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Posted By admin On 21/08/21
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Ryan and I had brunch with a couple (friends of ours who had gotten married last summer) not too long after we had gotten engaged. I have to admit my stomache dropped and panic started to set in when I was told (with authority) that I absolutely had to order my wedding dress at LEAST 6 months in advance if I wanted to have it in time for the wedding.

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Really? Is that really how long it takes? How can it take that long??!
Jill says yes to the dressWell between work, travels, and the schedules of my MOH and mother, we didn't end up setting foot in a bridal salon until today, and the big day less than six months away!!! We decided to start at Kleinfeld's (www.kleinfeldbridal.com) (yes, the NY bridal salon that is featured on the TLC show 'Say Yes to the Dress!') When I made the appointment, I was given the option to agree to have my experience videotaped for possible inclusion in the show. I declined, as I didn't anticipate it was going to be a terribly exciting or dramatic visit.Jill Yes To The Dress
I also expected it to be the first of many visits.
I met my mom at Penn Station this morning, armed with a folder of nearly 50 pictures that I had spent yesterday tearing out of the bridal magazines that start to accumulate in one's apartment shortly after you become engaged. We walked to Kleinfeld's, where we met the lovely Sarah Velazquez, who escorted us to a dressing room.JillYoutube yes to dress

Yes To The Dress England

I explained to Sarah what I am not (a cinderella poofy skirt kind of bride), and what kind of wedding dress I was hoping to find (something simple, elegant, with clean lines, and, of course, beautiful). I showed her all of the pictures I had brought with me, explaining what I liked about each one. After our chat, Sarah excused herself to pulled 5 dresses for me to try on, and it didn't take her very long!
DressDress 1 - not really
Dress 2 was layers of chantilly lace and very form fitting. It was beautiful!
Dresses 3 and 4 were so-so - I liked elements of them, but there were definitely things that I didn't like. At this point I thought for sure I'd be going back to Dress 2.
Until I tried Dress 5, and it was not only beautiful, but perfect. It is the perfect dress. And I could picture the whole day in that dress! Darcy and mom approved (and I think at least two of us were getting a little teary at that point)

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And that was it! We paid a deposit on the dress. Although Sarah said it was not necessary to pay a rush fee, I still had to sign a waiver that relieved the store of any liability should the dress not arrive in time (really). She gave me a list of seamstresses, and while waiting in the lobby I called the next store on my list, where we had an appointment in 1 hour, and cancelled my appointment!

Yes To The Dress Episodes

I can't post any photos here, because Ryan looks at the blog, too! But chances are, if you're reading this, you'll see it up close on August 23.