in the Glass Bubble
  30. Flying Too Near the Sun
  31. An Instrument of Hell
  32. Reign of Witches
  33. Work Godly and Ungodly
  34. In an Evil Hour
  35. Gusts of Passion
  36. In a Very Belligerent Humor
  37. Deadlock
  38. A World Full of Folly
  39. Pamphlet Wars
  40. The Price of Truth
  41. A Despicable Opinion
  42. Fatal Errand
  43. The Melting Scene

Ron Chernow Alexander Hamilton Wikipedia

In this Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow book, readers can know the life of Alexander Hamilton, his childhood friends, his career and his achievements. He was also called as Founding Father of United States for his contributions towards American Politics as Secretary of Treasurer of United States.