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MISERY is intended for highly experienced S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Players who know the maps quite well or for players that find “artificial” (see above) difficulty fun. We want our players to pay close attention to surroundings, and by disabling the minimap the player’s focus shifts from the HUD (which, as you can see, is as minimal as it gets) to. That is the case, when you've killed the bandits that keep the rookie stalker captive. The buysupplies are suppliesstart as default and suppliesafterfabric after the same info portion is given. Barkeep even has a second info portion, so his stuff is changed after X18 and then again after X16. 1 Mission: Find the documents in X18 1.1 Mission: Find the codelocked door 1.2 Mission: Open the door to the control center 1.3 Mission: Open the door to the control center II 2 Find the documents 2.1 Bring the documents to Barkeep 2.2 Get out of the Dark Valley On entering X18 the Find the documents in the underground lab mission leg is concluded (you found the entrance) and as you enter the.


Overall I DO NOT recommend this mod to you guys as it's is very raw and bugged. You won't be able to complete the game with it. This video shows kindergarten.

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Currently in-progress, this will soon be a complete list of console commands with descriptions. In it's current state, it's far more exhaustive than the previous list. If you would like to add/update any commands, please be sure to follow the current structure- an example is given below in the Notes section.

MISERY Mod For S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call Of Pripyat - Mod DB

Download free natty dread bob marley rar. Derjyn 23:27, 17 June 2008 (EEST)


