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Download setup factory 9.5 full for free. Development Tools downloads - Setup Factory by Indigo Rose Corporation and many more programs are available for instant and free download. A factory reset deletes all personalized settings including your user name, password, network name (SSID), and security settings. A factory reset is necessary when you cannot recover your range extender’s admin password. To reset your extender using the Reset button: Verify that your extender’s Power light is on. Serial: SUF-WHTS-82KK-TH6K-RNRY You can create your own setup file from Setup Factory. About Setup Factory 9 All it will is it Packs all the files and makes one possible (A file with a.exe Extension).Whenever somebody executes it, it unpacks all the files and provides you the first files with original size.

Maybe you are such an absent-minded person who likes forgetting password/passcode when you want to reset iPad to factory settings, because your iPad is stuck at recovery mode, or you want to restore iCloud/iTunes backup, or you want to erase it before you sell the used iPad, even to clear cache to free up memory space. Don’t worry. Here are some ways about how to reset iPad without Apple ID password(AKA iCloud Password), passcode and even without iTunes.

Guide List:

Method 1: How to Reset iPad to Factory Settings Without iTunes

If you can’t unlock your iPad and want to reset it, assistance of iOS System Recovery will help you perfectly. Compatible with all iOS version, it has a desktop application for Mac and Windows. Besides resetting your device, it also help to resolve some serious issues like reboot loop, white screen of death, and more. Please follow these steps and learn how to reset iPad without password:

Step 1: Install iOS System Recovery – download (Click to Free Download Today) and start to reset iPad without password. Click the “iOS System Recovery” option on the main screen.

Step 2: Now connect your iPad to computer with a USB cable and click “Start” button.

Step 3: After identifying your device, there will be a pop-up window asking you to “Trust This Computer” on the screen of your device.

Step 4: In the next window, you are supposed to fill in some basic information about your device. Then click the “Repair” button to get the firmware updated.

Step 5: When the download is completed, click “Fix Now” button. In addition, you can uncheck “Retain native data” to get the system repair success rate higher.

Step 6: Now comes to the magic step to reset your iPad without password, just provide the confirmation code.

Step 7: It will take some time to reset your device and erase data. Finally, your iPad will restart and then can be accessed without any preset password.

Method 2: Factory Reset iPad without Password(iCloud Password/Apple ID Password)

If you don’t remember your Apple ID password/iCloud Password or buy a used iOS device which is Apple ID locked, and want to wipe an iPad, you can use the iPad Unlocker to remove Apple ID from iPad without password and then reset the iPad to factory setting.

Here’s how to factory reset iPad without iCloud password. Please follow the instruction below step by step:

Step 1: Run iPad Unlocker on your computer and connect your iPad to the PC with a USB cable.


Step 2: Click on the ‘Unlock Apple ID ‘ module on the program interface and click on the ‘Start to Unlock’ button. Keep your iPad connected during the process and the Lockwiper will remove Apple ID from your iPad in a few minutes.

After removing Apple ID from your iPad, you can switch to a different Apple ID or create a new one. You can also update to the latest iOS version wirelessly without losing your newly acquired Apple ID. And the bypassed iPad won’t be remotely blocked or erased by the prior Apple ID user.

Step 3: Reset iPad without iTunes. On your iPad, go to the ‘Setting’ > ‘General’> scroll down and tap ‘Reset’ > ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. Then you are all done. You can also back up your iPad before resetting it.

Free Download iPad Unlocker Now

Method 3: Factory Reset iPad without Passcode

Sometimes, your iPad gets locked after entering the wrong passcode for more than 6 times, or you just somehow forget the passcode. “So. How do I factory reset my iPad without passcode?” You may ask. Don’t worry. You can still factory reset locked iPad with LockWiper mentioned above.

Aside from ‘Unlock Apple ID’, LockWiper can also remove the 4-digit/6digit passcode, Touch ID, Face ID, custom numeric code. etc. Download vipre software.

Here’s how to wipe an iPad without passcode:

Step 1: Run iPhone Unclocker and Click on the ‘Start’ button on your computer.

Step 2: Connect your iPad to the PC with a USB cable and follow the on-screen instruction to put your iPad into a DFU Mode or Recovery Mode.
Step 3: Confirm the device information in the interface and click ‘Download’ to download the firmware on your pc.

Step 4: Click ‘Start to Verify’ after the firmware is downloaded and click on ‘Start Unlock’ to begin to unlock your iPad.

Step 5: Enter number ‘000000’ on the program windows to double confirm unlocking, click ”Unlock’ and wait until the passcode of your iPad was wiped.

Step 6: Reset iPad to factory setting by going to the ‘Setting’ On your iPad> ‘General’> scroll down and tap ‘Reset’ > ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. Then you are all done. To keep the data on your iPad safe, you’d better back up your iPad before resetting it.

Method 4: How to Reset iPad Without Passcode With Find My iPhone

Besides iOS System Recovery, you can consider some other alternatives as well. For instance, Apple’s official Find My iPhone is a good choice to reset your iPad. The technique is available to reset your iPad without passcode remotely. Follow these steps and learn how to reset iPad without passcode:

Step 1: Go to iCloud official website and visit its “Find iPhone” section. Click “All Devices” option and find the iPad that you wish to reset.

Step 2: Here come various options related to your iPad. Select the “Erase iPad” and confirm your choice. then you can reset iPad without passcode.

Method 5: How to Reset iPad Without Password With iTunes

However, using iTunes is one of the easiest ways to reset iPad without password. Besides listening to your favorite tracks, iTunes can also be used to backup or restore your iPad. Before connecting to iTunes, you need to set your iPad to recovery mode. Follow these instructions and learn how to reset iPad without password:

Step 1: Launch an updated version of iTunes on your system and connect the USB or lightning cable to the other end (unplug the other end).

Step 2: Hold the Home button on your iPad and connect it to your system. Keep pressing the Home button while connecting it to your PC or Mac until you get an iTunes logo on the screen.

Step 3: Then iTunes will automatically identify your device with the following prompt. Click “Restore” button.

Alternative Solution: How to Restore iPad without iTunes.


Method 6: How to Reset iPad Without Password With a Trusted Computer

Not all iPad users are aware that if their iPads connect to the computers that they have trusted, they can reset the iPad without password. Follow these steps and learn how to reset iPad without password with a trusted computer:

Step 1: Connect your iPad to your trusted computer and launch iTunes. Visit the “Summary” page on iTunes. Find and click the “Restore Backup” button in the part of Backups.

Step 2: Here follows a pop-up message. Click the “Restore” button and your device would be restored.

Furthermore, it can be used to restore your backup.

If the next second you want to learn how to recover iPad data from iTunes after factory reset,please turn to How to Recover Lost iPhone Data with iPhone Data Recovery.

Method 7: How to Reset iPad to Factory Default

If you iPad is accessible, you can reset your iPad to factory setting with the built-in option. Click to learn more.

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Setup Factory 9.5 Serial Internet Download Manager

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Setup Factory 9.5 Serial Key

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Setup Factory 9.5 Serial Number

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