Rigby .577 Nitro Expressgradelasopa

Posted By admin On 23/08/21

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Calibers: 300 Win, 375 H&H, 375 FL, 416 Rigby, 470 NE

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When modern nitro express cartridges replaced black powder rifles for dangerous game, gunmakers worked to develop the ideal double rifle: one that would handle like a shotgun, be fast and instinctive to use and with the strength to weight ratios necessary to fire powerful cartridges and heavy bullets. London gunmaker John Rigby & Co. Has completed its first rising bite in.577 Nitro Express for more than 100 years. The double rifle was made for a valued client, who wished it to be a tribute to Satao, the famous Tsavo tusker. It includes an exquisite floorplate engraving of Satao himself by Rigby’s Finnish in-house engraver, Saija Koskialho. .416 Rigby 400 Grain Nosler Partition-The.416 Rigby or 10.6×74mm was designed in 1911 by John Rigby, of John Rigby & Company, as a dangerous game cartridge.It is the first to use a bullet with a diameter of 10.6 millimetres (0.416 in). The rifles, as built by John Rigby & Co., were initially made up on Mauser magnum-length actions, although in later years, some were made on standard length.

It certainly is not an easy task to define that unique, soul-searching moment when eyes and hands, in complete fusion with a taste for fine gunmaking and a deep hunting culture, assert and impose the extraordinary emotion of discovering an outstanding firearm.

We have known for years that it is indeed a complex feeling, fired by a very special state of mind. We call it osmosis. Its foundations are not only defined by the beauty of exceptional walnut stocks, carefully finished metal, delicate engraving, deep blueing on barrels. A fine gun is not only materials and shapes, and certainly not technical in essence. Elegance is the key.