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Audio Downloads

Hypnosis Audio Downloads are a very simple process. Hypnosis downloads work much better than trying to practice self-hypnosis. Hypnosis downloads allows the conscious mind to drift off and relax completely instead of an individual trying to do a self-hypnosis technique on themselves while the body is not relaxed trying to formulate self-suggestions to themselves.

There are some things to keep in mind with regards to using a hypnosis recording properly and SAFELY. First, I can not stress this enough, no matter what, never listen to a hypnosis recording while driving a car, operating machinery, sitting in water or cooking. While hypnosis is not “sleep” and a trance state is not a sleep state, it is possible to drift from trance into sleep. It is also wise to set an alarm clock for a time period slightly longer than the recording. Most hypnosis recordings will guide you back to a normal awakened state, but it is possible to remain in a sleep or trance state if one is comfortable and enjoying it safely, the alarm clock will prevent any missed errands.

With many of the recordings available through this web site are in use throughout the entire recording, and therefore it is best to wear stereo headphones adjusted to a comfortable volume. Sometimes, one will experience no trance-like qualities on the first listening of a recording, this can be normal. It is simply the conscious mind wanting to monitor the experience and have its control in things. Once the conscious mind realizes that there is nothing there for it, it will drift away and allow your sub-conscious mind to have a good time and enjoy the benefits.

It is wise to listen to a hypnosis recording in its entirety whenever possible, cutting sessions short only if necessary. Usually, any given hypnosis session is a totality of direction and suggestion and they often tend to loop around to back from where they started, allowing the suggestions to go inside and be sub-consciously recorded with no need for conscious interference or memory.

Hypnosis recordings can be a dramatic and powerful way for us to trance-form our lives in new and better directions. ENJOY!!!

First Time Hypnosis Session (1) – $1.99

Smoking Cessation Hypnosis Session – Package (4) – $9.99


Creativity Hypnosis Session (1) – $1.99

Weight Loss Hypnosis Package (4) – $9.99

Depression Hypnosis Session Package (2) – $3.99

Anxiety Hypnosis Session Package (2) – $3.99

Abundance Hypnosis Session Package (2) – $3.99

Claustrophobia Hypnosis Session (1) – $2.99

Sleep Hypnosis Session Package (2) – $3.99

Stress Management Session Package (3) – $3.99

Happiness Package (2) – $3.99

Take a Break/Energy Boost Package (2) – $3.99

Greetings! Please use the table below to choose your sessions.

I have a selection of hypnosis MP3, meditation, subliminal, and binaural MP3 audios, all designed to help you get the best out of yourself…

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Hello, nice for you to visit!

If you are visiting HypnoBusters then you must be ambitious about improving yourself and your life. Visual novel games for gbadownload free appsbackuptype.

Perhaps you’ve not been moving forward lately, or stuck in a rut. Maybe there’s things you need to change in order to lead a more prosperous life.

You MUST take action if you want change.

By using the best audio Hypnosis MP3s, you will get the most of yourself and your life!

Imagine lying on your bed, or on the beach, listening to soothing, relaxing therapeutic audios. The music, the calming words, and the imagery take your mind to wondrous places.

You wake up feeling relaxed yet positive. Something has clicked and you’ve just made a positive change to your thinking. You can feel it, and it’s exciting.

This is the reality of hypnotherapy.

Here’s how it works…

Your deep thoughts, habits, reactions, and fears are controlled by your subconscious mind. If you’re frightened of talking to the opposite sex, or being in a job interview, it’s because your subconscious mind is automatically triggering a fear response.

Hypnotherapy is great to help you change your subconscious thinking.

Your conscious mind already knows you shouldn’t smoke, eat bad foods, avoid exercise, get jealous etc. It’s your subconscious mind that needs telling. This is what hypnosis does. That is why you can quickly and permanently change your old limiting behaviours with hypnosis.

You DESERVE to be your best, and you can be with HypnoBusters…

Audio Hypnosis Downloads Free Ever Foundry Game

HypnoBusters is the creation of me, clinical hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes. I have made an exciting array of online hypnosis products to help you.

