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To download the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app or install individual applications, visit the IT Self-Service Portal for our step-by-step guide. Students who want to learn how to use specific applications can delve into tutorials found in Adobe’s Learn and Support resource and LinkedIn Learning video tutorials and courses. Elon University is a mid-sized private university in North Carolina that is nationally recognized as the premier student-centered environment for experiential learning. Elon University / Information Technology / Microsoft Office 2016. See 1 tip from 40 visitors to Elon University Campus Technology Support. 'If you're an Elon student you can get the latest edition of microsoft office.' College Administrative Building in Elon, NC.

Elon students have access to many free resources. Browse the sections below to learn more about setting up your email account, printing on campus, accessing course information and more.

  • In addition, Elon has partnered with Lynda.com to provide on-demand software training to all campus users. Lynda Training offers more than a 1,000 video tutorials on leading software topics like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, audio and video editing applications, and many more.
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Clean & Sanitize Technology Safely

REMEMBER: Don’t spray disinfectants, water or other cleaners directly on technology equipment! If necessary, squeeze excess liquid from a disinfectant wipe, then clean the device.

Above all else, regularly washing and sanitizing your hands after using shared technology is recommended to protect against the spread of COVID-19.
More Information & Tips

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Elon Account

All Elon students are provided with an Elon Account (username and password) that grants access to a variety of resources including email, Moodle, LinkedIn Learning, campus computers and more.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) with Duo Security

Elon University uses a multi-factor authentication method (MFA), Duo Security, for logging into some web applications. In addition to your Elon email username and password, MFA uses your mobile phone, tablet or office landline phone to verify your identity. This prevents anyone but you from accessing your account, even if another person knows your password. This added layer of security also reduces the number of compromised accounts that impact the university community.
Learn More About MFA


Students may use OnTrack to register for courses and view schedules, grades and transcripts. Please remember that your OnTrack password is separate from your Elon Account username and password.

Note: Usernames and passwords for accounts are distributed to students at different times depending on their starting term. If you begin classes in the fall and have already paid your enrollment deposit, you will receive your username and password in mid-April. If you begin classes during winter, spring or summer terms, you will receive your username and password within two weeks of paying your enrollment deposit. Once you have received your username and password, please enroll in the Elon University Self-Service Password Maintenance Site atwww.elon.edu/passwordto have immediate, online access to change your password. If you have a problem with your username or password, please contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200.


Access tuition account status, e-bills and recent payments and credits.

Communication & Collaboration


Google Suite (G-Suite) for Education

Google Suite (G-Suite) for Education at Elon features Gmail email for most students, in addition to a variety of Google applications for communication and collaboration. Features include Google Drive to store, create and share documents, Google Calendar, Google Talk for instant messaging and more.

Outlook via Office 365

Office 365 at Elon features Outlook email for some students, in addition to a variety of Microsoft applications for communication and collaboration. Features include OneDrive to store, create and share documents, Calendar, OneNote, Excel and more.

Note: The Office of Information Technology (IT) notifies select students who are assigned Outlook email services. If you have not received this notification, please access your email via Gmail.


Elon University Microsoft Office Download Windows 10

The telephone jacks in residence hall rooms are not active. Telephones located in residence hall common areas can be used to place local and emergency calls. However, common area telephone lines are unable to receive phone calls.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is an interactive platform designed to simplify communication and collaboration between you and fellow students, faculty, organizations and other groups. A hub for teamwork, Teams incorporates a variety of Office 365 tools for your use. All Elon students, faculty and staff have secure access to the tool, making it easy to search and add members to a team.

  • Host video calls within the platform and use the chat feature to reduce the need for email
  • Create, upload and share Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote documents within the platform
  • Real-time collaboration with professors and peers
  • Access the same files on any phone, tablet or computer

To learn more about these and other tips, visit Microsoft Office 365’s video series.


Webex is a web conferencing tool that allows faculty, staff and students to collaborate with anyone through impromptu and scheduled meetings. Webex also allows you to host virtual events or bring a global expert into the classroom.

  • Create a personal meeting room with a consistent URL
  • Schedule meetings through Outlook
  • Record and share your meeting or event
  • Connect multiple people at once to your video or audio call
  • Share your screen, documents and applications during your video call


Zoom is a web conferencing platform that’s well-known for its simplicity and sought-after virtual breakout rooms options. Learn about key features and use our quick start guide to schedule a meeting.

  • Host meetings in your personal, virtual meeting room with a consistent URL
  • Schedule meetings through Outlook
  • Record to the cloud or to your device and share your meeting or event
  • Connect multiple people at once to your video or audio call
  • Share your screen, documents and applications during your video call
  • Chat with others one-or-one or in a group
  • Upload virtual backgrounds

Network Connectivity

Wireless Internet Access

Mobile devices and laptops: Use elonu-secure

To connect mobile devices and laptops to Elon’s wireless internet, connect to the elonu-secure network and log in with your Elon Account username and password.

Smart devices: Use elonu-connect

To connect smart TVs, Rokus, gaming consoles or wireless printers, first register the device on Elon’s MyDevices Portal and follow these step-by-step instructions. Once registered, you may connect your device to theelonu-connectnetwork to access the internet.

