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With the introduction of safety PLCs any resemblance to the control systems built in 1975 has now vanished. In 1975, the main panel was filled with relays, motor starters, fuses, and circuit breakers. The PLC chassis, if it existed, was filled with I/O cards. All machine inputs and outputs were wired back to the main panel via individual wires. The main function of a PLC is real-time control, and if the OIT portion is using a lot of processing power and/or dynamic memory, the control functions can be compromised. Therefore, these devices are best suited for lower end applications, not those with high I/O counts and more advanced functionality requirements. This detailed information is then used as the basis to design a new system. Overall, MAVERICK provides full scope electrical, instrumentation and automation design of integrated control systems, including distributed control systems (DCS) and programmable logic controller (PLC)-based systems.

Project description:

Digital Dynamics® helped a customer in the semiconductor manufacturing industry achieve substantial gains by providing engineering enhancements to their existing design. By integrating their PLCs with a new PCA interface in a single enclosure, we delivered a fully tested turnkey PLC-based control solution. By having DDI manufacture a complete integrated unit, the customer reduced their manufacturing time by five man-days. And, by improving the reliability of the cable connections, we significantly increased their MTBF and the overall reliability of their product.

A control system accepts data from the field (e.g. A tank’s level) or from an operator (via a HMI (Human Machine Interface)) and based on the logic configuration (i.e. Algorithm) configured by the Control Systems Engineer, the control system may execute an action (e.g. Such as starting up a pump to drain the tank). Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) also known as Industrial Computer is the major component in the industrial automation sector. Due to its robust construction, exceptional functional features like PID controllers, sequential control, timers and counters, ease of programming, reliable controlling capabilities and ease of hardware usage – this PLC is more than a special-purpose digital.

Engineering Control Solutions

Components of this PLC control system included 16 PLC modules, a large interface PCB, and an extensive array of interconnecting cables. Housed in a cold rolled steel enclosure with a brushed bright zinc finish, we fully assembled and 100% tested all DDI designed components before shipping the systems to the customer.

Free download manual for dymo labelpoint 300 programs. Our turnkey services, from design and development through to manufacturing and delivery, provided a process control system that set a new standard of performance. Contact us today to learn how our engineering expertise can provide the same benefit to your next project.

Highlights of this Semiconductor Industry Project

Engineering Control Systems

PLC Control System Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Interface Board Redesign
  • Concept Creation
  • System Integration
  • Programming
Material Used
Enclosure is cold rolled steel, brushed bright zinc finish. Inside are 2 Printed circuit board assemblies + 14 PLCs
  • Eliminated in-house assembly for faster system integration.
  • Fully tested control system to speed up system integration.
  • Improved MTBF by improving reliability of the cable connections.
PLC (programmable logic control) control system that included:
  • 16 PLC modules
  • A large interface printed circuit board
  • An extensive array of interconnecting cables.
In process testing/inspection performed
DDI designed electronics are 100% tested prior to shipment of finished units.
Industry for Use
Delivery/Turnaround Time
6 weeks ARO
Delivery Location
San Jose, CA
Standards Met
Customer Specifications
Product Name
Integrated PLC Control System
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