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Posted By admin On 21/08/21
I didn't manage to find any experience online from folks who managed to get their BT voyager 105 modem working on a Telkom ADSL line, so maybe what I was trying to do is a rare occurance, but here goes anyway, if this helps out one more person, my job here is done. This worked for me on a Windows XP setup, but I'm sure there will be clues here for other OS versions. Here goes..
I brought the above modem back with me from the UK and once my line was up, it took about 5 working hours of tricky troubleshooting, spread over about 5 days, trying this, trying that, almost giving up, but I can confirm, BT voyager 105 usb adsl modem, the one they give you for free with a contract over there, the little rascel does in fact work here, just like the Plessey and later the MWEB engineer said it would (or did they say..should?).
Here's what I had to do..
(1) I didn't really worry to much about the filter/line-splitter/noise supressor unit thingys. I brought one back from the UK and later connected this to my line with my odd collection of adaptors, to clean up the ADSL noise, but to get the modem working on ADSL, I kept this out of the picture. It just creates a variable. Sure, you can connect it and plug your phone into the ADSL output socked on the filter to make sure you still have a dial-tone, but do this later.
(2) Connected the modem to my Plessey-signed-off home Telkom line, and the modem reported via a solid DSL Green LED (after about 20 sec. of flashing DSL light) that it had a line.
(3) I got info from MWEB support that I had to configure the modem to the following key settings: VCI=35, VPI=8, Protocol or Encapsulation = PPPOE, Multiplex=LLC. OK MWEB technical, how do I do this? 'Hmm, I dunno'. Right, 'bye now'! OK, BT seemed to have hard-coded VCI 38, VPI 0 and some-or-other line protocol. Hmm, that doesn't work? What now?
(4) OK, let's try to access that secret config screen that apparently works on other BT DSL Modems (or was that on a router).. If your modem software (from BT) is installed, you will have the Up and Down arrows icon on your system tray. Yellow arrows means it's trying, Dark Green is OK-ish, Light Green flashing is actual data.. that's good, especially if its two-way data (but we'll get there). Now, double click on that icon on your system tray to get up the BT options. Click the Status button to see how your line's doing (don't get too excited here, it may look good but there's more to do).
(5) Right, you've clicked 'STATUS', you've got up a modem-like display, now Hit Control-F1 to get access to the config. Ta-Da! OK, great, there's lots of stuff here, but what does it all mean? Hmm? I dunno, but some of the setting are wrong. Also, is it me, or is is not so easy to change the config at this screen? BT seems to have gone to some effort to hard-code their settings, probably to make it user-proof. So what do we do? Well, you can play around here for a bit (remember, you've got 5 hours to spend getting this sorted), run some test, get to know the config screen, run line test, yadda yadda yadda, all pretty cool, then you know what, lets face it, we can't fix it from this screen and set of options. Something's wrong with this picture! OK, stuff it, I've had enough, let's uninstall BT and see what we can get from the internet (yes, I was kind of grasping at straws now).
(6) Now listen carefully, because this worked for me, so hopefully it will work for you. Mind you, there may be a short-cut here somewhere, but you know, there was a sense of sattisfactions at having not had to fork out for a new modem or sign up for a long contract, so, anyway this is what I did, it may work for you. I uninstalled the BT modem software.
(7) Next, I connected to BT in the UK and downloaded the Internet driver..
I think the actual file download link was..
This was a 2.199K file, so it will take a while on dial-up.
(8) Now, lets run the zip-executable and extract all the files. But don't just re-install, if memory serves me, this just puts back that BT config. What you've got to do is edited autoConfig.ini as follows.. Open the file, Scroll right at the end, set the config options as follows..
Port0 = 8,35,08,04,60,1
Port1 = 8,35,08,04,60,1
Port2 = 8,35,08,04,60,1
(9) Next Edit the wwdslcfg.ini as follows..
Delete the AOL options at the end of the file, and set the default config as follows..
; The default ISP section is used if the user selects 'Not Listed' from ISP
; list. Some values here are also used for autoconfig.
DriverLocation=WAN Driver
Description=BT Voyager 105 ADSL Modem (PPPoA)
. (leave the rest as is, save the file)
(10) Now, run setup. It should all fall into place from here.
Good luck
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Bt voyager 210 adsl driver

Bt Voyager 210 Adsl Driver Download

Bt Voyager 210 Adsl Driver

Bt Voyager 210 Adsl Driver Updater


Bt Voyager 210 Adsl Driver Manual

Download windows xp volume program free backuptype. BT VOYAGER 210 ADSL ROUTER USB DRIVER - Enter your broadband username and account password. Board index All times are UTC. Don't show me this message again. So, I'm pretty much at a loss what to. Force9 ([email protected] Free-Online ( [email protected] Click Connect. Congratulations - your BT Voyager 210 USB Modem/Router is now connected to your broadband service. You will be able to access the Internet.