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Music visualizer, VJ software, live video mixer, music video creator, and much more. Magic is a unique desktop application that gives you an intuitive, modular interface to create interactive animation and video effects for concerts, clubs, theater, movies, parties, art installations, advertising, education, research, relaxation, and anything else you can imagine. Top 3 Third-Party Music Visualizer Software No 1. VSXU Music Visualizer. VSXU is a powerful music visualizer for Windows. No matter you are using Spotify online or offline, the VSXU music visualizer will be sensitive to recognize the music that you are playing. It will shift the visual effect from one to other different effects. Music Visualizer. A downloadable game for Windows. Buy Now $2.00 USD or more. Visualize music in a beautiful display of colors. Set up how many particles you want, their color, and some other options to best suit the music. Currently only a 64 bit Windows version of the application is available but I will support more platforms very soon. 1.1.9 improved animation, added donate dialog 1.1.8 fixed Pop up values in slider show up and break color picker when moused over. reported by Jacob Kolb. 1.1.6 stop visualizer rendering on pause - reported by Cristian S. 1.1.0 New smoother rendering method 1.0.0 New logo Enable/disable 'caps' Added PayPal donation button Added opacity slider Added change.

Music Visualizer 1.0

Created by Marco Flagg
Tan Hand Media

Windows 10 visualizer

Project Description:
Music Visualizer is a procedurally generated music visualizer made with Unity that is inspired by the LGBTQ+ community of Savannah. Dancers of indiscriminate race and gender move to the music in front of a lone figure journeying through ever-changing scenes. The dancers were created with Make Human software, an application that customizes a base humanoid figure based on dozens of finely adjustable parameters, including gender, race and body type. Creating persons free from the constraints of binary concepts was liberating. I mapped animations to the dancers in Blender and outputted the animated models to Unity. The application was originally projected as visuals to accompany a show at Oil Club in Shenzhen, China and has been shown at various music events in Savannah, Georgia.

You do not have control over the figure's movements in this version as it was meant to run endlessly as visuals accompanying a music set. It would be fun to play with movement and exploration in later versions.

The original version takes input from your computers microphone. The sound from the microphone will alter the yellow bars in front of the camera.


Email me at [email protected] I'd really like to know what you think :)

StatusIn development
TagsEndless, LGBT, Music, Procedural Generation, Transgender, Visualization

Install instructions

How to Setup:
Pharmaceutical analysis journals.

1) Drag the Setup file onto your desktop and double-click to begin the install process. Follow the on-screen instructions.

2) Click on the icon of the installed application to begin. The application will loop infinitely.

3) Press the ESC button to bring up the pause option screen. Here you can exit the application. And check sound input.

Troubleshooting Sound Input:

Windows 10 Music Visualizer Pandora

1) If there is no change occuring in the yellow bars in front of the camera and no sound playing the program may have an issue finding your microphone input.

Visualizer For Music Windows 10

2) Press the ESC button to bring up the pause option menu to check if 'Sound Input: Microphone' is displayed.

3) If 'Sound Input: Microphone' is displayed but there is no sound input then the program cannot access your microphone for some reason. In this case, you can install the backup application I created: 'Music Runner - No Mic'.

4) 'Music Runner - No Mic' does not take input from a microphone and instead loops an included song that animates the yellow bars. Mute the volume of your laptop and the application will appear to be fully animated.

Windows 10 Visualizer


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