I have been a clinical hypnotherapist since 2003 (after gaining my diploma from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis) and have been making hypnosis audios since 2007. My hypno sessions have been trusted by hundreds of thousands of people.

I’ll be straight with you – my audio hypnosis sessions in this store are NOT for everyone. They are for people who are ambitious to improve themselves and their lives.

You must WANT positive change in your life if you are to get it. Do you feel the desire?

Hypnosis Music Free Download

As well as being a hypnotherapist, I am also a former professional musician. I spent 7 years regularly playing live at intimate venues. It taught me a lot. During this time I closely watched how music effected people. Music has a powerful influence on us, and I have studied how to utilise this for your benefit.

I have spent years combining my two passions of music and hypnotherapy to produce the ultimate therapeutic audios to help you. With HypnoBusters you get doubly powerful audio sessions.

My hypnosis downloads have the advantage that you can listen to them multiple times, strengthening the suggestions in your subconscious each time.

HypnoBusters is also eco-friendly. There are no physical products that require materials and energy to produce. And no delivery is required. Everything is instantly delivered via email. You save money on shipping costs AND save the planet!

“Hi folks,
I’m just loving HypnoBusters and I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of it.”

These self hypnosis products are modestly priced to allow as many people as possible to benefit from them. Hypnotherapy has been good to me and has helped me with MANY personal issues. I would like to pass some good stuff to you.

Most people invest in their houses, their cars, and their material possessions. Why not invest in your greatest “possession” – your mind?

To add variety to my instant hypnosis downloads, I have also created a selection of meditation, subliminal, binaural beats and coloured noise audio sessions. Here’s a little about how these self help products can help you…

Hypnotic MP3s

Hypnotic audios use suggestion to help your subconscious mind make positive changes. It is like reprogramming a computer. You are guided into a light trance, which is like a daydream state. This allows your subconscious mind to easily absorb my suggestions, helping you drop old limiting behaviours, and gain new positive ones.

For example my Gastric Band Hypnosis MP3 convinces your subconscious mind that you have a gastric band fitted. This causes you to feel full much sooner when eating. This results in you consuming fewer calories, and losing weight.

Hypnotherapy downloads are great because you can listen to them many times over, further strengthening the suggestions in your subconscious. My hypnosis products provide quick but long lasting therapy.

Meditation MP3s

Meditation can help improve almost everything about your mind and your health. Although there are a lot of similarities between hypnosis and meditation, meditation offers more emphasis on clearing your mind of mental chatter. This is great for relaxation and clarity of thought. This can produce a lot of knock on health and personal development benefits. Check out my meditation products page for more details of the benefits you can enjoy.

Subliminal MP3s

My subliminal mp3 sessions aim to give your subconscious mind positive suggestions for improvement. Subliminal audios achieve this by hiding the suggestions within the music. Your subconscious mind can then absorb these suggestions without your conscious mind getting in the way. This can lead to some rapid positive changes in behaviour.

Binaural Beats MP3s

Self Hypnosis Audio Free Download

Binaural beats can ‘tune your mind’ to help make powerful, lasting changes. They use two different frequencies, one in each ear, to produce a pulsing effect. Depending on the frequencies and the difference between them, your mind can be guided to specific wave lengths. Different wave lengths change your frame of mind, helping you perform better in various disciplines

Coloured Noise MP3s

Audio Hypnosis Downloads Free Ever Foundry Videos

You may have heard of white noise. It is the sound a crackling radio used to make in the old days. This sound can provide great relaxation benefits, and other benefits too. There are many different coloured noises, such as pink noise and brown noise. The difference between the colours is their frequency range. Different coloured noises produce different effects on your brain, which produces different health benefits. Check out my products page for more details of what each coloured noises can help you with.

Audio Hypnosis Downloads Free Ever Foundry Movies

Thanks for visiting HypnoBusters. This is THE place to buy hypnosis MP3s. Relax and have a look around. There are many things that will help you, interest you, and educate. Give yourself a treat!