Command Explanation
_preset [Minimum, Low, Default, High, Extreme] Sets quality preset (same as in-game options).
ai_use_torch_dynamic_lights [0, 1] Toggles NPC flashlights.
beclient [TODO]TODO
bemsg [TODO]TODO
beserver [TODO]TODO
bind [action, key] Binds an action to a particular primary key.
bind_console [TODO]TODO
bind_list [no arguments] Lists current key bindings.
bind_sec [action, key] Binds an action to a secondary key.
cam_inert [0.000, 1.000] Controls camera inertia.
cam_slide_inert [0.000, 1.000]TODO
cdkey [TODO]TODO
cfg_load [filename.ltx] Loads a configuration file with the specified name from the same directory as User.ltx.
cfg_save [filename.ltx] Saves current configuration to a new .ltx file with the specified name in the same directory as User.ltx.
check_for_updates [TODO]TODO
cl_cod_pickup_mode [0, 1]
cl_dynamiccrosshair [0, 1] Toggles in-game dynamic crosshair.
cl_voteno [TODO]TODO
cl_votestart [TODO]TODO
cl_voteyes [TODO]TODO
clear_log [no arguments] Clears the console log.
demo_play [demoname] Plays back a pre-recorded timedemo.
demo_record [demoname] Records a timedemo. -- spacebar sets keyframes, if your keyframes are set press ESC, then try demo_play [recorded_demo_name]
disconnect [no arguments] Exists current game to main menu.
dump_open_files [TODO]TODO
dump_resources [TODO]TODO
flush [no arguments] Creates log of actions under the Documents and SettingsAll UsersShared DocumentsSTALKER-SHOClogs directory.
g_always_run [0, 1] Toggles always run/always walk.
g_autopickup [0, 1]TODO
g_backrun [0, 1]TODO
g_corpsenum [0, 100]TODO
g_eventdelay [0, 1000]TODO
g_game_difficulty (gd_novice, gd_stalker, gd_veteran, gd_master) Sets difficulty level.
g_kill [no arguments] Player kill/suicide.
g_restart [TODO]TODO
g_restart_fast [TODO]TODO
g_swapteams [TODO] Swap team for artefacthunt game.
get_server_address [no arguments] Lists server's IP address.
help [no arguments] Lists all console commands.
hud_crosshair [0, 1] Toggles in-game crosshair.
hud_crosshair_dist [0, 1] Toggles in-game crosshair target distance display.
hud_info [0, 1] Toggles hud elements.
hud_weapon [0, 1] Toggles in-game weapon display.
list_actions [no arguments] Lists all bindable character actions.
load [savename] Loads the saved game with the name specified.
load_last_save [no arguments] Loads last saved game
main_menu [no arguments] Takes you straight to the game's main menu screen.
mm_mm_net_srv_dedicated [0, 1]TODO
mm_net_con_publicserver [0, 1]TODO
mm_net_con_spectator [1, 32]
mm_net_con_spectator_on [0, 1]
mm_net_filter_battleye [TODO]TODO
mm_net_filter_empty [0, 1]TODO
mm_net_filter_full [0, 1]TODO
mm_net_filter_listen [0, 1]TODO
mm_net_filter_pass [0, 1]TODO
mm_net_filter_wo_ff [0, 1]TODO
mm_net_filter_wo_pass [0, 1]TODO
mm_net_player_name [string]TODO
mm_net_srv_gamemode [st_deathmatch, st_team_deathmatch, st_artefacthunt]
mm_net_srv_maxplayers [2, 32]TODO
mm_net_srv_name [string]TODO
mm_net_srv_reinforcement_type [0, 2]TODO
mm_net_use_battleye [TODO]TODO
mm_net_weather_rateofchange [0.000, 100.000]TODO
mouse_invert [0, 1] Toggles mouse inversion.
mouse_sens [0.050, 0.6000] Sets mouse sensitivity.
name [string] Sets your player name.
net_cl_clearstats [TODO]TODO
net_cl_icurvesize [0, 2000]TODO
net_cl_icurvetype [0, 2]TODO
net_cl_interpolation [ 1.000, 1.000] - TODO
net_cl_log_data [0, 1]TODO
net_cl_resync [TODO]TODO
net_compressor_enabled [TODO]TODO
net_compressor_gather_stats [TODO]TODO
net_compressor_status [TODO]TODO
net_dbg_dump_ export_obj [0, 1]TODO
net_dbg_dump_import_obj [0, 1]TODO
net_dbg_dump_update_read [0, 1]TODO
net_dbg_dump_update_write [0, 1]TODO
net_cl_update_rate [1, 100]TODO
net_dedicated_sleep [0, 64]TODO
net_sv_gpmode [0, 2]TODO
net_sv_log_data [0, 1]TODO
net_sv_pending_lim [0 ,10]TODO
net_sv_update_rate [1, 100]TODO
ph_iterations [15, 50]TODO
quit Exits game to Desktop.
r1_dlights [on,off] Toggles dynamic lights, only impacts on torchlight.
r1_dlights_clip [10.000, 150.000] Sets dynamic light clip range.
r1_glows_per_frame [2, 32] Controls maximum number of light sources.
r1_lmodel_lerp [0.000, 0.333] Controls the Linear Interpolation of lighting.
r1_pps_u [ 1.000,1.000] - Controls Per Pixel Shader functionality.
r1_pps_v [ 1.000,1.000] - Controls Per Pixel Shader functionality.
r1_ssa_lod_a [16.000,96.000] Controls Level of Detail in game world.
r1_ssa_lod_b [16.000,64.000] Controls Level of Detail in game world.
r1_tf_mipbias [ 0.500,0.500] - Controls mipmap LOD bias which affects texture clarity.
r2_aa [0, 1] Toggles fake Antialiasing blur effect.
r2_aa_break [0.000000, 1.000000][0.000000, 1.000000][0.000000, 1.000000] Controls extent of fake AA.
r2_aa_kernel [0.300, 0.700] Controls overall blurriness of fake AA.
r2_aa_weight [0.000000, 1.000000][0.000000, 1.000000][0.000000, 1.000000] More precisely controls bluriness of fake AA.
r2_allow_r1_light [0, 1] Allows DX8 lighting under DX9 lighting model.
r2_gi [0, 1] Toggles Global Illumination.
r2_gi_clip [0.000, 0.100] Controls Global Illumination clip distance.
r2_gi_depth [1, 5] Controls Global Illumination shadow depth.
