Mah Jongg Card 2019 Download

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There's one line on the card that never changes
One of the downsides to getting the card early is that I have to listen to the pleas of my out-of-state friend for a peek. I get asked to take a picture of the card and text it or e-mail it to someone who is waiting by the mailbox. After all, they've already bought their card, so what is the harm?

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When we pay our money to the League, we are buying more than a card, we are buying membership into a philanthropic organization. The stock in trade of the League is the Official Standard Hands and Rules - a/k/a the Card. The card is a document protected by copyright laws. When something is protected by copyright, it means that we do not have the right to copy it. Simple, right?
You may say -
Mah Jongg Card 2019 Download

Mah Jongg cards fundraiser to benefit the JCC's Senior Program. October 28, 2019. The Sam Pomeranz Jewish Community Center is taking preorders for next year’s National Mah Jongg League cards. Available in both standard and large print sizes for $8 and $9, respectively, sales of the 2020 cards. 2019 mah jongg card printable If you want to modify the template to begin with, you can do it directly within the computer system software. All wireframe templates are developed with an unique focus, to. Install bootcamp drivers manually windows 10.

  • But my friend already bought her card, I'm just making one for her until she gets hers.
  • I'm just making copies for my students so they can learn.
  • Only the members of my group can see it, and they all bought their card already.
  • I'm not selling it, so it's okay.

Mah Jongg Card 2019 Printable

The top line in the center of the card has been there for at least twenty years. It says:
This document is protected by copyright laws. It is illegal to reproduce it.
I am not a lawyer, but you do not need to be one to know that copying the card is against the law. So when your friend asks for a copy of the card they are asking you to commit a crime. It may not seem like a crime, but it is. Will you be prosecuted for it? Probably not, but consider this:

Mah Jongg Cards Download 2019

When you copy the card and the copy you make leaves your hands, you have lost control over it. Your friend may text it to another friend, who then prints it out and gives it to someone who makes another copy and gives it to someone else. If you post it on your Facebook page, you are in essence making it available to the whole world - any member of your group can download it and do whatever they want with it - even sell it - and you have made that possible.
Mah Jongg Card 2019 Download

Mah Jongg Card 2019 Download Game

So think of what this might mean to the League, the philanthropic organization that uses the money it receives to donate to worthy charities. Your one-time copying may escalate, causing lost sales and lost donations. After all, why buy a card when you can just download it on Facebook?
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I know this message does not apply to most readers, but there are a few who need to be reminded. Once it is done it cannot be undone - so best not to do it in the first place. Thanks for listening.