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Gottlieb pinball repair manual


  • 2 Game System Repair Guides
    • 2.1 Common Solid State Games
      • 2.1.1 Bally/Stern (classic)
      • 2.1.2 Data East/Sega/Stern (modern)
      • 2.1.3 Gottlieb
      • 2.1.4 Williams and Bally/Williams
    • 2.2 Less Common Solid State Games

The Gottlieb reset bank with the end wing nuts loosened, and the bank 'flipped up'. You have to do this to clean any of the switches. Note you can see the nasty start relay EOS switch at the bottom left. The Gottlieb Armature Activated Start Relay Switch. Another particularly nasty animal is the Gottlieb armature activated start relay switch. Contact Information for Chris Hibler Location: West St. Louis County, near Clayton Road and Highway 109 Cell Phone: 636-432-3589 E-Mail: [email protected] I’ve been repairing pinball machines since 1991 when I purchased my first game, a Gottlieb Centigrade 37, which is an electro-mechanical game.

General Repair & Informational Guides

For history of Gottlieb® Pinball see Gottlieb® Pinball. Narcos mexico season 2 download. Here is the breakdown for Gottlieb® Repair Guides. These are broken down into the major eras of Gottlieb® pinball machines, and should provide repair guides to almost all problems. 1977-1980 Gottlieb® System 1; 1980-1989 Gottlieb® System 80/80A/80B; 1989-1996 Gottlieb® System 3. Get the best deals on Gottlieb Machines when you shop the largest online selection at GOTTLIEB PINBALL MACHINE STRANGE WORLD MANCAVE ARCADEROOM. Category listing of pinball Gottlieb. Browse over 30,000 in-stock pinball parts at Marco Specialties.

  • Inkochnito’s Reproduction Score & Instruction Cards (

Game System Repair Guides

Guides that are otherwise not available on the above-mentioned sites.

Common Solid State Games

Bally/Stern (classic)
1977-1985 Bally/Stern Repair
1985-1989 Bally 6803 Repair

Gottlieb Pinball Repair Manual

Data East/Sega/Stern (modern)
1987-1995 Data East/Sega Repair
Sega/Stern White Star Repair
Stern S.A.M. System Repair
Stern SPIKE System Repair
1977-1980 Gottlieb System 1
1980-1989 Gottlieb System 80/80A/80B
1989-1996 Gottlieb System 3
Williams and Bally/Williams
1977 – 1984 Williams System 3 – System 7
1984 Williams System 8 (Pennant Fever and Still Crazy)
1985 – 1990 Williams System 9 and System 11

Gottlieb Pinball Machine Troubleshooting

1990 – 1999 Williams WPC System
1999 Williams Pinball 2000 System

Less Common Solid State Games

Allied Leisure / Fascination
Alvin G.
Heighway Pinball
Jersey Jack
Spooky Pinball

Williams Pinball Machine Troubleshooting

Game-Specific Repair Guides

Gottlieb Pinball Troubleshooting

  • Williams Firepower (, (archived link)

Gottlieb Pinball Schematics Download

Game Code and Updates