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Misteri Gunung Merapi
Also known asMisteri Mak Lampir
Legenda Gunung Merapi
Created byGenta Buana Pitaloka
Written byM. Abnar Romli
Niki Kosasih
Screenplay byM. Abnar Romli
Story byAsmadi Sjafar
Directed byM.Abnar Romli
Ucik Supra
ED.Pesta Sirait
Muchlis Raya
Dimas Haring
Billy Kepayang
StarringFarida Pasha
Marcelino [id]
Yuni Sulistyawati
Syamsul Gondo
Rizal Djibran
Wulan Guritno
Monica Oemardi
Country of originIndonesia
Original languageIndonesia
No. of seasons3
No. of episodes261
ProducerBudhi Sutrisno
Running time60 minutes
Production companyGenta Buana Pitaloka
DistributorGenta Buana Pitaloka
Original networkIndosiar
First shown inNovember 1, 1998
Original releaseNovember 1, 1998 –
November 20, 2005
Preceded byTutur Tinular
Followed byAngling Dharma

Misteri Dari Gunung Merapi (baca Marapi) adalah sebuah sandiwara radio yang pernah sangat populer di pertengahan tahun 1980-an. Serial ini memunculkan tokoh tokoh yang sangat populer hingga saat ini diantaranya Sembara dan Mak Lampir. - Kali ini kabar bahagia datang dari dunia hiburan Tanah Air.Pemeran Mak Lampir era kini, Varissa Camelia di sinetron kolosal Misteri Gunung Merapi resmi menikah. Varissa dinikahi kekasihnya, Okke Oktavianus pada 3 November lalu di sebuah restoran di kawasan Bandung, Jawa Barat.

Misteri Gunung Merapi (Mystery of Mount Merapi) is an Indonesian historical-drama television series, produced by Genta Buana Pitaloka. It first aired on Indosiar in November 1, 1998.[1]


Historically, Mak Lampir was locked inSIDE a coffin inscribed with verses of the Koran by Kyai Ageng Prayogo, a disciple of Sunan Kudus who were ordered by the Sultan, Raden Patah to exterminate heresy and destroyed the wicked Mak Lampir.

The story then retreated back to the events leading up to the fight. Mak Lampir, after sacrificing a baby, talks to the followers of Tawny Orchid Sect on the powers she received from the god Batara Kala in the sect's nest, the Satan Cave.

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Download Serial Misteri Gunung Merapi Youtube

Meanwhile, Raden Patah holds a meeting with his council regarding Lampir, who is terrorizing the kingdom. He asks Sheikh Sunan Kudus on the potential candidate who is the most eligible to lead the suppression mission against the evil sect on the slopes of Mount Lawu. The Sunan then observed the people present in the meeting and proposes that Kyai Ageng Prayogo to lead the raid, because he sees the light of goodness on the latter's forehead.

His anger will plan the kingdom of Demak, and menyantet Kyai Ageng Prayogo. Prayogo finds the goods and he is attacked by a black cat who turns into a cobra. With his power, he is able to defend himself and destroy the black magic snake. At that moment, the Holy Sunan greets him from the door and sees Prayogo, saying that Prayogo is tempted by the enemy. He reminds Prayogo that the enemy is not haphazard, and gave the wand. He said that Lampir cannot die, because he is a master of black magic. The only way to destroy it is locked in crates of black iron pantek dipantek with gold in every corner.

Lampir, stalking from the nest bowl, feels challenged by Sunan Kudus, which he feels he cannot not emulate. He seeks the help of the Queen to South Beach, Gusti Roro Kidul. The next day, he and his students go to the South Coast and prepare an offering (buffalo head, crows, food and incense sticks) used to call Gusti Roro Kidul later in hanyutkan in waves. Gusti Roro Kidul is visible from the water with her ladies and asks about Mak Lampir. Lampir asks his help to fight Sunan Kudus. The Queen says that he should ask for forgiveness, because Sunan Kudus have armies of heaven that he cannot see. Lampir forces the Queen to help him. He gives a magic whip that must be soaked in blood, coupled with the holy sacrifice of seven babies. Kyai Ageng Prayogo and troops are already on the way to the slopes of Mount Lawu.

