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Along with face masks, scrub caps (aka surgical caps) are another item that healthcare workers are requesting to keep themselves as safe as possible, so here are three DIY scrub cap patterns to consider.

Since most of us don’t regularly sew items for healthcare professionals, a good scrub cap pattern will become a fast friend.

Draw a pattern for the top of the hat, This is a standard 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper drawn out in a 'toilet seat' shape, this picture was taken as an angle but it is 12x12.Note: If you have a lot of hair or a bun that sticks far off your head make this part of the pattern longer and wider.

Not to mention, just like with face mask designs, people have specific preferences for the scrub cap design.

Genesis kontakt free download torrent. The biggest request I’ve had so far is to have a cap that will allow people to tuck (thereby protecting) their hair completely. For people with long hair, this means a longer bottom edge that has some give.

  1. SKULLY CAP Align folded edge of fabric for Center along this line. Center Make (2) on fold 1” for scale Notes Print at 100% scale. Check 1” test square to ensure correct scale.
  2. SKULLY CAP Align folded edge of fabric for Center along this line. Center Make (2) on fold 1” for scale Notes Print at 100% scale. Check 1” test square to ensure correct scale. SKULLY CAP 1” for scale Notes Print at 100% scale. Check 1” test square to ensure correct scale. Title: Skully Cap - final.indd.

What I therefore wanted to provide several options to accommodate as many people as possible.

So, here are three FREE scrub cap patterns that should suit almost every need.

Try One Of These DIY Scrub Cap Patterns

Create To Donate Scrub Cap Pattern

After working with a couple of different patterns, I decided to create my own hybrid pattern to save time and materials.

This pattern requires a single piece of fabric, finger pressing, and the majority is straight-line sewing.

It is not reversible, but I learned from my initial donations that people weren’t particular about having a two-sided scrub cap.

Health care workers are most concerned with having a dedicated hat that covers their hair and head.

Skull Cap Patterns Free Printable

It also needed to be easily reusable and make it through repeated wash and dry cycles.

I decided constructing the hat with once piece of fabric is the best option for a lot of people since many supplies, like bias tape, are in short supply (or not available at all) in many areas.

Free Scrub Cap Sewing Pattern

The Create To Donate free scrub cap pattern works for people with short and long hair.

I even tested it with a bulky ponytail clip and it still fit nicely and the ties to secure it still had plenty of length in the back.

You can make it by following along with my easy scrub cap tutorial. Or, just get right to it and download the free scrub cap pattern.

Kadiddlehopper Reversible Scrub Cap Pattern

This scrub cap pattern is what I remember seeing in hospitals as a standard-issue scrub cap design.

Free scrub cap sewing pattern

I have been making these reversible caps for a little while now and the pattern is super simple to cut and sew.

Not only does she offer a paper pattern, but also an SVG file if you’d like to use your Cricut or Silhouette to cut your fabric instead.

The paper pattern is very easy to cut out, though, so it may not be worth setting up your machine if it isn’t something you always have out.

Feedback was that it’s a good fit, but some people wanted more space to tuck and cover their long hair completely.

How Long Does The Reversible Scrub Cap Take To Complete?

If you’re only doing a cap or two, start-to-finish this reversible scrub cap pattern should take less than an hour if you have your supplies ready to go.

Doing a whole bunch of caps, however, means you have to work smart.

At the onset of the pandemic I was cranking these out and had to streamline things by doing batch work whenever I could.

So, if you want to make this style, I recommend doing a lot of one single step at a time.

To begin, I would cut out A LOT of pieces and keep the top and sides pieces together in groups of two.

Then, I would sew the cap pieces together in a batch.

After the two cap pieces were formed, I would group them together again.

To make the cap reversible, you’ll want to nest the two pieces right side together and then sew the back edges.

The bias tape finishes the edges and completes the cap!

If this scrub cap design is for you, the pattern is available in the tutorial on how to make a reversible scrub cap.

Doodabug Bouffant Surgical Cap Pattern

The Doodabug website and shop offer a variety of products to help you “make beautiful things,” but her surgical cap pattern is FREE.

Free Skull Cap Pattern Sewing

This bouffant style features a thick headband and what appears to be a shower cap-like styling. This will cover all of someone’s hair quite easily.

I intended to sew this cap those who wanted to tuck their hair in, but after watching the video felt it would take too long.

The pattern pieces are straightforward, but to construct it? Well, there were lots of little places where I could have a sewing hiccup.

The ER at the hospital I was supporting was is dire need of caps so time was of the essence.

If you’re looking to make several caps for family or friends, this could be fun.

You can request her pattern here.

Surgical Caps Can Be Simple Sewing

If you’re wondering whether or not you can sew a scrub cap because it’s not straight line sewing, do not fret!

Each of these patterns not only has detailed instructions, but after that first go at it, sewing the curve will be a non-issue.

Sewing caps is also a great way to contribute if you want to keep sewing but need to take a break from sewing masks.

Or, if finding the right face mask pattern has been tough maybe surgical caps are your thing!

Every donation counts so if you’ve had your fill of face masks, you could move on to scrub caps and make someone’s day.

Share The Goods

If you are an organization in need of handmade items please feel free to contact me and let me know more about your needs.

There are a lot of people with home studios who want to contribute and are looking for a variety of ways to volunteer.

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