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20% OFF FOR ESSENTIAL SERVICE PROVIDERS We greatly appreciate all those working tirelessly to serve our neighbors during this time. To show our gratitude, we are offering 20% off total purchases to essential service providers, including medical professionals, caregivers, first responders, military personnel, grocery store employees, and food delivery services. From a quick oil change to brakes, manufacturer scheduled and preventative maintenance, tune-ups, vehicle repair and more, SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service® can handle your vehicle’s bumper-to-bumper maintenance needs. Stop by your local Ft Worth SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service® today to see what makes us better!

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  1. Conveniently located 5 minutes from DFW Airport, ZinkWerks is only a 25 minute drive from either Dallas or Fort Worth. Transmision Maintenance There are a number of symptoms of a damaged or worn out transmission to watch for.
  2. Dynocom is the fastest growing dynamometer company in the world for many reasons – our focus on continuing education including, lifetime technical support, training and tuning classes.
  3. Dyno Tuning Donihoo's Tire Service in Haltom City Texas now has a Dynamometer for your performance tuning needs. Customers throughout the Fort Worth area rely on Donihoo's.

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Dyno TuningNew state-of-the-art, fully insulated dyno room.

Our new 15,000 foot facility features a new, custom-built Dynojet® ('Eddy Current' loaded in-ground chassis dyno) with dual 15,000 CFM, 3-phase powered fans, with a variable frequency drive. This allows us to push up to 30,000 CFM of air through the dyno room to remove ALL horsepower reducing carbon monoxide and maintain a constant temperature. We also have movable, strategic fans to be positioned to concentrate airflow to a smaller area such as intercoolers or radiators.

Our goal is to simulate exact highway driving conditions over a long period of time.

Our uniquely configured dynamometer, allows the operator to add incremental load on the engine for trouble shooting, advanced tuning, and realistic aerodynamic load simulation. The DynoJet® 224xLC still operates on the consistent, proven, and reliable 'inertia' based drum - where the roller weighs a fixed amount (3,300 pounds), but also allows for additional resistance to the vehicle. It combines the benefits of a standard DynoJet® and a Mustang dyno into one unit,with none of the limitations of either.

Our testing facility performs functions that most shops neglect: detailed logging, graphing and multiple input comparisons. Information such as, pressure drop across the intercooler core, intake track, and intake versus charge temperature can be logged. You might be wondering if your intercooler is too small or if a larger intercooler would be of benefit. Our thorough processes will graph results and yield analytical results. We can also determine if you are losing boost in the intercooler (pressure drop) or elsewhere in the charge system.

Our dyno is available for tuning sessions or dyno days for clubs or race teams starting at $150/hour with a two hour minimum. Discount available for full-day rental.

Aircraft-Quality Tig WeldingDesign and fabrication done in-house.

Dallas Performace' philosophy of building components in-house allows us control over time, ideas and quality.

Whether it is designing and building a part for a custom application, or modifying existing components, our talented team of fabricators will produce a reliable and attractive product.

Make your chassis as stiff and safe as possible with a custom roll cage.

Improve performance or change exhaust note with a stainless, mandrel bent, welded exhaust.

Fort Worth Star-telegram

Maximize performance and improve forced-induction options with hand-built piping and manifolds.


We keep projects from stalling by being able to create anything on the spot.

Transmissions & TransaxlesPart of the equation for reliable power delivery

Auto Tuning Fort Worth Star-telegram

Any real enthusiast knows true performance comes from more than just adding horsepower. The components between the motor and wheels needs as much planning and knowledge as the big air pump feeding the power. Dallas Performance has the experience needed to make sure your new power can get to the road with reliably and consistency.

Replacing parts, or even dropping in a new unit, is often needed - and we know what it needed and when. Need gearing for top speed events? We do that for many of our clients. Drag racing or doing time attack events? Not a problem. We also make sure clutches and other parts match the car's purpose, and your driving style.


Production Fabrication and WeldingGood things in large amounts

WeatherDallas Performance offers high-quality and repeatable jigging of custom parts in order to produce exact fitment needs..all with reasonable turnaround times.

Contact us to discuss your project needs.

Force feed your car to get more horsepower.

Dallas Performance has designed, installed and tested supercharger systems for performance cars from nearly all manufacturers.
If you are a Corvette owner, you will love our newest supercharger system:
The new kit contains an F-2 ProCharger with CNC machined bracket and 50mm cog drive setup designed by Dallas Performace for the C5 and C6 Corvette.

The F-2 is an impressive product, and perfect for larger displacement engines wanting to produce 1200-1700 horsepower. Windows 8 activation keygen free download.

Auto Tuning Fort Worth Events This Weekend

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Fort Worth Map

Custom Turbocharger SystemsForce feed your car to get more horsepower.

Dallas Performance has designed, installed and tested turbo systems for performance cars from nearly all manufacturers.

Auto Tuning Fort Worth Used Cars

We are still the guys that turbocharge our daily drivers just to hear the turbo spool on the way to work every morning. While we offer many turbo systems that we have fully tested and already developed, we are always looking for a new platform to push the limits with. If you have something that you would like to turbo, look no further.