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7 Best Free eBook Creation Software for Windows. All these free eBook creators are well popular. International digital children’s library. Link To: This is the best site for. Education Ebooks free download - WordWeb, Calibre, Scratch, and many more programs.

Maintaining huge collection of books on computer is not an easy task unless they are organized in a structured way. EBook library software helps one to maintain eBooks easily by categorizing them. They come with various features and options to manage eBooks quickly. They perform quick searching by scanning one’s system to fetch details of all eBooks stored in different drives and folders.


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Free ebook creator software downloads

To know more about these software one can search Google using “ebook organizerebook library free”, “ebook library software windows 7”, or “ebook library software, free download”.

Alfa Ebooks Manager

Alfa Ebooks Manager is easy-to-use book organizer which maintains paper books and e-books. It allows cataloging books by adding tags and custom books. It allows enhancing look and feel e-book library and scanning eBook metadata. It comes with powerful search facility and filters for creating book lists. It allows viewing books in 3D model.


eLibrary is excellent document organizer which allows searching and sorting books by author, title and publisher. It prompts whenever it finds new books through automatic scanning. It allows customizing metadata fields and renaming books based on template. It enables organizing and tagging books. It is easy-to-use software and comes with user-friendly interface.


Lucidor helps readers to manage e-books and read them quickly. Its user interface comes with different panes to navigate books and viewing their contents. It comes with powerful search feature and allows opening more than one book in multi-tabs. It allows creating catalogs and examples are provided for this purpose.


Calibre enables viewing, converting and organizing e-books with ease. It allows adding e-books from file browser, entering ISBN code or by dragging and dropping method. It allows sorting e-books by language, author, publisher and many more. It allows editing metadata, getting covers and merging e-book records. It allows creating and managing libraries.

Other EBook Library Software for Different Platforms


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There is a plenty of eBook library software available for various versions like Windows, Mac Os and Android. These software completely depends on the platform that they are built for and for this reason one should check for platform compatibility. Below are the details of software that provided for each version.

Free EBook Library Software for Windows – My Ebook Library

My Ebook Library helps to manage huge collection of eBooks easily and quickly. It supports all popular eBook extensions and allows quickly download book information. It comes with ISBN capture tool and allows creating custom eBook collection. It allows categorizing eBooks by author name. It eliminates duplicate eBooks on hard drive.

Free EBook Library Software for Mac Os – Ehon

Ehon helps managing eBooks, comics and various digital books easily. It comes with simple to understand interface and provides best library management. It can import many eBook formats and image folders. It comes with improved search filters and folders. It allows users setting the elements for display in the library.

Free EBook Library Software for Android – My Library Manager

My Library Manager enables tracking and managing book collection. It allows storing about twenty five types of information related to a book. It comes with barcode feature to scan and add books to library. It allows tracking the books that are read by the viewer. It allows backing up and exporting book database easily.

More Great EBook Library Software for Windows, Android and Mac Os

For windows version some of the eBook library software is “Readerware”, “All My Books”, “Kindlian”, “KooBits”, “VitalSource”. For Mac Os version some of the eBook library software is “VitalSource Bookshelf”, “Book Crawler”, “ComicNerd” and “Delicious Library”. “My Library”, “Mantano Reader”, “Book Catalogue” and “MyBookDroid” are some of the eBook library software for android application.

Most popular EBook Library Software for 2016 is Book Collector

Book Collector software enables organizing eBooks easily and effectively. It allows adding books quickly by searching with author or title. It allows building catalog for eBooks by scanning one’s system. It allows browsing and sorting book collection and exporting book database to mobile device as well as allows sharing it with social media. Dance india dance season 1.

What is EBook Library Software?

EBook Library Software allows categorizing eBooks using various parameters like author name, book title and publisher. They allow searching eBooks from internet and download them to add to one’s collection. They allow sorting eBooks collections and viewing books comfortably with the help of intuitive user interface. They allow exporting and sharing book database to various formats and social media respectively.

Free ebook software for windows

They come with varieties of settings to perform searching and categorizing. To know more about their varieties and get more knowledge about these software one can search Google using “best ebook library software”, “library genesis software download”, “calibre kovid goyal” or “ebook library management software”.

How to Install EBook Library Software?

Free Ebook Writing Software Downloads

EBook Library Software download file comes along with installation instruction document with step-by-step instructions for performing installation easily and quickly. One should check for version for which they are downloading and verify system requirements required both for hardware and software. The details of version and system requirements will be mentioned in the software websites.

Benefits of EBook Library Software

When one has a huge collection of eBooks it is difficult to remember which one is already read? And these software can solve these kinds of hurdles easily. They automatically mark the books that are read and remove duplication of eBooks on one’s hard drive. They allow setting category fields through settings option and thus allow defining custom categories.

They allow taking backup of book database and allow exporting them too. They allow adding covers to eBooks and use barcode scanning for adding books to library. Schools, libraries, book-lovers, researchers and many more people can make use of these EBook library software and get benefited.

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