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Cool Edit Pro 2.1 is really a digital audio editing software addressed to leisure music aficionado and expert music artists identical today referred to as Adobe Audition. It provides a condition from the art audio processing atmosphere that comprises all of the amenities requisite in music composition.

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 was among the first audio recording programs that where internet based which i began using I believe in 2001 approximately. I have to admit this program was leading edge not only for me personally at that time however for anybody who wanted to get involved with recording on the computer. I had been astonished by the possibility this program had in those days, just doing everything directly on a pc screen and no requirement for a lot of hardware gear before you to record your tunes.

I’ve used Cool Edit Pro 2.1 full free in a single form or any other since around 1999. The most recent and last version, 2., may be the culmination of years of development and is a reasonably stable, simple to use platform. Basically, when the user understands how to manage a real mixer and recorder, then she or he shouldn’t have any issues with the concepts of running the Cool Edit Pro virtual mixer and recorder. Regardless of whether you intend to cleanup individual sound files or record and blend an audio lesson, Cool Edit is comparatively intuitive and simple to use.

Complex setup, yet clean interface:

Cellular phone procedure takes smallest time, most probable because of the imposing anthology of effects and presets it carries along. Cool Edit Pro 2.1 incl Throughout this process, personal files connection dialogue quicks you to select the audio formats to become recorded through the application. It’s quite simple around the eyes as we have an expert design. Future good morning mp3 download. All its qualities are adequately completed prearranged and short menus. Wide aid contents are incorporated, and when you occur to become a very first time user, it’s very optional that you simply a minimum of surf through them.

Multi-track editing:

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 software Standard features comprise cutting, pasting, popping and mixing audio recordings to be able to make that precise song or particular effect which was fixed inside your mind all day long lengthy. Cool Edit Pro has a large number of top quality effects that you could have fun with, also it can combine to 64 tracks together.

Support for a lot of extensions and moving tapes abilities:

With this particular program you can get edit files which are as much as 2GB in dimensions. The program supports over 25 of the very most commonly used formats for e.g. WAV, MP3, Wmv file, OGG, AIFF, MKA, WAV etc. whereas you place audio from an AVI, also it proffers audio property for example three dimensional echo, equalizer, multi tap delay, chorus, distortion and flanger.

Cool Edit Pro In addition, you are able to transfer tapes, live performances, Internet radio, LPs, TV, DVD or any other audio sources for your drive. What sets Cool Edit Pro individually is the matter that keeps the standard of the audio file in most onpar gps. It also includes a click and crackle filter which helps you grime free disc records, a noise filter for tape tracks, as well as an option that allows you to definitely get rid of the lyrics from the song.


The system’s performance may be exaggerated every so often, with respect to the procedure arrived. Yet, you need to know the retort time is fairly superior and you will find sufficient choices to maintain you stay with the body for rather some time.

Cool Edit Pro Free Download

Cool Edit Pro For Macnewinnovations

Overall, Cool Edit Pro is definitely an attractive handy software program, dedicated to all customer types intrigued in multi track editing, recording music and reinstate all tracks. It is essential to bear in mind this tool continues to be stopped, and for that reason will no more receive updates. However, you should check out the most recent edition of the utility, known as Adobe Audition CC.

Cool Edit Pro 3

Features of Cool Edit Pro 2.1:

  • It offers simple to use interface
  • Its very easy to use
  • Installation procedure is extremely simple and easy , fast
  • Near about 25 kinds of audio tool files could be import, export and transfer
  • The lyrics of the audio file could be added or impassive
  • It includes incorporated direct support
  • It offers a superior multi track function for superior utilization
  • It comprises the part to to process batch methods

Installation Procedure:

  • Download the most recent form of software from given links below.
  • Now open the setup file and Install Cool Edit pro 2.1.
  • Download the crack file in the link given below.
  • Extract and employ the crack to activate software.
  • Finished.

Download Cool Edit Pro free is an innovative multi-track sound removal program. It has the following main capacities. This program has capable Sound Filters via Digital Signal Processing Effect, etc.

How to Download Cool Edit Pro Free:

The software has a demonstration. That is available to all software users as a free download. It has possible restrictions in comparison with the full version. It can manage a massive size sound up to 2GB. It’s part of the sound editor class as shareware for Windows. This software is available on a 32-bit and 64-bit platform. You can use the free version before you buy it

How to Get Auto-Tune 4 Into Cool Edit Pro free

  • I’m going to play my clip without auto-tune to show you. It works well. You can hear this you what’s good. this is! How to get auto-tune into what a pro Wow alright okay now. you’ve heard that without auto-tune. You’re going to double click the thing.
  • This isn’t added or anything. So the quality is going to be not so good. Alright, double click it again the highlight is all effects. Once you have all tuned installing a computer. So I do so first you’re going to go on my computer may be different for you. I don’t know but OS Drive right here looks into that and okay. Now you’re going to go to Program Files surfing stuff and then you’re going to go to VST’s.
  • VST plugins’ may be different a VST plugins out in here right now. Because I have to do it when we downloading it. You might have to drag the download into your via station program files. You might not okay you’ve shown for the download. I will give you it but anyway that’s oK.
  • But it’s automatic you download it. You’re going to go to effects after you double-clicked it. It will be here go to DirectX and then you’re going to go to antennas are looking forward. You’ll turn it on that’s going to say it won’t load and it’s going to say it’s not going to function.
  • But it does so it does all right lets my downloads. This is the t-pain settings dough yeah t-pain settings. It’s going to be scale C key C. A scale major retune speed zero trackings. A hundred rates zero points one variation zero onset rate zero. One set delay 0 pitch zero formats 100 amplitude 30. You can add a preset here pain Sutton or whatever alright then hit OK. and it turns its auto-tune not here’s the difference was good this is how to get auto-tune into.

Download Cool Edit Pro Free Features:

  • It has the following main features
  • Sound Filters via DSPE.
  • Multitrack function.
  • Up to 64 simultaneous tracks.
  • Accepts plug-ins to expand its capacity.
  • In this regard capability to make batch process documents. The sound files can list in a friendly environment. Before making a last output of the sound you want to edit it to make it at the largest quality possible. Cool Edit Pro is a tool that performs such a task. Aside from editing, it can record tracks, save paths from older tapes to Compatible discs.
  • The settings of the software allow the editing of many tracks. The interface is straightforward in design, yet it’s got a pro look. While installing. It’s the several options in order that you have the ability to access. The advanced visual effects that come as an optional attribute. A little knowledge of sound editing needs to meet the full functions of the program.
  • The program has the basics of regular features with some other extra functions. Such as the processing of music documents, mixing. Each one of these operations does within minutes. It supports important data formats. Such as MP3, WMV, OGG, Audio Interchange File Format, WAV, and MKA among others. They are over 25 audio data formats.


Download Cool Edit Pro free is a music workstation app to work with various tracks. at the same time. It supports non-harmful processing and surrounds sound mixing. In its first days, Cool Edit was a shareware download. It did a lot of neat things to your songs for no money.


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