Troops arrive on the slopes of Mount Lawu, Lampir and students begin to fight. Lampir's blows are parried by Kyai Ageng Prayogo. Lampir also demonstrate whip saktinya able to issue the blast wave when in pecutkan. They fight on the water. Lampir's entrails were extracted by Kyai Ageng Prayogo, and sank to the bottom. The body parts come together again bringing Lampir back to life. However Prayogo confines Lampir inside the crate and store the crate in Lampir's nest. Before Prayogo goes, Lampir swore he would take revenge on Prayogo. Prayogo undermines Lampir's nest and Demak troops flee.

130 years later, when a group of men while hunting wild boar, one by the, Sarmah, collapsing into the hole. His friend, Sergeant, zooming in to help. Both explore the cave full of skulls was to find a way out, and find a chest Mak Attach the ditiban by idols Batara Kala (and guarded by the spirit that surrounds the chest, which can not be seen by Sarmah and Tahir). They both thought that it contained treasure chests, and try to open it. They succeeded, and Sarmah find Mak Lampir body lying in it. Tahir, on the other hand, see a treasure inside the coffin. Sarmah tried to escape while Tahir madly - crazy in the illusion of the treasure he saw, and accused Sarman as a greedy who want to take all the treasure. They fight martial arts, while Mak Lampir spirit back into his body. Sarmah defeated and fell in the coffin Mak Lampir, blood dripping to the lips Mak Lampir. Attach Mak was awakened and killed Sergeant, and then flips out of the cave. He declared vengeance to Prayogo descent, who had long died.

One night, in a village, some residents found dead with a claw wounds on his face, which turned out to be one family. Demak Kingdom, which has become the kingdom of Mataram, held a board meeting at the palace of the Sultan. The emperor wants to intervene itself to searching for the killer of citizens - the citizens, but the senopatinya said they would take care of it.

Sejarah Gunung Merapi

The scene then moves to martial arts fight between some men and an elderly woman who is good silat at night. The woman was able to be bound by Kyai Kanjeng palace, Sheikh Ali Akbar, and he is dedicated to one senopati Mataram. Senopati it also ordered the guards to lock her in a cage. Apparently, Mak Lampir has been transformed into Sheikh Ali Akbar unbeknownst to anyone.

The next morning, one of the powerful woman senopati discuss it with his subordinate, who was nicknamed Nini Thowok. The senopati was ordered to be brought to him. But a guard reported that the woman had escaped. The emperor then ordered to arrest her, dead or alive.

Meanwhile, a group of children - children playing gatrik on the outskirts of the village. Arrived - arrived Mak Lampir appear and catch gatriknya in the air and destroy it. Then he asked if one of them was the son of Aaron Hambali (one of the descendants Prayogo). Kids - and even then fleeing children.

At night, after learning lessons, Sembara, Bashir and Aji was driving home when one of them, Bashir, smell the incense. A huge bats flying over their heads, while Nyi Bidara watched from behind a bush - a bush. Bashir incontinent with fear, and the three of them hurried home. Mak laughing stock Lampir audible above the trees, follow the child - the child. They ran to the home of Aji to hide, but then laughing stock Mak Lampir stop, and Bashir and blabla home. Then, at midnight, Mak Lampir find Aji and would like to strike until later stopped by Nyi Bidara. Nyi Bidara and Mak Lampir martial arts fight, and it is clear that both are equal opponent. They disappear for a while, and his mother Aji, woke up, asking what events occur outside. Aji said there are people who fight, but her mother said she just inconsequential.

The next morning, the villagers talk about the incident last night. They heard a wide range of sound and suspect there what - what happened. It turned out that a woman had died strangled grandma. Her husband, Mr. Raisman came to where he was being taken care of by a Raden at his home and told him that he found a grandmother strangled his wife to death while his daughter Farida fear, but oddly enough, safe from Mak Lampir. Kanjeng and Raden was asked to meet with Farida and examine it, because Mak Lampir can not touch it.

Indosiar Misteri Gunung Merapi 3

Meanwhile, Nyi Bidara which is in a state wound - wound up at his house and asked for help of her husband, Kyai Jabad . Nyi Bidara tell that he's been fighting with Mak Lampir, and her husband know Mak Lampir of the story - the story of their first teacher, Ki Banaspati. Nyi Bidara Lampir Mak admitted that the power is much stronger than him, and told him how he could be battered so. The previous day, he intends to maintain the family of Mr. Raisman of Mak Lampir (mBok Gino is a descendant Prayogo) and provide an antidote to Farida reinforcements great revelation, but mBok Gino reject and expel Nyi Bidara go. On that night, Mak Lampir came to kill the family of Mr. Raisman, and he fought him. Mak Lampir this time set against Nyi Bidara, turned into a giant creeper twining plants - convolution Nyi Bidara, making battered.


