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VIDEO: Apollo 11 Final Approach to the Moon

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The first attempt at a manned lunar landing took place in July 1969. Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin, and Michael Collins would repeat the Apollo 10 mission. But when the Lunar Module reached the point 50,000 feet above the lunar surface, the descent engine would be fired for twelve minutes and the crew would attempt to land on the moon.

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The Apollo 11 lunar landing mission crew. From left to right: Commander Neil A. Armstrong, Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, Lunar Module Pilot Edwin 'Buzz' E. Aldrin Jr.

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Image: Apollo 11 Looking Back at Earth

Image: Apollo 11 Lunar Descent

VIDEO: Apollo space missions in Starry Night Software.

Note: this video shows the Starry Night V6 interface. Everything seen here is also available in Starry Night Pro 7

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Image Pro Plus 7.0

VIDEO: Apollo 11 Commander Neil A. Armstrong's one small step..

Armstrong and Aldrin spent 2.5 hours outside the Lunar Module, collecting 21.5 kg (47.5 lbs) of lunar samples. They erected an American flag, received a call of congratulations from President Nixon, and inspected their Lunar Module, Eagle.

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Apollo Space Missions

Link Celebrating 45 years since the first landing on the Moon on July 20th, 1969!

Starry Night Pro Plus 7 accurately simulates the trajectory of nine Apollo missions, including Apollo 11 landing on the moon, July 20th, 1969!


The lunar trajectories of the nine Apollo missions, which flew to the Moon and back during the 1960's and 1970's, were calculated by analyzing official archived NASA data. By leveraging the sophisticated technology that powers all Starry Night software, Starry Night Apollo allows space enthusiasts to view the moon and celestial objects just as they appeared decades ago - emulating the Apollo crew's actual space travel experience.

'The historic Apollo missions are an indelible part of the American experience and psyche,' said Seth Meyers, COO of Simulation Curriculum Corp. 'Generations remember Neil Armstrong's 'one small step for man,' and with Starry Night Apollo, millions of space enthusiasts are able to vicariously experience these important space missions with precise, true-to-life simulations.'

Software highlights include:

Image Pro Plus 7 Cracked

  • • Interactive Multimedia SkyGuide Tour of the historic Apollo Lunar Program
  • • Accurate, 3-D models of the Apollo Spacecraft, including Saturn V, Command Service Module and Lunar Module
  • • Inbound/Outbound and Ascent/Descent trajectories for authentic reenactment
  • • Star sightings for simulated spacecraft alignment and guidance
  • • Inflight photos taken by the astronauts from spacecraft windows
  • • Ability to zoom in on Earth and the Moon throughout flight
  • • Real or accelerated flight time experiences
  • • Apollo landing site maps trace the footsteps and roving vehicle rides the astronauts took