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Platform-independent binary and source distributions of NXT can be downloaded from Sourceforge at http://sourceforge.net/projects/nite/. For most purposes the binary download is appropriate; the source download will be distinguished by _src suffix after the version number. For the most up-to-date version of NXT, the SourceForge CVS repository is available. For example

  1. NXT 1.0 NXT 2.0 Picture; x71: Rubber Belt Small: 2 White: Part Bricks NXT 1.0 NXT 2.0 Picture; 3701: Technic Brick 1 x 4 with Holes: 4 DkStone: 3894: Technic Brick 1 x 6 with Holes: 2 DkStone: Part Cables NXT 1.0 NXT 2.0 Picture; 55804: Electric Cable NXT 20cm: 1 Black: 1 Black: 55805: Electric Cable NXT 35cm: 4 Black: 4 Black: 55806.
  2. I wanted the dock to be smaller and the logo gone, so I modified the dock and decided to put the clock where the logo was. The dock icons are 45x45 and you need to edit @Resources DockSettings.ini manualy to add the icons and paths.
  3. The qRobot project for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT provides replacement firmware for the NXT brick, the complete tooset for building C and C programs from a Windows PC, and an extensible set of drivers for the sensors and actuators for the NXT.

NXT Track Maker v.1.0 This is a project which has a inteface linked to it. The purpose of the NXT Track Maker application to allow users to create a custom track which can be sent to any NXT using the Lejos firmware. RoachNet Behavior-Based NXT Framework v.1.0 RoachNet (Lego Mindstorms NXT) RobotC Behavior-Based Framework for Autonomous Robots.

would get you a current snapshot of the entire NXT development tree.

Before using NXT, make sure you have a recent version of Java installed on your machine: Java 1.4.2_04 is the minimum requirement and Java 1.5 is recommended. Learn about Java on your platform, and download the appropriate version using Sun's Java Pages.

For optimum media performance you may also want to download JMF and the platform-specific performance pack for your OS. NXT comes packaged with a platform-independent version of JMF. Users of MacOS should use the FMJ libraries instead which use QuickTime for media playback for improved performance and easier installation. NXT comes packaged with a version of FMJ compiled specifically with QuickTime support.

  • Step 1: download and unzip nxt_version.zip

  • Step 2: Some data and simple example programs are provided to give a feel of NXT. On windows, try double-clicking a .bat file; on Mac, try running a .command file; on Linux (or Mac) try running a shell script from a terminal e.g. sh single-sentence.sh. More details in Sample Corpora section below.

  • Step 3: Try some sample media files: Download signals.zip (94 Mb) and unzip it into the Data directory in your NXT directory. Now when you try the programs they should run with synced media.


Some example NXT data and simple example programs are provided with the NXT download. There are several corpora provided, with at most one observation per corpus, even though in some cases the full corpus can actually consist of several hundred observations. Each corpus is described by a metadata files in the Data/meta directory, with the data itself in the Data/xml directory. The Java example programs reside in the samples directory and are provided as simple examples of the kind of thing you may want to do using the library.

  • single-sentence - a very small example corpus markedup for part of speech, syntax, gesture and prosody. Start theappropriate script for your platform; start the GenericCorpus Display and rearrange the windows. Even though thereis no signal for this corpus, clicking the play button on the NITEClock will time-highlight the words as the time goes by. Try poppingup the seacrh window using the Search menu andtyping a query like ($g lgest)($w word):$g # $w. Thissearches for left-handed gestures that temporally overlap words. Youshould see the three results highlighted when you clickthem.

  • dagmar - a slightly larger example corpus: a single monologuemarked up for syntax and gesture. We provide a sample gesture-typecoding interface which shows synchronisation with video (pleasedownload signals.zip to see this in action).

  • smartkom - a corpus of human compuiter dialogues. We provideseveral example stylesheet displays for this corpus showing thedisplay object library and synchronization with signal (again, pleasedownload signals.zip above to see synchronisation)

  • switchboard - a corpus of telephone dialogues. We providecoders for animacy and markables which are inreal-world use.

  • maptask-standoff - This is the full multi-rooted treeversion of the Map Task corpus. We provide one example program thatsaves a new version of the corpus with the part-of-speech valuesas attributes on the <tu> (timed unit) tags, moving them from the'tag' attribute of <tw> tags that dominate the <tu> tags.

  • monitor - an eye-tracking version of the Map Task corpus.

  • ICSI - a corpus of meetings. We provide coders for topicsegmentation, extractive summarization etc. The entire meeting corpusconsists of more than 75 hours of meeting data richly annotated bothmanually and automatically.

All of the .bat, .command and .sh scripts in the NXT download have to set the Java CLASSPATH before running an NXT program. To compile and run your own NXT programs you need to do the same thing. The classpath normally includes all of the .jar files in the lib directory, plus the lib directory itself. Many programs only use a small proportion of those JAR files, but it's as well to include them all. JMF is a special case: you should find NXT plays media if the CLASSPATH contains lib/JMF/lib/jmf.jar. However, this will be sub-optimal: on Windows JMF is often included with Java, so you will need no jmf.jar on your CLASSPATH at all; on other platforms consult ???.

NXT plays media using JMF(the Java Media Framework). JMF's supportfor media formats is limited and it depends on the platform you areusing. A list of JMF supported formats is at http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/jmf/2.1.1/formats.html.This list is for JMF 2.1.1, which NXT currentlyships with.

