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Change color - posted in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1: Where are all the Appearance options, such as 3D Objects, fonts, font color, etc., or an an Advanced button? Update: Windows 8 has the native ability to change Start Screen backgrounds, i.e., selecting from a handful of preset patterns and colors. Although the ability is pretty limited in terms of choices that the user is presented with, it is far easier than the method described above.

Admittedly, if something is invariable, you will gradually lose your passion for it, while if it is ever-changing, you will be deeply attracted by its variety and expect for its greater changes. And the former negative feeling may also be associated with the changeless window border color and appearance in the computer. However, even though they cannot automatically change themselves, you can experience the latter positive feeling by modifying them depending on yourself. In consequence, this article will particularly tell you how to change window border color and appearance on Windows 8 computer.

Video guide on how to change window border color and appearance on Windows 8:

Steps to change window border color and appearance in Windows 8:

Step 1: Open Color and Appearance settings.

This step is further divided into the following two procedures.

1. Open Search bar.


Right-click the bottom left corner of the Start screen (or Desktop) to access the Quick Access Menu and choose Search on it to open the Search bar.

2. On the Search bar, choose Settings and input window border in the blank box. Then, click Change the color of your taskbar and window borders in the left results.

Step 2: Change the color in Color and Appearance settings.

As the window of Color and Appearance shows up, choose another color from the color list provided and tap Save changes to have the color of your window borders altered

Immediately, as shown in the screen shot below, the window border color and appearance, together with the color of taskbar, are changed to the selected color.

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This article provides information on 'Changing Windows Update settings in Windows 8'

Windows Update is certainly the best way to keep Windows 8 updated with the latest patches and service packs. However, you do have several options when it comes to configuring how updates are downloaded and installed.

Right after you installed Windows 8, or when you first turned on your new Windows 8 computer, you were asked some questions about how you'd like Windows Update to work. Those answers configured Windows Update in a certain way. Fortunately, you can change those settings anytime you want.

Here's How:

1.Open the Windows 8 Control Panel.

The simplest way to get to Control Panel is probably from its shortcut on the Apps screen but the Power User Menu is great way too, especially if you have a keyboard or mouse.

2.Click or tap on the System and Security link.

If you're on the Large icons or Small icons view of Control Panel in Windows 8, choose the Windows Update applet and then skip to Step 4.

3.In the System and Security window, click or tap on the Windows Update link.

Performance ratingwebsite of  carmelito lauron. 4.With Windows Update now open, click or tap the Change settings link to the left.

Change Windows 8 Color Free Band Songs

This will open a window with a Choose your Windows Update settings heading.

5.These settings control how Windows 8 will receive and install updates from Microsoft. While there are several options here, most people either: a) want updates to install completely automatically, or b) don't ever want an update to download or install by itself.

6.Once you've made your choice, click or tap the OK button to confirm the changes.

Coloring Pictures

Explanation of Windows Update Settings in Windows 8

Color Free Coloring Pages

  • Check, Download, & Install

    Choose Install updates automatically (recommended) from the drop-down box under Important updates to fully enable automatic updates. Click or tap the Updates will be automatically installed during the maintenance window. link and make sure the Automatic Maintenance time is one when your computer is on or sleeping, but isn't in use.

    Microsoft recommends this option because you don't have to remember to do anything. Specifically, enabling automatic updates ensures that the Windows 8 operating system is always kept fully updated with the latest security patches .

  • Do Not Check At All

    Choose Never check for updates (not recommended) from the drop-down box under Important updates to completely disable automatic downloads, installations, and even checks for updates.

  • Check & Download (Do Not Install)

    Choose Download updates but let me choose whether to install them to force Windows Update to check for, and download, available updates. However, no downloaded update will install automatically. You have to explicitly choose to install the updates either from Windows Update or during the next shutdown process.

    If you're looking for a little more control over updating Windows 8, this is a good option.

  • Check Only (Do Not Download & Do Not Install)

    Choose Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them to stop Windows Update from downloading and installing updates. You'll still get notifications about new Windows 8 updates but that's all they'll be - notifications.

    This option gives you complete control over downloads and installations but still keeps you informed of new Windows 8 patches. This is probably a better choice than disabling automatic updates completely.

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