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Welcome to the Vegas PBS Professional Development Portal for Educators. Vegas PBS offers several high-quality courses approved by the Nevada Department of Education for your professional development training. Our online courses are affordable, convenient, and geared to support your professional growth. Vegas PBS is a local public television program presented by Vegas PBS.

Incantamentum press kit. Vegas PBS says as the city and the world are going through the current hardships, it’s important to celebrate the unique identity that makes Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the world. It is the policy of Vegas PBS (including KLVX-DT channels 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3) to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to their race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or any other characteristic.

02/10/2020 52m 4s Video has closed captioning.

Host Marcus Samuelsson visits Las Vegas to learn more about the city’s long-standing Chinese community and their food traditions. He makes hand-pulled noodles and Peking duck, eats regional favorites from xiao long bar and beef noodle soup to cumin lamb and fish braised in clay pots.

Aired: 02/10/20

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