On that night, Nyi Bidara call Lampir Mak, ordered him to stop the killing of descendant Prayogo and swore he would bury him as first Prayogo bury it. They both fought back, but Mak Lampir escaped.


Season 1 (1998-2001)[edit]

Farida PashaMak Lampir
Herby LatulKyai Ageng PrayogoBadirul
Marcelino [id]Sembara
Devi ZuliatyFarida
Yuni SulistyawatiFarida (after Devi Zuliaty)
Syamsul GondoBasir
Reyvaldo LuntunganMardian (Ayah Grandong)
George TakaLindu Aji
Rizal DjibranLindu Aji (after George Taka)
Wulan GuritnoPitaloka/Prihatini
Monica OemardiMayangsari/Pendekar Perak
Candy SatrioJatmiko
Teddy UnclePanglima KumbangJaka Wardhana
Hadi LeoSultan DemakDemang WirantanuKi SentanuKi Bintara
Fendy PradanaSultan Agung
Hendra CiptaKi Mandaraka
Chairil JMTumenggung SurotaniDatuk Ranggasana
Prof. WisnuwardhanaSunan Kudus
Samsuri KaempuanKyai Jabat
Nungki KusumastutiMaryamah (Sembara's Mother)
Baron HermantoRaisman (Farida's Father)
Anneke PutriRosminah (Farida's Aunt)
Yoga PratamaYoung Sembara
Niken AyuYoung Farida
Anika HakimNyi Bidara
Edi TambudoKyai Jabat
Aldona ToncicNyi Roro KidulNyi BlorongKaren
S.Manan DipaKyai Ageng Jembar Jumantoro
Fitria AnwarDarasuta/Nyai Kembang
Simon CaderAdolf Pieter
Rizal MuhaiminAlang Kibar
Irman HeryanaSumintaBagus Sajiwo
Anne J. CottoBagus Sajiwo's Mother
Chaerul JMBagus Sajiwo's Father
Liza ChaniagoPutri Wandan SariKatipari
Lannd S. PianaSentanu
Wingky HarunKalagondang
Lilis SugandaWak BayauRindi Antika
Budi SwazkroneKapten De Voss
Randy BramastaKalawika
Hendri HendartoBanuseta
Rochim LatulBakawulung
Lella AnggrainiNyi Warik
Benny BurnamaSarkaliBongkok
Prie PanggihKyai Karang SenayaKyai GozaliKyai Jamas
Hans GunawanKuwu Darta
Suzanna MeiliaMintenRinata (Ibu Grandong)Ratu Siluman Srigala
Diana YusufIbu Minten
Piet PagauJuragan KatmaKi Bongkok
Yurike PrastikaNyai Sunti
Dhini AminartiMandakini
Titin AsmaraMpok Kutut
BlirikKi Sangguling
Agus KuncoroSultan Agung (after Fendy Pradana)
Ananda GeorgeKuda Sungsang

Season 2 (2001-2002)[edit]

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Farida PashaMak Lampir
Marcelino [id]Sembara
Yuni SulistyawatiFarida
Syamsul GondoBasir
Rizal DjibranLindu Aji
Monica OemardiMayangsari/Pendekar Perak
Irman HeryanaBagus Sajiwo
Candy SatrioJatmiko
Rizal MuhaiminSanta Lima/Mata Malaikat
Wingky HarunKalagondang
Lilis SugandaRindi Antika
Teddy UnclePanglima Kumbang
Samsuri KaempuanKyai Jabat
Anika HakimNyi Bidara
Nungki KusumastutiMaryamah
Baron HermantoRaisman
Aldona ToncicNyi Blorong
S.Manan DipaKyai Ageng Jembar Jumantoro
Agus KuncoroSultan Agung
Anto WijayaKamasutra
Lyra VirnaNona CorryGandasuli
DeoYoung Grandong
Suzanna MeiliaKenting JamasDewi Rara Minten
DianKenting Sari
Ulia SariKenting Wulan
FebriyantiKenting Kuning
Christine DewayantiWinarti
Errina GDEndang Sunarsih
Arif IskandarGundala Seta
Chaerul JMDatuk Larang Tapa

Season 3 (2002-2005)[edit]

