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Microsoft Reporting Services PDF Export Fit to Page Calculator It can be difficult to get a report to export and fit nicely onto a page proportional, without blank pages, or some of the report flowing over the right edge onto another page. We have a number of wide reports which our customers wish to have exported to PDF fitting the width down to fit on a single page. These reports exceed even a US legal page in landscape orientation. It is understood that if the report is scaled to fit to page it will be unreadably without zoom. As we can see in this tip, SSRS is a very powerful reporting tool, and we just need to explore it to cater to most of the end user requirements. Try these tips and tricks demonstrated above and explore more possibilities. Check out the SQL Server Reporting Services Expressions Tips and Tricks; Check out the Reporting Services.

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Hello guys,
This is very common issue we face in SSRS regarding layout of report. I don’t know what to call this, whether a simple issue or strange requirement of client/user.

Let me tell you the problem definition first.

If we have a SSRS report with many columns to be displayed on it, it will expand horizontally. And after exporting these kinds of reports into PDF file format, you will see that pages have been split in multiple pages. But business users want to see one report page in one single PDF page and not in multiple pages.

Why I call this as strange requirement: Well, think of the scenario when someone asks you to put a table in single A4 size paper with lots of columns in it. And these columns should have proper width; contents of them should be visible etc. I am sure that A4 page would look messy. And even if we use the smaller fonts, we can make that a little less messy.

In SSRS Report Layout, go to “Report” menu and select “Report Properties”. You will see dialog box as shown below. Just modify (i.e. increase it to your required level) the size of the “Page Width” and that’s it. (This value is in inches)

Just by increasing the size of “Page Width” does not guarantee that exported page will fit into one page in PDF file. But it’s more like a trial-error method. So you have adjust is again and again till the page stop splitting into multiple pages. That means, you increase the size to 10in and test your SSRS Report by exporting to PDF. And if the page is still split, then increase the size again 🙂

The only disadvantage with this method is, (and which is obvious) contents will be shrink in the exported PDF page. To see the contents in little good version, you better take the print of that paper in bigger paper (e.g. A3) as well as use the “Orientation” to “Landscape” while printing the page, so most of your contents will be properly visible and readable.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Khilit

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You can save query results or any other grid in SQL Developer as a PDF. Free chinese input.

Free export to pdf

You don’t get much in terms of saying how the generated PDF should look –

Said PDF file:

But I have some important info in here, and it should look a bit nicer.


Save Your Query As A Report

And then format your report, using the PDF properties.

You can set a customer header and footer, define the fonts to be used, if you want shading on the grids, spacing, page orientation, and more.

Once you have it defined – save and refresh your report.

Then run the report, right click in the grid, and export to PDF again.

You’ll notice that the report title, subject, and keywords are already defined.

Ssrs Export To Pdf Fit To Page

You can also embed the fonts in case the user getting the report doesn’t have them so it renders as intended.

Microsoft Word Export To Pdf

More importantly – you can set security options like defining a password required to open the report, and whether or not to allow the data to be copied out.

Export All Reports From Ssrs

The PDF exports for reports are only available for grid style reports. For reports having child reports, the export will only grab the parent/master report.