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U wanna talk shit? U wanna run ya mouth?
U want some gangstas front yo muthafuckin house?
We’ll set this bitch off, yeah set this bitch off
We’ll set this bitch off, set this bitch off
They call me Bad Azz, and I’ll punish you
You ain’t my equal, we ain’t people and I ain’t one of you
Since '98 I grabbed my plate up off the lunch table
I told mama I’m thugging outside we don’t need cable
Now I’m the nipples on the titty, the motor called a «Hemi»
I’m the v-12 in that 760, you nigga’s bitches
We real niggas with g-codes
We love to go in beast mode
We thuggin, we all got bread so if we fall we the crutches
We the dodo in the dutchess
I’m the photo in the camera
I’m the pistol when it snap ya'
I got the sickest beemer, I got the sickest magnum, I got the sickest charger
Ya’ll’s 30 mines 40
I told ya nigga’s Weebie &me, fo you get stretched in the street
This the day that u gonna be deceased fa playing with a beast
I told Turk take off my collar
I’m finna take it there
You niggas ain’t play at my projects, ya’ll played at the fair
Trill Entertainment, that’s my thugs there
That’s love there
D.A. don’t search my house cuz ain’t no muthafucking drugs there
We smart with this shit, we got retarded with this shit
Duce-Duce up in my shoe, I set if off up in this bitch nigga
Set it off in this muthafucka, set it off
My click all dogs bitch don’t make us set it off
Set it off in this muthafucka, set it off
You jumping like a frog we’ll put you on that wall
Set it off in this muthafucka, set it off
My click all dogs bitch don’t make us set it off
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Man i be thuggin, i be fresh, i be superclean
With gucci shades wit some j’s you ain’t never seen
The race car jacket with bout 80 fucking patches, with the car to match it Tony Stewart, it’s a classic
Ya’ll penny pinchin nigga, we spending on ya’ll niggas
Call savage from the back, come pour some Henny on these niggas, maan
You don’t wanna fuck wit me I learned from the streets, yeah
I roll wit my heat, yeah
Never turn on my peeps cuz I’m gutta
Came out my mama a hustla
Been through the rain and the pain, now I’m a dirty muthafucka
I’ll hurt a muthafucka, set it off in this bitch
Ya’ll niggas coughing in this bitch, we flossing in this bitch
And I walk real well, fuck going to jail
Come home and set it off and get ya mail, nigga
I got a mind full of evil thoughts
So don’t get ya people caught round my people house
Cuz believe me I’m gone set it off bitch
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Oh you bucked up and fucked up and you ain’t got no mind
Don’t even respect ya elders no you ain’t respecting mine
But I’m gone hit you wit that nine, put some sense in ya nigga
Shoulda put something on ya ass when u was a lil nigga
Now that u wanna play wit the real niggas
well set it off
Bitch u scared to let it off, plus ya daddy wasn’t no dog
Ya mama had more heart than ya daddy bitch ass
U ain’t gone set nothing off, that’s who made u soft
Bitch u wanna come in dat south, where it get dumb in that drought
Where nigga’s wild out like O-dog and run in yo house
And run in yo mouth, it’s crucial
Watch what u say bout Boosie
Cuz Boosie to oozie’s
It’s crucial
Ain’t never had shit but I’ll fuck a bad bitch
Quicker that u can count to 6, 1−2-3−4-5−6 she hit
I don’t play, I lay laws, u my size I break jaws
I get disrespected at all, I set it off niggaaaaa
I set it off in this muthafucka, Don’t make me let it off in this muthafucka
And you gone respect a dog up in this muthafucka
Cuz I’ll set it off

Rap/Hip Hop

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bumpin fire

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I love this song.

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i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-t do you know what that means?

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@goodshit-badshit he aint dead

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@robert-hardiman-352868948 he aint dead

Lil Boosie Songs Download Mp3minedwnload

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Free boosie mp3 music downloads

@goodshit-badshit he aint dead

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My math teacher listens to this lol its she remembers how to spell independent variable

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r.i.p. boss

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Rest N Peace Phat

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Da dumbway!!!

Lil Boosie Songs Download Mp3minedwnload

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Lil Boosie Songs Download

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I love thos song



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This the shit

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Webbie is the real 'TRILL ENT'. Savage Life

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Comment by Julie Ashley

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Lil Boosie Albums Free Download

Some of y'all still D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T LOL

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Lil Boosie Songs Free Mp3 Download

Im finally old enough to sing this song & mean it 😂🗣