Farida PashaMak Lampir
Marcelino [id]Sembara
Yuni SulistyawatiFarida
Syamsul GondoBasir
Rizal DjibranLindu Aji
Monica OemardiMayangsari
Roro Inten
Dewi Racun (after Anne J. Cotto)
Irman HeryanaBagus Sajiwo
Candy SatrioJatmiko
Lyra VirnaGandasuli
Rizal MuhaiminSanta Lima/Mata Malaikat
Wingky HarunKalagondang
Lilis SugandaRindi Antika
Nyi Roro Kidul
Chaerul JMDatuk Larang Tapa
Dam SaputraDatuk Larang Tapa (after Chaerul JM)
Anto WijayaKamasutra
Fitria AnwarDewi Ambalika
Teddy UnclePanglima Kumbang
Samsuri KaempuanKyai Jabat
Anika HakimNyi Bidara
S.Manan DipaKyai Ageng Jembar Jumantoro
Agus KuncoroSultan Agung
Roy JordySultan Agung (after Agus Kuncoro)
Anne J. CottoSarkati
Dewi Racun
DianKenting Sari
Roro Gandari
Ulia SariKenting Wulan
Endang Cuwiri
FebriyantiKenting Kuning
Christine DewayantiKumbalini
ReynaldiRangga Seta
Sawung Dahana
Jhon ThasrifSawung Dahana Dewasa
KikiGrandong (after Nurman Arief)
DeoMahesa Jenar Kecil
Choky AndrianoMahesa Jenar
Ahmad AffandyMahesa Jenar (after Choky Andriano)
Errina GDDewi Sendok
Mawar Putih
Dewi Iprih
Hellya SeptianaDewi Bajul
Arif IskandarGundala Seta
Setan Utara 1
Dwi AndhikaBondan
Angel KaramoyPuspita
Lucky HakimRaden Samba
Sofie AmaliaSukmawati
Roro Setyawati
Budi ChaerulKi Dunia Banda
Gundala Seta
Penty Nur AfianiAyu Wulandari
Rah Syahputra/Chris ChandraBlotong
Imel Putri CahyatiCitrasena
Mahisa Aulia DinsiTirta/Jaka Lelana
Suzanna MeiliaMinten
Rindi Antika (after Lilis Suganda)
Revi MariskaWinarih (Putri Dewi Ambalika & Kamasutra)
Dewi Kala
Dian Selasih
Ananda GeorgeIsmoyo
Sandy PermanaRangga Seta
Nurman AriefGrandong/Indrajit
Ki Wangs
Prabu Naga Pratala
Ki Bagaspati
DeniaNyi Tuwi
Amprah ErlanggaKi Lupit
Murti Sari DewiNyai Parwati
Ratu AnnisaPutri Rembulan
Diaz ErlanggaGendowor/Topeng Hitam
Dani PermanaTumenggung Martoloyo
Afdhal Yusman/Ricky RifkyPuspo Negoro
Hans GunawanKyai Jumantoro
Aris KurniawanAji Basa Pamungkas /Bayu Seta
Reyvaldo LuntunganKapten Marcus
Tumenggung Wiralaga
Sang Hyang Naga Percona
Dewa Petir
Sigit AntonioRaden Sutejo
Amangkurat I
Temmy RahadiMurid Datuk Larang Tapa
Bima SenaPangeran Purbaya
Rendy BramastaTumenggung Alap Alap
Ruslan BasriKyai Jabat
R. NovelKyai Basari
Fairus SalamDewi Sekar Arum
Alex BernardKyai Ageng Sebayu
Ratu AnyaSang Hyang Kili
Imelda SorayaNyi Blorong
M. ArifSetan Utara 3
NurcholisRaden Permadi/Wiratsangka
Andez RadityaRaden Permadi/Wiratsangka (after Nurcholis)
AlanKi Welang
PuputNyi Weling
Lisda OktavianiNandini (siluman ular)
Roro Grinsing
Nyi Blorong (after Imelda Soraya
Faisal BugisPangeran Trunojoyo
Arifin GunawanJaka
Kuma Somala
Husein KhaliaHiralal Shangker
Tumenggung Martopuro
Setan Bongkok
AlfianoKala Roma Abang
Zaenal PatikawaKi Pangalanan
WawanKi Mertani
Wawan BimaKi Sumangkar
Mack ReynaldoPangemis Tangan Seribu
Yoseph HolneKi Panut
Rossi AyuNyi Panut
Yuri ZhangMawar Putih (after Errina GD)


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