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Posted By admin On 22/08/21

Free applications for blackberry tour 2020. Yesterday I did Auto AF fine tune for the two main lenses . 24-70mm and 70-200 +/- TC 14E III on Nikon D850.

D850 auto fine tune ever arts near me

It took me a good 2 hours

NIKON D850 + 24-70mm f/2.8 @ 70mm, ISO 64, 1/50, f/2.8 Shooting Speed (FPS) and Buffer. The Nikon D850 is capable of continuous shooting speed of 7 FPS and it can reach shooting speeds up to 9 FPS when using the MB-D18 battery grip, along with a much larger D5 battery. That’s a lot of speed for a camera that can push 45.7 MP of data! Nikon D850 purchased in September 2019, have been fine up until few days ago. It seems not to autofocus properly when used with viewfinder. I normally use back button focus and AF-C 3D but have tried all different autofocus mode both AF-C and AF-S. If I switch to manual focus, camera and lenses work perfectly.

I had to buy a collar for the 70-200 f4 to put on tripod safely .

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I did each lens, at each focal end, 10 times. I then averaged the value for the lens . while keeping the values for each end saved on my mobile, in case I want to use at one end or the other exclusively in a critical shoot . I had to do the 70-200 with and without the extender .

The reason for doing 10 times each one is that the process is so critical . even pressing the button on the camera makes a very fine vibration, that affects the value significantly . I think Nikon have to change the process, so it is hands free, using a shutter release cable or timer instead.

At the end of the day . the 24-70mm was spot on . calibration value is zero . i.e. doesn’t need any

The 70-200mm value is +5 without and +7 with Teleconverter

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Wow . that was a whole evening .


D850 Auto Fine Tune Not Available

It is easier than AF fine tune manually . because I am depending on the camera to give a value, rather than trying to decide myself, based on a chart photo, which value to go for . It is not as easy as they meant it to appear. There is some software out there that can do that, but still requires a lot of trials. I used a Datacolor Spyder LensCal as my target, only because I owned it already.

D850 Auto Fine Tune

Averaging across focal end lengths and doing it at certain distances, showed the value different for different focal lengths and distances . I therefore did it for longest Focal Length first, wide open and nearest subject first . because that’s the shallowest DOF, as my main value, then for the shorter focal length . Anything placed further or using the wider focal length, and the DOF would give enough tolerance for good focus, without the need of fine adjustments, as long as the lens is not an outlier of course. I averaged the values, with more weight towards the longest focal length value.

D850 Auto Fine Tune Ever Arts Near Me

It is easier to do on prime lenses.