Please note: Personal wireless routers are prohibited on campus because they interfere with the campus network and result in poor connectivity.


Set Up Your TV

Elon University Store


Television service for students living in Elon’s residence halls (not properties leased by the university) is provided via Philo. Philo delivers live TV and DVR capabilities to your laptops, tablets, smartphones and TV sets anywhere on the campus network.

Get Help

Technology Service Desk

The Technology Service Desk is the single point of contact for questions and problems relating to technology.

IT Self-Service Portal

The IT Self-Service Portal boasts a Service Catalog featuring Elon’s comprehensive list of technology tools and services and a robust Knowledge Base full of how-to articles to help you use them. Want to request help or report an issue? The portal is a great starting point for any technology-related question.

Teaching & Learning Technology Consultants

The Teaching and Learning Technology Consultants provide staff, faculty and students with walk-in technology support in Belk Library. These students staff the Belk Library Service Desk and answer a variety of technology questions.

Elon University Microsoft Office Download

Learning Resources


You will use Moodle to access course information, class announcements, course materials, syllabi, assignments and more.

Learning On Demand

Learning On Demand is a curated repository of educational videos produced by Elon students, faculty and staff. Videos are open to the public and include speakers, presentations, campus events and academic resources.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers on-demand training to all campus users. The robust platform offers a library of more than 10,000 video tutorials to help you develop business, technology and creative skills. Explore an array of topics from leading software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite, to audio and video editing applications and more. These high-quality tutorials are taught by industry experts and available 24/7 for convenient, self-paced learning.

Maker Hub

The Maker Hub is a workspace with tools, supplies and people to help you explore ideas, learn how things work and make stuff. The Maker Hub has two locations: Colonnades E building and the Elon Town Center above Pandora’s Pies.

Blended, Online & Emergency Remote Learning

Elon University Microsoft Office Downloads


Adapting to Various Types of Courses

Many of the technology resources mentioned in this guide are readily available, whether you find yourself learning on campus or online. Visit the Flexible & Resilient Teaching website to learn more about ways technology can help you adapt to various types of courses.

For more information related to the start of classes this fall as a result of COVID-19, visit the university’s Ready & Resilient website.

Remember: The first place to start with remote learning technologies for your course is your instructor. Be sure to read each instructor’s communications carefully and let them know if you are having trouble. If you are having problems with an Elon-licensed tool (e.g., Moodle, Webex), search the IT Self-Service Portal for answers or to report an issue. For additional help, contact the Technology Service Desk at (336) 278-5200.


3 Ways to Print

  1. From Your Personal Computer

    1. Install the new Canon print drivers.
    2. When printing a document from your computer using File > Print, choose Student Canon (on PCs) or UF_ElonStudent_MAC (on Macs)
    3. You’ll be prompted to enter your username
      (skip down to “Printing from the Print Stations” for the next steps)
  2. From Computer Labs (including Belk Library computers)

    1. When printing from a computer lab printer (by going to File > Print), choose StudentCanon_BW or StudentCanon_Color (on Macs).
    2. Skip down to “Printing from the Print Stations” for the next steps
  3. Via Mobile Print ([email protected])

    Compose a message to [email protected] and attach your file. No subject line or email message is needed.

Printing from the Print Stations

Once you’ve sent your file to the printer, head to one of the student printers and tap your Phoenix Card. Choose “Secure Print” and you should see all of your print jobs in the list. To print, simply select the job and print.

Printer Setting Defaults


By default, all print jobs print two-sided (also known as duplex) and print as black/white. If you’d like to access other print options (like one-sided printing, known as simplex, or printing in color), choose “Options” to access other print settings.

Additional Print Resources

These resources alleviate any need for personal printers. However, if you decide to bring a personal wireless printer to campus, please seeour documentation about connecting wireless devices to theelonu-connectnetwork. We recommend that you turn wireless printers off when not in use to avoid the possibility of others printing to your device.

If you are having trouble or have more questions, contact the Technology Service Desk.
Learn More About Student Printing


Microsoft Office 365

Elon University offers students, faculty and staff access to the full suite of Microsoft Office 365 applications, including the option to install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote on up to five (5) PCs or Macs, and Office applications on other mobile devices. Publisher and Access programs also are available to Windows users. With Office 365, you can seamlessly share and work together with faculty and staff across Microsoft products.

Other features include:

  • Convenient, cloud-based access to Outlook Email, Calendar and other products anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage
  • A platform to collaborate on documents and other projects in real-time

Please visit our Office 365 for Students Guide for details and step-by-step instructions for installing software to your devices and more.

Adobe Creative Cloud

All students can access Adobe Creative Cloud, including Photoshop, Illustrator, AfterEffects and more. Learn about available software and resources to get started.

On-Demand Software (via VirtualApps)

Before you buy software, be sure to check out what’s available via VirtualApps. The service currently offers IBM SPSS Statistics, Kinovea, SAS and Wolfram Mathematica. VirtualApps software is available 24/7 and can be accessed anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


If your go-to lab is at capacity, use AppsAnywhere to run available software on your device instead. The cloud-based service allows you to securely access, from any location, a variety of academic software packages found in campus computer labs. The service is available on-demand, on or off campus. Learn how the service works and explore available programs.

