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The Tekken series is quite an old fighting series and we have seen the evolution of the game from the 1990s till date. And to be honest, the game has come a long long way. Tekken 3 is one such game that came on play station back in 1998 but today you can get the game on your Android phone with the help of highly compressed iso file.

It is the first Tekken game to comprise of multi-layered stages and obstacle framework, and the primary game to be propelled as multi-stage. Tekken 6 for PC game recognized commonly positive audits, especially the PSP rendition. Tekken 6 for PC Game Free Download setup in. Tekken 5 is definitely more in the tekken series of game and sequel of tekken tag and tekken 4,its resembling tekken 3 upto some extent as far as the game play of tekken 5 pc game is concerend,so its nothing else but a fantastic combination of 4 games of tekken series bring more action and fighting with unlimited action packed game play.

Not only this, you can also get Tekken 3 game download file for PC by downloading it from any other site. The setup file of the game is usually free even for the free version and is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit. The game can run on different Windows operating software including windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.The best thing is that our tekken 3 iso contains all characters and with endings as well.We will provide cheats code list as well on our this tekken blog and this is not last we will provide all king combos and other characters special combos as well.But the bad news is this you can not play Tekken 3 game online.

Tekken 3 Game Download Overview

The game had quite a few new characters as there was major revamp in order to keep this particular thing alive and kicking. There were different modes available in the game including the home version with modes like Tekken Ball and Tekken Force. Tekken 3 Game turned out to be quite a popular game with the sale of more than 8.5 million. Even on Play Station 4, the sales of this game were the fourth-best which is a big number. With different arcades and tournament matches, the game has got the interest of everyone and also because there have been some serious changes to the previous editions of the game without any concern.

The game play of Tekken 3 Online revolves around the fight against the system as it has been the case in the past as well. There are certain limitations as well in the game play of Tekken 3 with fighters jumping to a less extent as compared to what we saw in the previous versions of the game. The beat em up mini-game is also known as Tekken Force has been introduced in this particular where you can fight against enemies in a different fashion. This thing can happen until the player is able to defeat Mr. Bosconovitch as he becomes the character after defeat as well. This particular thing was then used in other versions of the game as well as it was mighty effective. Tekken 4 and Tekken 5 had similar things just like Tekken 3 Download.

What is Included In Tekken 3 For Pc

The game story is quite long in this particular edition hence the involvement of 8 old players was required by the company from the two previous versions of the game. Some of the names that are included in the list include Anna Williams, Lei Wulong, Nina Williams, Yoshimitsu, and others. Apart from the 8 old characters that are being used in this game, there are 15 new characters as well so that they may be able to complete the long game play part. Some of the important new characters that you will find out in Tekken 3 For Pc include Bryan Fury, Eddy Gordo, Forest Law, Michelle Chang, Jin Kazama and others.

Ogre serves as the final boss in this particular game where Ogre is responsible for disappearances of different artists all over the world. The game comes to an end if you are able to beat Ogre in a battle which is not an easy task. You might fail again and again but you may just end up doing it. There is also another thing to note that the Play Station version of the game made by the company had Anna separate from Nina as it was fully playable. The introduction of the new characters gave new life to the action-packed series which it had been lacking for quite some time now.

In the game, a Tekken force has been established in order to protect Mishima Zaibatsu. The game runs around in Mexico as well as Heihachi is responsible for creating peace in the world but that is not what many people want. The final round of the tournament takes place as Paul Phoenix comes down to the large temple and takes on Ogre and defeats it. but that is not the end as Ogre morphs himself into another form with another tournament continuing between the two. About diane jordan lcpc ncc mac lace. Jin Kazama then confronts True Ogre and this time the warrior is defeated and that too after dissolving thus making sure that there is no chance of coming back again. There are different developments to the game including motion captures.

The game has been a hit just like the other Tekken series that have come before this game or either after this game. The overall Tekken series evolved during the last decade a people are now getting more and more chance to play these amazing games of the action-packed series called the Tekken series.

Tekken 3 Game Download Free For PC

So the 100% working link of tekken 3 game is given below to download you can enjoy it.It is tested and working setup of the tekken 3 game.

