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According to a new press release, “erwin, the data governance company, today released a new version of erwin Data Modeler (erwin DM), the world’s No. 1 data modeling software for designing, deploying and understanding data sources to meet modern business needs. This is the first in a series of new products the company will announce in Q1 to demonstrate innovation across its enterprise modeling and data governance and intelligence software suites. erwin DM is an award-winning data modeling tool used to find, visualize, design, deploy and standardize high-quality enterprise data assets.”

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Game 56: june 26, 2015the initials game. Does erwin Data Modeler support Snowflake as a target database in 2020R1? Where can I find a Digital Guide to the New Features found in erwin Data Modeler 2020 R1? Where can I download the latest version of erwin Data Modeler 2020 R1? Where can I find a Detailed Tour Guide of the New Features included in erwin Data Modeler 2020 R1? The erwin EDGE is an integrated and automated platform that combines enterprise modeling and data intelligence software to deliver an enterprise data governance experience. Rather than deploy an isolated technical program, organizations can use data governance as a strategic, ongoing practice to facilitate IT and business collaboration. CA AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler is a software tool for data modeling (data analysis required, database design, etc.). ERwin modeling software is built on the IDEF1X method, which supports graphing with engineering symbol information. The software was developed by Logic Works and developed in 1999 by Computer Associates under the name AllFusion.

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The release continues, “Discover and document any data from anywhere for consistency, clarity and artifact reuse across large-scale data integration, master data management, metadata management, Big Data, business intelligence and analytics initiatives – all while supporting data governance and intelligence efforts with: (1) Metadata and schema visualization to mitigate complexity and increase collaboration and literacy across a broad range of data stakeholders. (2) Integrated business and semantic metadata authoring to augment physical asset metadata in the data catalog and accelerate data stewardship effort. (3) Design task automation and standardization to improve business alignment, ensure data integrity and simplify integration.”

Erwin data modeler latest version 6.1

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Adam Famularo, CEO of erwin, commented, “Today’s data modeling is not your father’s data modeling… While it’s always been the best way to understand complex data sources and automate design standards and integrity rules, the role of data modeling continues to expand as the fulcrum of collaboration between data generators, stewards and consumers. That’s because it’s the best way to visualize metadata, and metadata is now the heart of enterprise data management, as well as data governance and intelligence efforts.”

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