Cory In The House Games Swerve And Serve

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Cory In The House Games Swerve And Serve. Too much to ask.could you possibly bring a patch out for this mod and a. How do i make that i can only play this mod with only the 771 original cards? Oh patch passion the chaos 771 cartes joey yu power gi of Xplore download security and download notice. Xplore download. Play game Cory is Swerve and Serve: Popular online games from around the world such as adventure games, shooting games, puzzle games, sport games, action games. Find out more about Cory in the House. Login My Account Account Settings My Creations Logout Games Home Create Mobile Apps Video Games Club Penguin Island. Cory Swerve and Serve Cory Swerve and Serve: Cory needs some help! There`s a dinner at the White House, and every room is filled with guests! Cory and his friends are in the kitchen helping his dad. They need you to serve the quests! Use the arrow keys to move to hungry guests. Serve a guest and then go in the kitchen for a plate. › Cory In The House Games Swerve And Serve ▆ ▆

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publisher : Disney Interactive Studios

Cory In The House Games Swerve And Serve Food

Game mode: single player


Ds game (Cory in the House). Average rating:4out of5stars, based on0reviews. This game was one of the optional games for the bundle. I would've liked to see a better variety. But to be a bundled item, this game is still fun. Cory in the House was developed by Handheld Games Corporation and published by Disney Interactive Studios in 2008 for the Nintendo DS.


Veggietales In The House Games

Cory in the House is a not very demanding arcade game. This product directly refers to the title comedy series for children, to Polish viewers known as Cory w Bia造m Domu. This game has been prepared exclusively for Nintendo DS users.


One of the main attractions of the arcade is the possibility of interacting with characters known from the series. He is primarily a teenage Cory Baxter, whose father is the cook of the President of the United States. Meena Paroom and Newton Livingston, son of one of the American senators, also appear in the game. All these characters become fully playable at certain moments in the game. The story of Cory in the House refers to the serious crisis in the White House. The main characters in the game must contribute to stop a villain whose toys hypnotize the residents of the capital of the United States.

The game is based to a large extent on the need to remain in hiding. You should therefore avoid guards hypnotised by a madman, as well as safety systems or hostile toys. The game does not lack arcade scenes, during which gadgets constructed by the main characters are used. In some places you also need to strain the gray cells, solving simple mini-games logical. These games involve, among other things, hacking into security systems in order to open the passageway or switch off certain cameras.

Cory, Meena and Newton visit many interesting places in Washington. The visual setting of the game is relatively simplified, although there are also funny animations by the main characters.

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Cory In The House Games Swerve And Serve

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