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Jeopardywelcome To Mrs. Bryan's Learning Cafe Facebook

Two Call CloseRe-marketingBullhornTechnical by Chris Zura & Mike MillerImmigration and Visa's
This is done only when you are 100% confident the candidate will accept the position
Once your consultant has finished their contract, you have _______ number of days to find their next job opportunity to qualify for a Re-marketing Deal?
This is the most efficient tool to use when parsing a resume of an existing or new candidate
Similarly to Chris Zura, Solution Architects usually come from this type of background.
These (2) common Visa types should never be submitted to PERM or Contract to hire positions as there is no direct path to citizenship in the USA.
You should know ________ thoroughly before submitting a candidate to a job. Knowing this allows you to best present positions to candidates and best close them as well.
Who are 'Nicole, Betina, Brandon, Kelly, Gary, Beatriz'
These 6 people in the Fort Lauderdale office are equipped and assigned to assist you with any Re-marketing questions.
You need to create this at times when sending an email blast. It allows allows you to send mass emails to the same people without creating a new search and also bypass any invalid email addresses.
Per Chris Zura this was the most important characteristic that he used to evaluate his Recruiter
___________ is the Director of Immigration Recruiting and ___________ is an actual immigration recruiter. Both are colleges we must leverage when dealing with candidates on Visas.
Studies show the average employee stays with his employer less than a year after accepting a ________
What is the 'SFPC tear-sheet in Bullhorn' and the 'Top 10 email Tina sends out every morning'
These are the 2 places to view the Re-marketing List on a daily basis
This allows you to really set your day up, automatically allowing you to know who to call and when to call. When used correctly you will always remember to follow-up and follow though
Per Chris Zura, these types of Projects are of the most priority to JM Family today.
What is a 'Green Card and TN1 Visa'
'H4 EAD is also acceptable'
These (2) visa types are as a close to a sure thing for Contract to hire and PERM positions.
What is 'Asking them what they are making now' OR 'What do they need to make a move'
We know what the candidate's pay rate should be by ___________.
This was the year Fort Lauderdale officially rolled-out the Re-marketing Program
What is 'Notes Activity Report' or 'Notes Activity Report-detailed'
This report would be the place to find them! If you needed to find a candidate you in-housed weeks ago or had a conversation with months ago or even someone you collected MOATS for while you were in the AR program.
A disciplined,
This question is strategically placed on the interview debrief form in order assess where the candidate stands on taking the position
What is:
a. Send consultants full name & end date
b. Parse new resume in BH
c. Update their profile in BH (Job Title, Current Company, Address, etc.)
d. Send 4-5 selling points
These are the 4 steps you need to take in order for Nicole to put your consultant on the Re-marketing list.
Through using Daxtra you could create a ___________ to keep candidates flowing for a search that was created days ago. Its also good to create for bucket building.
__________ means creating more value for customers with fewer resources. The core idea is to maximize customer value while minimizing wast.
Including the maximum number of extensions, a candidate with a H-1B visa can remain in the US for up to ___________ years.
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Mrs T A Cook is the Head of Department and has many years of experience teaching English as a Home Language. She has a BA Hons English and PGCE. She has been teaching at Bryanston High for 15 years. The Head of Department is supported by a complement of highly qualified staff who are passionate about their subject and about teaching. Finish the lyrics: This is gonna be the best day of my , Finish the lyrics: Turn away and slam the door I don't care what they're going to say Let the storm rage on The , Finish the lyrics: You get the best of both worlds Chillin' out, take it slow Then you rock out the show You get the best of both worlds Mix it all together , Finish the lyrics: So wake me up When I'm. Pawnee Elementary. Pawnee's FB Page is a place where we celebrate our students' learning and successes. On this page you will find the answers to Jeopardy! World Tour iOS and Android Game. “Jeopardy!” is a classic game show — with a twist. The answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. Three contestants compete in six categories and in three rounds (with each round’s “answers” being worth more prize.

Jeopardywelcome To Mrs. Bryan

Jeopardywelcome To Mrs. Bryan's Learning Cafe Eat N Park

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