Boxhead Christmas Nightmare Hacked

Posted By admin On 22/08/21

This time developers crafted another beautiful variation of Boxhead with lots of options and challenges. This release is a gaming channel to great 3D word with lots of interesting details, mysterious traps and adventure challenges. Gamers appreciate beautiful collection of characters presented in Boxhead the Nightmare game. Boxhead: Biever and Baby Justin Bieber, zombie hunter! Boxhead: The Christmas Nightmare Starring Santa Claus! Boxhead: The Nightmare Welcome to your worst nightmare! Boxhead is one of those entertainments that get popularity quickly. Since the first version was released over a million players has become loyal fans of the game. Such a great interest inspired developers for creating more fascinating sequels and alternative versions of a game.

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Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare – Flash Games Download – Overview
Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare is the seventh game from the Boxhead series with previous games being Boxhead Halloween Special, Boxhead The Rooms, Boxhead More Rooms, Boxhead 2Play Rooms, Boxhead The Zombie Wars and Boxhead The Nightmare.

Download Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare (File Size ~ 5.86 MB)
Download the ZIP archive from :
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NightmareBoxhead Christmas Nightmare Hacked

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Boxhead christmas nightmare hacked

Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare – Title Menu!
For some reasons the title does not read Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare though. Why?

Boxhead the nightmare hacked

Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare – Levels!
Only one level is available and the rest must be unlocked first before you can play them.

Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare – Character!
Only Santa and Elf since this is the Christmas Nightmare. Elf needs to be unlocked!

Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare – Weapons!
Why does Santa have a light saber? Red colored too! Does this mean Santa is a Sith Lord?

Boxhead 1 Player Hacked

Boxhead the Christmas Nightmare – Action!
This level seems rather easy as there are already lots of defensive turrets in place.

Boxhead The Christmas Nightmare Hacked

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