There are several ways of improving the coverage ofJMF on your platform:

  • Performance packs from Sun - these improve codec coverage for Windows and Linux, and are available from the JMF download page.In particular, note that MPEG format isn't supported in the cross-platform version of JMF, but it is in the performance packs.

  • Fobs4JMF for Windows / Linux / MacOSX is a very useful package providing Java wrappers for the ffmpeg libraries (C libraries used by many media players which have a wide coverage of codecs and formats). Download; information. Make sure you follow the full installation instructions which involve updating the JMFRegistry and amending your LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

  • MP3 - There's an MP3 plugin available for all platforms from Sun.


direct playback from DVDs or CDs is not supported by JMF.

NXT comes with a cross-platform distribution of JMFin the lib directory, and the.bat/.sh scripts that launchthe GUI samples have this copy of JMF on theclasspath. On a Windows machine, it is better to installJMF centrally on the machine and change the.bat script to refer to thisinstallation. This will often get rid of error messages andexceptions (although they don't always affect performance), and allowsJMF to find more codecs.

It is a good idea to produce a sample signal and test it in NXT (andany other tools you intend to use) before starting recording proper,since changing the format of a signal can be confusing andtime-consuming. There are two tests that are useful. The first iswhether you can view the signal at all under any application on yourmachine, and the second is whether you can view the signal fromNXT. The simplest way of testing the latter is to name the signal asrequired for one of the sample data sets in the NXT download and trythe generic display or some other tool thatuses the signal. For video, if the former works and not the latter,then you may have the video codec you need, but NXT can't find it - itmay be possible to fix the problem by adding the video codec to theJMF Registry. If neither works, the first thing to look at is whetheror not you have the video codec you need installed on yourmachine. Another common problem is that the video is actually OK, butthe header written by the video processing tool (if you performed aconversion) isn't what JMF expects. This suggeststrying to convert in a different way, although some brave souls havebeen known to modify the header in a text editor.

<subsection> <title>Media on the Mac</title>

NXT ships with some startup scripts for the Mac platform (these arethe .command files) that attempt to use FMJ to passcontrol of media playing from JMF to the native codecs used by theQuicktime player.

If the FMJ approach fails, you should still be able to play media onyour Mac but you'll need to edit your startup script. Take an existingcommand file as a template and change the classpath. It should contain<directory>lib/JMF/lib</directory> (so jmf.properties is picked up);<file>lib/JMF/lib/jmf.jar</file> and<file>lib/fmj/lib/jffmpeg-1.1.0.jar</file>, but none of the other FMJfiles. This approach uses JFFMPEG more directly and works on some Macplatforms where the default FMJ approach fails. It may become thedefault position for NXT in future.


This section describes how to control certain behaviours of NXT from the command line.

These switches can be set using Java properties. Environmentvariables with the same names and values are also read, thoughproperties will override environment variables. Example:

This runs the CountQueryResults program with query rewriting on insilent mode (i.e. no messages). Setting environment variables with thesame names will no longer work .

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Java Arguments Controlling NXT Behaviour

Nxt 2.1 software, free download


The expected value is a number between 0 and 4. 0: no messages; 1: errors only; 2: important messages; 3: warnings; 4: debug information. The arguments true and false are also accepted to turn messages on or off.

Nxt 1.0 Projects


Nxt 1.0 Software

Values accepted: true or false; defaults to false. If the value is false, NXT will automatically rewrite queries in an attempt to speed up execution.


Values accepted: true or false; defaults to true. If the value is false, lazy loading will not be used. That means that data will be loaded en masse rather than as required. This can cause memory problems when too much data is loaded.


Values accepted: false or false; defaults to false. If the value is false, the user will be asked for input at all points where there is more than one resource listed in the resource file for a coding that needs to be loaded. The user will be asked even if there are already preferred / forced / defaulted resources for the coding. This should only be used by people who really understand the use of resources in NXT.


A list of strings separated by commas (no spaces). Each string is taken to be the name of a resource in the resources file for the corpus and is passed to forceResourceLoad so that it must be loaded. Messages will appear if the resource names do not appear in the resource file.


A list of strings separated by semi-colons. If any of the strings are coding names in the metadata file, they are used when populating the list of existing annotators for the 'choose annotator' dialog. If no valid coding names are listed, all available annotators are listed.

  • Go into the top level nxt directory, decide on a buildfile to use and copy it to the right directory e.g. cpbuild_scripts/build.xml .. Type ant to compile(ant jar is perhaps the most useful target to use as itdoesn't clean all compiled classes and rebuild the javadoc everytime). If there are compile errors, copy the error message into anemail and send it to Jonathan or another developer (see theSourceForge members page for emails).

  • Run the test suite(s). The NXT test suite is by no meanscomprehensive but tests a subset of NXT functionality. To run, youneed to have the JUnit jar on yourCLASSPATH. Then

    Now run the tests:

    Again, any errors should be forwarded to a developer.

  • If you are making a real public release, Update theREADME file in the top-level nxt directory, choosinga new minor or major release number. Commit this to CVS.

  • Now build the release using thebuild_scripts/build_release.xml ant file (use the defaulttarget). This compiles everything, makes a zip file of the source, andone of the compiled version for release, and produces the Javadoc. Ifyou're on an Edinburgh machine, copy the Javadoc (in theapidoc directory) to/group/project/webltg/NITE/nxt/apidoc. Test the shell scriptexamples, and upload the new release to SourceForge.

Nxt Software Program

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