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  1. Dell Monitor Serial Number
  • this is awesome.. how can I get this txt file info into a custom inventory rule? - binuani7 years ago
  • I created a custom inventory field:
    Display Name (title): Monitor Serial Number
    Publisher (Vendor): My Company (replace this with yours)
    Supported OS: Windows - I picked all Windows I saw, except Windows 2000. Because I have very few of those left < 1%. If you need Win2k support, the script would need to be modified and also the custom inventory rule.
    Custom Inventory Rule:
    FileExists(C:WindowsTempKACE-Monitor-info.txt) AND ShellCommandTextReturn(cmd /c type C:WindowsTempKACE-Monitor-info.txt)
    For the script I put it as an offline kscript. - flip10017 years ago
    • I agree this is awesome.. but we've only had our kbox for a few months and i havent learned to do scripts before today (the auditor is here for a month :( uggg) Is there a comprehensive import vbs scripts to kace script somewhere?
      I am able to run the above script from a pc (not from kace console) and get the resulting text file to show in kace custom inventory field.
      I just cant figure out how to combine the above script with the:
      'The following is an example of the XML structure for an appliance script:
      <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>
      <kbots xmlns=''>
      <config name='name=' type='policy' version='version=' description='description='>
      <execute disconnected='false' logged_off='false'>
      requirement from the Creating and editing scripts help section. How can do? - OmegaDave7 years ago
  • After seeing the script in action I see some potential drawbacks:
    The monitor sn will not be unique in the custom inventory fields, because if a computer monitor was not uninstalled on a PC before removal, it will still show up in the registry.
    Also, the monitor may show up on a lot of computers registry if it was on the master sysprep image.
    I plan to test out Extron EDID manager to see if it reads from the monitor EDID instead of the windows registry. - flip10017 years ago

Hi I've just purchased 2209WA monitor which is amazing, far better than anything I have seen elsewhere. I bought it via a top online UK retailer who tells me first 12 months warranty is with them and the remaining two years with Dell themselves. I need to register the monitor for warranty with Del.

This function gathers monitor EDID data using the WmiMonitorID WMI class. This class was introduced in Windows Vista, so this function will not work against XP systems. Some of the information can be very useful, such as the serial number, but not all manufacturers correctly encode this information into the EDID. This information can still be gathered from XP systems, but the EDID data needs to be extracted from the registry.

LookupMonitor Serial Numberminedwnload

An update to this function that allows for more flexible input can be found here. Taiko no tatsujin download free ipad.

Dell Monitor Serial Number

  1. Serial Port Monitor is a professional software application that allows reading and recording serial data going through your computer’s serial ports. The program is a big help for those who develop and debug software and hardware solutions that use COM ports for serial data transfer.
  2. Display Name (title): Monitor Serial Number Publisher (Vendor): My Company (replace this with yours) Supported OS: Windows - I picked all Windows I saw, except Windows 2000. Because I have very few of those left.
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to scripting and just started to use PowerShell. I tried to get get serial numbers of monitors from remote computers and tried the following line on my own PC but get a message said, 'Get-Wmiobject: Invalid Class'.
  4. Very cool - this helped me remotely get information on a dead monitor and check the warranty status on it without seeing the monitor in person, or digging behind it and moving stuff just to get the serial number- very simple and works great - thanks!