More Software & Support

In addition to the software listed above, Elon provides additional options for faculty and staff to download or purchase. Visit the Computer Software page for a list of software and support resources.

Computer Purchasing

New students can bring either a Mac or PC to campus, whichever they feel most comfortable with. Upon purchasing a computer, remember to ask about the possibility of educational discounts.


Media Services

All Elon students, faculty and staff can check out media equipment for free from the Media Services, located in Belk Library 101.

Computer Purchasing

New students can bring either a Mac or PC to campus, whichever they feel most comfortable with. Upon purchasing a computer, remember to ask about the possibility of educational discounts.

Safety & Security

E-Alert Emergency Text Messaging

Sign up to receive text messages about campus emergencies, class cancellations and vital weather information through e-Alert. Visitemergency.elon.edufor more information.
Register for E-Alert

Elon University Microsoft Office Download 32-bit

Information Security Alerts

Spear phishing, phishing, ransomware and other electronic communication scams are pervasive at educational institutions. Learn more about these types of attacks on the Information Security website and sign up for Information Security Alerts to stay informed of the latest cyber threats and phishing schemes targeting Elon’s campus.
Subscribe for Information Security Alerts


Elon offers you free premium access to LastPass, a password management tool that takes all the effort out of managing your passwords. LastPass features password generation tools and automatic form filling, as well as automatic login/password completion. Once LastPass is up and running, you won’t have to worry about remembering passwords again.
Learn more about LastPass

LIVESAFE App (Android and iOS)

LiveSafe gives users two-way communication direct to Campus Safety and Police. With a built-in SafeWalk feature, students can invite others to “virtually escort” them by monitoring their location on a map. Additionally, this app broadcasts important security notifications sent by Elon University Police.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) with Duo Security

View the Accounts section above to learn more.

Phoenix Card

The Phoenix Card is the official Elon identification (ID) card for students, faculty and staff. Use this card to gain access to buildings after hours, athletic and cultural events, the gym, and to check out books, media and equipment from the library. Using Blackboard, you can add Phoenix Cash on your card. Phoenix Cash is accepted at eating establishments across campus and many area restaurants. The Phoenix Card office is located in McCoy Commons 201.



UCapture is a green-tech platform that funds carbon offset projects, at no cost to you, when you shop with over 7,500 online stores. Projects funded through Elon’s UCapture Program will help reduce Elon’s carbon footprint. Learn more about UCapture for Elon faculty, staff and students and download the browser extension.
Learn More About UCapture

How do I get my free copy of Microsoft Office?

Each week, the Technology Help Desk interacts with numerous students in search of the Microsoft Office Suite. Surprisingly, many students are unaware that they are entitled to one free download of Microsoft Office for either a PC or a Mac. Navigating the system can be tricky, but if you know what to look for, you’ll be writing documents and organizing spreadsheets before you know it.

What is Kivuto’s E-Academy?

Elon University partners with Kivuto’s E-Academy to offer convenient Microsoft product downloads to members of the Elon community. By visiting elon.onthehub.com, Elon students, faculty, and staff can register their email address to create an account that will not only provide a free download of Microsoft Office, but also a free download of Microsoft ForeFront Endpoint Protection (an antivirus software), and Windows operating systems for a discounted charge.

What’s the process?

1.) Registration – The registration process is easy and straightforward. Fill out the account information, making sure to utilize your Elon University email address.

Elon University Microsoft Office Download

2.) Download the software – After registering, log into Kivuto’s E-Academy and view your available software downloads. Users will see the following software available for download:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 (for PCs—free, but you will not be able to download Microsoft Office 2011)
  • Microsoft Office 2011 (for Macs—free, but you will not be able to download Microsoft Office 2010)
  • Microsoft ForeFront EndPoint Protection (free—antivirus software)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (cost: $9.75)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 (cost: $9.75)

3.) Once you add the desired software to your cart, you can proceed with the download process. Unless you’ve used Kivuto’s E-Academy before, you will be prompted to download and install the Secure Download Manager (pictured right). Some users mistake this as a random popup ad, however, the Secure Download Manager is required to finish the download process. After the installation, you will be able to finally start your download of the Microsoft product you selected.

Don’t forget!

Once your download is complete, don’t forget to enter the product key provided to you when you completed your order. If you forget to enter this key in, your computer will treat it as a trial product, sending you a message in approximately 30 days that Microsoft Office is preparing to expire. It is vital that you record the product key and store it in a safe place. If you need to reinstall your program for any reason, you will need the product key. Unfortunately, Kivuto’s E-Academy only stores product keys in the system for 30 days. Afterwards, they are deleted with no method of retrieval.

If you encounter problems with Kivuto’s E-Academy downloads, feel free to contact the Technology Help Desk at 336-278-5200 for further assistance. If you still need to purchase a hard copy of Microsoft Office, you may purchase them at the Technology Help Desk for $12.81, after tax. The Technology Help Desk does not accept cash.

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