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Download and play this criminal transport cargo plane: jail bus and clear all missions within time limit in this army transport games. Transfer the prisoners towards army plane and be a master driver of transport truck prison games. This prisoner transport army drive: bus games is not a traditional driving game, you have to make yourself fit. After you have played the Bus Driver, you will definitely have a new appreciation for the real bus drivers around your neighborhood. This game is definitely challenging, but you will feel very good when completing the missions successfully. As always, the game is offered as a full version and completely free of charge. Go ahead and download Bus.

Bus Driver
Developer(s)SCS Software
ReleaseMicrosoft WindowsOS X
  • WW: 9 June 2011
Genre(s)Vehicle simulation

Bus Driver is a bus driving simulator game developed by SCS Software. The game was released digitally, for Microsoft Windows on 22 March 2007, and for OS X on 8 June 2011. A port to iOS, entitled Bus Driver – Pocket Edition, was released to the App Store by Meridian4 on 27 February 2014.


The player selects a route from tiers (described below), and then after a short loading time, the player sees the selected bus either at a bus depot or terminal. After halting at the first stop, the bus must be driven along the correct route (indicated at intersections by orange arrows) whilst obeying all traffic rules and stopping at all bus stops. If the player fails to do so, points will be taken from their score. When the game begins, one tier of routes, which includes six buses, is available. In total, there are six tiers, thirty-six routes and thirteen buses (seventeen in Temsa Edition). To unlock the next tier, the player must drive at least four of the routes successfully. As the game progresses, routes become more tedious. The player will lose points if they disobey traffic laws (going out of lane without using blinkers, driving on the wrong side of the road, hitting other vehicles, hitting obstacles like streetlamp), upset passengers (by braking too hard or causing accidents) or they depart from the bus stop too early, honking at the passengers to make them board faster at the bus stop or even if they leave passengers waiting at a bus stop. Conversely, the player will gain points for obeying traffic laws, safe driving and being punctual.[1]

Despite being a game set in the United States, many of the bus stop names and cities are named after areas of London, including Debden, Collier Row, Feltham, Potters Bar and the terminus Westminster.

If the player scores points more than 0, then the drive would be a successful drive. If the players score less points than 0, then it will be an unsuccessful drive.

There are two camera angles (bumper and chase view). Occasionally, there are visuals of rain. If there is rain happening, then the wipers will function automatically. You can also switch on the blinkers. There is an accelerator and an brake. There is steering as well. Each drive will take place during the day, or at nighttime, depending to the route described. After you choose the route, you can view the description of the route and bus no. before you start the game. There is a time table. There is also a tab showing what is the distance to the next bus stop.


The game contains a variety of buses which are based on real life buses. As a game set in the United States, most of the buses are based on American designs, however, there are some which are based on European designs since the game was made in the Czech Republic. The buses included are 3 MCI 102D3 (known as GNR-13 LE, including a jail variant which is known as GNR-13 Eco), a Ford B-Seriesschool bus (known as Toucan), a MCI D4500 coach (known as Gryphon Birdie), 2 NovaBusRTS-06 (known as Niva WS-27 Cityroamer), 2 Setra S415HDH (known as Sista XT), 2 Renault Agora S (known as Remark EU) and a Volvo B7TLWright Eclipse Gemini double decker (known as Velven 18). The Temsa Edition included the Temsa Avenue, Temsa Tourmalin IC, Temsa Opalin, TEMSA Safari HD and the Temsa Diamond.


13 - Ewell Central - Grove Park
16 - Terminal West - Willesden
19 - Grove Park - Sanderstead
21 - Terminal West - Ewell Central
26 - Grove Park - Terminal South
29 - Westminster - Chislehurst
32 - Westminster - Westminster
35 - Heston - Rimsley Intl. Airport
42 - Terminal West - Willesden
49 - Lewisham - Norwood Hill
55 - Grove Park - Hounslow
57 - Ewell Central - Grove Park
67 - Heston - Hounslow
68 - Potters Bar - Hounslow
71 - Rimsley Intl. Airport - Terminal South
77 - Rimsley Intl. Airport - Fulwell Station
83 - Potters Bar - Ewell Central
89 - Westminster - Catford
91 - Grove Park - Hounslow
Airport Shuttle - Rimsley Intl. Airport - Vista Glacier
Airport Shuttle - Rimsley Intl. Airport - Sunshine Hotel
Airport Shuttle - Rimsley Intl. Airport - Buena Vista
Airport Shuttle - Rimsley Intl. Airport - Conference Center
Airport Shuttle - Rimsley Intl. Airport - Central Business Traveler
School bus - Norwood Hill - Sport Center
School bus - Purley - Old Town Bells School
School bus - Norwood Hill - Eastern High School
School bus - Tooting - Western High School
X - City Jail - Courtroom
X - City Jail - Mayday Hospital


The initial game contains five tiers. An additional tier was added in Bus Driver Temsa Edition and in Bus Driver Gold Edition. Each tier contains six different routes. To unlock the next tier, the player must drive at least four of the routes successfully. As the game progresses, routes become longer and more complicated. As mentioned above, you have to score more than 0 points to complete each level. Therefore, you have to maintain an formal speed which gives you advantages: 1. You will reach the destination in time. 2. You can brake slowly so that passengers are not disappointed at sharp braking. 3. You will get points for reaching in time and obeying traffic signals.


Bus Driver was not designed as a bus simulator, but is often considered to be one. Reviewers have suggested that an inside view would improve the gameplay; however, the developers have stated that this was omitted because the game was not designed to be an exact simulator.


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Game Description

In Bus Driver, your job is to transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city. You must drive to a timetable on a planned route, whilst obeying traffic rules, and taking care not to upset or injure your passengers. This makes Bus Driver unlike any other driving game - the experience of driving a bus is very different from blazing through a racing circuit. Bus Driver offers twelve different kinds of buses to drive, an expansive city environment with various districts, and thirty routes with varying weather conditions set at differing times of day.

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Bus Driver


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