Diversity Program Visa 2011

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The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (DV Program) makes up to 50,000 immigrant visas available annually, drawn from random selection among all entries to individuals who are from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. The DV Program is administered by the U.S. Department of State (DOS).

Most lottery winners reside outside the United States and immigrate through consular processing and issuance of an immigrant visa. To learn more, visit the U.S. Department of State's website.

Diversity Visa Winners Legally Residing In the United States: Apply Through USCIS

There are, however, a small number of lottery winners each year who, at the time of “winning the lottery,” are residing in the United States in a nonimmigrant or other legal status. For these winners residing inside the United States, USCIS processes adjustment of status applications.

DV 2011 - Selected Entrants. The Kentucky Consular Center in Williamsburg, Kentucky has registered and notified the winners of the DV-2011 diversity lottery. The diversity lottery was conducted under the terms of section 203 (c) of the Immigration and Nationality Act and makes available.50,000 permanent resident visas annually to persons from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. Similarly, spouses and children accompanying or following to join DV-2011 principal applicants are only entitled to derivative diversity visa status until September 30, 2011. Only participants in the DV-2011 program who were selected for further processing have been notified. The State Department does not notify selected applicants by mail or e-mail – starting with the DV-2012 program, entrants must check their application status online. For detailed information, see the FTC’s consumer alert, Diversity Visa Lottery: Read the Rules, Avoid the Rip-Offs. # # # (Diversity Visa Program). The Diversity Visa Program transforms the lives of thousands of people and their families. I know this because it transformed the life of my family. My mother was lucky enough to win the Diversity Visa Lottery Program 18 years ago. It was less than a year later that my father, my siblings, and myself were able to come to the country and reunite.

The following information applies to winners legally residing in the United States only.

Diversity Program Visa 2011

2011 Diversity Visa Lottery Program Registration-October 6, 2009. The Department of State announces the opening of the registration period for the DV-2011 Diversity Visa lottery. Entries for the DV-2011 Diversity Visa lottery must be submitted electronically between noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), Friday, October 2, 2009, and noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT-5), Monday, November 30, 2009.

For an applicant to adjust status under the DV Program, you must establish that you:

  • Have been selected for a diversity visa by DOS’s lottery;
  • Have an immigrant visa immediately available at the time of filing an adjustment application (Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status); and
  • Are admissible to the United States.

For visa availability, check the latest month's DOS Visa Bulletin. Section B contains a chart showing the current month's visa availability in the Diversity Immigrant category. The chart shows when the Diversity Immigrant cut-off is met. When the cut-off is met, visas will be available in that month for the applicants with Diversity Immigrant lottery rank numbers below the specified cut-off numbers for their geographic areas.

Section C contains a chart showing the Diversity Immigrant category rank cut-offs for the following month, which represents the advance notification of Diversity Immigrant visa availability. As soon as a monthly Visa Bulletin is published, anyone with a lower rank number than the rank cut-off number shown in Section C is eligible to file for adjustment of status. This provides lottery winners the opportunity to file for adjustment of status up to six or seven weeks before a visa number can actually be allocated. This gives USCIS additional time to determine your eligibility for adjustment of status before the end of the fiscal year.

A Diversity Immigrant-based adjustment application cannot be adjudicated until a visa can be allocated, as indicated in the Visa Bulletin’s current Diversity Immigrant rank cut-offs for a particular month.

To obtain a Green Card, you must file Form I-485.

Supporting Evidence for Form I-485

Submit the following evidence with your Form I-485:

  • Two passport-style photos
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of passport page with nonimmigrant visa (if applicable)
  • Copy of passport page with admission (entry) or parole stamp (if applicable)
  • Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record
  • Certified copies of court records (if the individual has been arrested)
  • Copy of the principal applicant’s selection letter for the diversity visa lottery from DOS
  • Copy of the receipt from DOS for the diversity visa lottery processing fee
  • Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility (if applicable)
  • Applicable fees

The adjustment of status process for diversity visa winners must be completed by September 30 of the fiscal year the lottery pertains to. Visas cannot be carried over to the next fiscal year.

Fraudsters may send you emails claiming you’ve won the Diversity Visa (Green Card) lottery.

Never send money to anyone who sends you a letter or email claiming you have won - learn how to protect yourself from scams.

USA DIVERSITY VISA (DV) 2022 APPLICATION PROCESS. Us government issues 55,000 green cards every year by the USA Green Card Lottery program. Applicants for US visas are randomly chosen within the green card Lottery. Sketchup unfold tool free. Selected applicants and their immediate relations will receive diversity immigrant visas, which can give them the right to measure and work permanently within us.

You and your family can win green cards, but you want to apply immediately for the green card Lottery. If you’re interested in the application for USA Diversity Visa (DV 2022) Program then you should be read this full article. Here we are described in detail how to apply for a USA green card and details. immediately all the Bangladeshi can’t apply directly to DV Lottery or USA green card 2022 program but a number of citizens are eligible for application. Please read this full article and that we are described step by step how can few Bangladeshi people application.



Before any applicant can enter the DV-2022 green card Lottery they must be born in a qualifying country. Qualifying countries are defines as countries with low immigration rates to the US. If an applicant was born in a county with a high US immigration rate they would be excluded from the DV Lottery. Below may be a list that details the countries whose natives are currently excluded from participating in the green card Lottery.

Diversity Program Visa 2011 India

US Government green card Lottery green card

Us government green card Lottery may be a program that was created by the United States for the aim of issuing visas to immigrants that reside in countries which have but 55,000 immigrants coming to the US within five years. The positive identification Lottery is offered per annum by us Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS.

Diversity Visa Photo

When are you able to apply for the green card Lottery?

Unfortunately, the demand for Green Cards is often greater than the supply. And preference is given to those that are spouses and youngsters of U.S. Citizens, or those that are highly qualified workers. The positive identification Lottery may be thanks to still come to America, albeit you don’t fall under one among those categories. Click to see their official govt website at https://dvprogram.state.gov/.