Download Tekken 6 for PC: Tekken 6 for Pc is a forceful game created and accessible on PC Games. This game can be carefully downloaded by means of the PlayStation Store to play on PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita. It is the first Tekken game to comprise of multi-layered stages and obstacle framework, and the primary game to be propelled as multi-stage. Tekken 6 for PC game recognized commonly positive audits, especially the PSP rendition. Tekken 6 for PC Game Free Download setup in single direct connection for windows. It is the most recent activity and battling game from Tekken arrangement.

  • Tekken 6 for PC is a game of battle that has been created with the end goal of diversion.
  • Tekken 6 for PC is the seventh portion of the world acclaimed Tekken sequel. Tekken series games had surprised the world since its first discharge.
  • Tekken 6 for PC has heaps of upgrades contrasted with its ancestor.
  • There are genuinely enormous regions related to the battling stages and now the character customization has likewise been improved.
  • There has been an incorporation of another Rage framework by which the player will get more wounds. When he/she will be hit when he/she will achieve a specific point. When this framework is initiated a rosy vitality atmosphere will conceal the character and the vitality bar will turn red.
  • At that point, there is another element incorporated into this form and that is the bound framework. With this component, the player can hit the adversary hard. furthermore, when the rival got hit. He will go in the shocking state and that is where you can hit the player with extra kicks or punches.
  • The designs of the game are very stunning. what’s more, it has likewise a physical motor called Octave motor which will enable the water to carry on as it should.
  • With everything taken into account, Tekken 6 for PC is an extraordinary game which will test your speed just as abilities.

Features of Tekken 6

Following are the features of Tekken 6 APK, which you can enjoy the game after downloading it on your computers.

  • A lot of fighting and thrilling actions.
  • Stages for fighting are large and beautiful as compared to the previous version.
  • Enhance the characters’ customization.
  • Introduction of a new Rage system.
  • Quality of graphics is stunning.
  • Including Bound system feature.


Tekken 6 Game For Download

  • Tekken 6 for PC highlights greater stage with more intuitiveness than its forerunner, for example, dividers or floors that can be not attempting to uncover new battling part.
  • The character customization highlight has been improved, and certain things have a proposal in certain parts of interactivity.
  • Another “rage” framework has been extra, giving characters’ additional harm per hit when their vivacity is underneath a persuaded point. Once enacted, a ruddy vitality appearance shows up around the character, and their well being bar begins to shimmer in red.
  • The anger climate can be redone with unique hues and impacts to come into views like flame, power, and ice, between others.
  • An extra ongoing interaction highlight further is the “bound” framework. Each character has a considerable amount of moves.When utilized on a challenger that is as of now over the ground in a juggle combo.
  • It will source the rival to be Cracked hard into the ground, loaded with living them off the floor in an astonishing state and leaving them vulnerable to another combo or valuable assault. While of the Bloodline Rebellion update, effectively repel a low assault will also put a character into an obstacle state.
  • The calm variants (elite of the PSP adaptation) additionally comprise of an additional beat ‘me up mode entitled “Situation Campaign” which bears comparability with the “Tekken Force” and “Fiend Within” structure from prior portions.
  • In this method of Tekken 6 pc game, the player can move to any and all individuals in a situation alike to that of a third-individual pretending game.
  • Players can get weapons for example posts and Gatling firearms, from the start with plunder capable things, cash, and catalysts which can be set up inside cartons that are dispersed completely through the playing condition.
  • Players can move about openly among battles, yet when a gathering of adversaries is experienced, the ongoing interaction changes to the typical two-dimensional Tekken style.
  • The Tekken 6 for PC game comprise of an online versus multiplayer mode more than PlayStation Network and Xbox Live correspondingly.
  • Tekken 6 for PC comprises of Ranked Matches mode, where the player can maintain their character to an unrivaled positioning, and Player Matches mode, any place the player’s battles aren’t positioned and they have the option to welcome companions to contain matches with them.

Tekken 1 Game Free Download

Tekken 6 for Pc Game Requirements:

Tekken 6 Download For Pc

  • CPU: Intel dual core with 1.8 GHz processing speed.
  • RAM required: Minimum 1 Gb RAM is required
  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Sound Card required: Yes
  • Free Disk Space: 10 GB required.

Tekken Game Download

Installation Instructions for Tekken 6 for PC

  • Download the archive file
  • Right click on the file and select option Extract here
  • WinRAR needed for installing the game.
  • Double Click on the Application file
  • Finally, the game is installed on your PC.