Gm Tech2 Clone Selection And Setup Guideauto Diagnostic Tool

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Part 1: GM MDI or Tech 2 Tech 2 scan tool has become obsolete for shop use as of late. It still has a lot of capability and will do anything you need for the older platforms but it needs the CANdi module to work with any of the new stuff. GM TECH II VETRONIX TECH 2 diagnostic tool GM tech2 scanner Vetronix GM Tech 2 scanner from contain a most comprehensive diagnostic software,but if you need to do the program,you need to buy an additional TIS2000 CD and USB KEY.then you can use GM Tech 2 sanner to carry out ECU programming for GM vehicle models (after 2007). If the J2534 tool selection needs to be changed, there is now a check box that must be selected next to the Select Programming Process menu on the Select Diagnostic Tool and Programming Process screen. 10) Select the Reset J2534 Tool box and then select Next to set up a different J2534 tool. – Thanks to Chris Henley.

Best Quality GM Tech2 is the best tester GM Technicians use to diagnose GM, OPEL, Holden, SUZUKI, SAAB, ISUZU vehicles. The Vetronix Tech 2 GM software support for on-board diagnostics on all GM systems 1992-2011. GM Tech2 TIS2000 do GM car programming till 2007 .

How to use GM Tech2 to do eeprom programming?

Connect Tech 2 to the vehicle.
Switch on Tech 2 – start screen appears.
Turn ignition (Do not start motor!).
Press “Enter” in the Tech 2 start screen.
Select “F1: Service Programming System” in the main menu and then “F1: Program ECU”.
Follow the instructions on the Tech 2 screen.
During the download the Tech 2 screen shows the message “Programming in Progress”.
At the end of the download the Tech 2 shows the message “Programming was successful”. The button “Exit” leaves the program. First, turn off the ignition of the vehicle, then switch off the Tech 2 and disconnect it from the vehicle.
Turn off ignition for 30 seconds before starting the motor. Additional information is available in the section “Check programming”.

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Alternative Programming with “Pass Thru”

In addition to the procedure described above, there is an alternative programming mode called “Pass Thru”. In that case, the data are directly downloaded from the pc to the ECU in the vehicle.

Although the Tech 2 is still needed in that mode, the data entry and the download control is done directly at the pc. Altogether, that method is faster, and it is recommended when a pc with TIS 2000 is within 3m of the vehicle.

Connect Tech 2 to the vehicle.
Connect Tech 2 to the PC switch on Tech 2.
Start TIS 2000 on the PC.
Select the icon ‘Service Programming System’ (Fig. 1) on the TIS 2000 start page.
Start TIS 2000 on the PC.
On the screen ‘Select Diagnostic Tool and Programming Process’ (See picture below) make a selection for
***Pass-Thru mode

***the reprogramming of an ECU that was not exchanged or the replacement/programming of a new ECU

***the ECU location.

Then clock ‘Next’ button.

Check programming result

After every repgrogramming of an ECU a test to check the successful programming has to perform as follows:

Turn off ignition
wait for at least 30 seconds
start motor to confirm the successful programming
If the motor doesn’t start this points at an error. After the replacement of an ECU it has to be made sure that the necessary programming of the immobilizer was successful.

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I have successfully unlocked the radio on my Chevy TrailBlazer with a cloneGM Tech2 scan toolfrom China yesterday. Here I would like to share the procedure.
If you also like to unlock the radio, please complete the following procedure, using the Tech 2 scanner, in order to properly set up communication:
Connect Tech2 to the OBD port of the vehicle. When the screen of the tool illuminates, it means the tool hooks up with the car. Then you can start the process:
  1. Go to the main menu and select: Diagnostics.
  1. Select Vehicle Identification and then the following options:
– LD Trk, MPV, Incomplete

Gm Tech2 Clone Selection And Setup Guide Auto Diagnostic Toolkit

  1. At the System Selection Menu screen, select: Body
Gm tech2 clone selection and setup guide auto diagnostic tool free
  1. At the Vehicle Identification screen, select the following:
– Appropriate Air Conditioning

Gm Tech2 Clone Selection And Setup Guide Auto Diagnostic Tool Free

  1. Select: Navigation Radio.
  1. Select: Special Functions.
  1. Select: VIN Relearn.
  1. Then you will get a message: “Do you want to clear radio theft information?”
  1. To begin clearing, press the soft touch key on the top right of the scan tool. The scan tool will display “Clearing Radio Theft in Progress.”
  1. Press EXIT on the scan tool and cycle the ignition.
Done. Disconnect GM Tech2 from the car.