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In this week’s top stories: Apple unveils new REJI announcements, 2021 MacBook Pro and iMac details emerge, Apple accessory announcements at CES, and much more. Read on for all of this week’s. The Power Mac G4 started life as a powerful computer, but some are already five years old and could use a speed boost. Although more memory and a faster hard drive can improve system performance, replacing the old G4 with one or two newer, faster G4 processors is just the ticket for processor-intensive work. This is my iMac G4 700MHz running Mac OS X Leopard.Officially,Leopard required at least a 867MHz PowerPC G4,but you can install it on a less powerful G4 with.

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Hello all,
This is my first post on this forum and I guess the title says it all. I have a PB G4 17' early 2005 model. Everything works perfectly on it and its running Tiger 10.4.11.
The problem started when I decided to buy an external case and install a drive with Leopard in it so I can boot from it in Leopard without messing with my internal drive. So, I bought an AKASA Integral 2.5' USB 2.0/FireWire case and I installed a brand new 2.5' 320GB WD Scorpio Blue drive in it. The drive's native interface is ATA/IDE since this is the kind of interface the AKASA case needed.
I booted off my Leopard CD-ROM and installed the OS on the external drive which was connected via FireWire to the Powerbook. Everything went fine.
However, when I tried to boot the PB off the external drive (via firewire of course), I got the 'folder with the questionmark' icon first and then the PB proceeded to boot from the internal drive containing the Tiger OS.
I have to mention three things at this point:
1) When I connected the AKASA to my Intel Mac mini (2007) it booted flawlessly via BOTH firewire and USB. So we know that the drive is indeed bootable. It won't boot via USB on the PB but that's to be expected.
2) I can connect the drive via USB or FireWire to the PB and it shows up fine in Finder (in Tiger) and I can read/write to it with no problem. The drive has been formatted with APM (as it should for PPC booting).
3) I even tried cloning my internal HD to the external HD via BOTH SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner. Although the copying went fine it still would not boot!
So, we have a drive that, although is partitioned for PPC booting, it boots on an Intel Mac but not on the PPC PowerBook
Is it possible that the previous owner set the prefs so the PB will not boot off an external drive? And if this is the case how do I change that? (I have already reset PRAM.)
If you have ANY ideas please help because I'm about to resort to voodoo, black magic and doing some kind of weird dance in the forrest!