r2_gi_photons [8, 256] Controls Global Illumination effect.
r2_gi_refl [0.001, 0.990] Controls Global Illumination reflectivity.
r2_gloss_factor [0.000, 10.000] Sets level of Specularity/gloss of objects.
r2_ls_bloom_fast [0, 1] Toggles enhanced bloom effect.
r2_ls_bloom_kernel_b [0.010, 1.000] Determines level of haze from HDR/bloom effect.
r2_ls_bloom_kernel_g [1.000, 7.000]TODO
r2_ls_bloom_kernel_scale [0.500, 2.000]TODO
r2_ls_bloom_speed [0.000, 100.000]TODO
r2_ls_bloom_threshold [0.000, 1.000] Controls overall level of the lighting effect used.
r2_ls_depth_bias [ 0.500, 0.500] - Controls how far visible light sources shine.
r2_ls_depth_scale [0.500, 1.500] Controls the impact of lighting on shadows.
r2_ls_dsm_kernel [0.100, 3.000]TODO
r2_ls_psm_kernel [0.100, 3.000]TODO
r2_ls_squality [0.500, 1.000] Sets Shadow quality.
r2_ls_ssm_kernel [0.500, 1.000]TODO
r2_mblur [0.000, 1.000] Controls Motion Blur effect. Only works if -mblur switch is also enabled.
r2_parallax_h [0.000, 0.500] Controls Parallax Mapping which affects texture surface depth.
r2_slight_fade [0.020, 2.000]TODO
r2_ssa_lod_a [16.000, 96.000] Controls level of detail in game world.
r2_ssa_lod_b [32.000,64.000] Controls level of detail in game world.
r2_sun [0, 1] Toggles sun lighting/shadows.
r2_sun_depth_far_bias [ 0.500, 0.500] - TODO
r2_sun_depth_far_scale [0.500, 1.500]TODO
r2_sun_depth_near_bias [ 0.500, 0.500] - TODO
r2_sun_depth_near_scale [0.500, 1.500]TODO
r2_sun_details [0, 1] Toggles shadows on grass/shrubbery.
r2_sun_focus [0, 1]TODO
r2_sun_lumscale [ 1.000, 3.000] - Sets sun brightness level.
r2_sun_lumscale_amb [0.000, 3.000] Sets ambient light level.
r2_sun_lumscale_hemi [0.000, 3.000] Sets hemisphere light level.
r2_sun_near [1.000, 50.000]TODO
r2_sun_near_border [0.500, 1.000]TODO
r2_sun_tsm [on, off]TODO
r2_sun_tsm_bias [ 0.500, 0.500] - TODO
r2_sun_tsm_proj [0.001, 0.800]TODO
r2_tf_mipbias [ 0.500, 0.500] - Controls mipmap LOD bias which affects texture clarity.
r2_tonemap [0, 1] Toggles tone mapping effect for HDR lighting.
r2_tonemap_adaptation [0.010, 10.000]TODO
r2_tonemap_amount [0.000, 1.000]TODO
r2_tonemap_lowlum [0.000, 1.000] Controls effect of tone mapping on darker areas.
r2_tonemap_middlegray [0.000, 2.000] Controls overall look of HDR effect.
r2_wait_sleep [0, 1]TODO
r2_zfill [0, 1]TODO
r2_zfill_depth [0.001 0.500]TODO
r2em [0.000, 4.000]TODO
r__detail_density [0.200, 0.600] Sets grass density level.
r__geometry_lod [0.100, 1.200] Sets objects detail level.
r__supersample [1, 4] Sets antialiasing level.
r__tf_aniso [1, 16] Sets anisotropic filtering level.
ra [no arguments]TODO
renderer [renderer_r1, renderer_r2a, renderer_r2] Sets rendering system.
rs_c_brightness [0.500, 1.500] Sets brightness level.
rs_c_contrast [0.500, 1.500] Sets contrast level.
rs_c_gamma [0.500, 1.500] Sets gamma level.
rs_fullscreen [0, 1] Toggles fullscreen/windowed mode.
rs_refresh_60hz [0, 1] Toglles 60Hz Frequency option.
rs_stats [0, 1] Toggles display of game engine statistics, including FPS.
rs_v_sync [0, 1] Toggles vertical sync.
rs_vis_distance [0.400, 1.500] Sets vision distance.
save [savename] Saves the current game under the name specified (default is quicksave).
screenshot [1] Saves a JPG screenshot under the Documents and SettingsAll UsersShared DocumentsSTALKER-SHOCscreenshots directory.
snd_acceleration [0, 1] Toggles hardware sound acceleration.
snd_cache_size [4, 32] Sets size of sound cache.
snd_efx [0, 1] Toggles Sound Effects on or off.
snd_restart [no arguments] Restarts the sound engine; should be used after altering any snd_ variables.
snd_targets [4, 32] Sets the number of channels for audio.
snd_volume_eff [0.000, 1.000] Sets sound FX volume level.
snd_volume_music [0.000, 1.000] Sets music volume level.
start [TODO]TODO
stat_memory [no arguments] Toggles the display of memory-related statistics for the game engine.
sv_addmap [TODO]TODO
sv_anomalies_enabled [0, 1]TODO
sv_anomalies_length [0, 180]TODO
sv_artefect_respawn_delta [0, 600]TODO
sv_artefact_spawn_force [0, 1]TODO
sv_artefact_stay_time [0, 180]TODO
sv_artefacts_count [1, 100]TODO
sv_auto_team_balance [0, 1]TODO
sv_auto_team_swap [0, 1]TODO
sv_banplayer [TODO]TODO
sv_banplayer_id [TODO]TODO
sv_banplayer_ip [TODO]TODO
sv_bearercantsprint [0, 1]TODO
sv_changegametype [TODO]TODO
sv_changelevel [TODO]TODO
sv_changelevelgametype [TODO]TODO
sv_client_reconnect_time [0, 60]TODO
sv_console_update_rate [1, 100]TODO
sv_dedicated_server_update_rate [1, 1000]TODO
sv_dmgblockindicator [0, 1]TODO
sv_dmgblocktime [0, 600]TODO
sv_dump_online_statistics [no arguments]TODO
sv_dump_online_statistics_period [no arguments]TODO
sv_forcerespawn [0, 3600]TODO
sv_fraglimit [0, 100]TODO
sv_friendly_indicators [0, 1]TODO
sv_friendly_names [0, 1]TODO
sv_friendlyfire [0.000, 2.000]TODO
sv_hail_to_winner_time [0, 60]TODO
sv_kick [name] Kick player by name.
sv_listmaps [id] Kick player by id.
sv_listplayers [TODO]TODO
sv_listplayers_banned [TODO]TODO
sv_max_ping_limit [1, 2000]TODO
sv_nextanomalyset [TODO]TODO
sv_nextmap [TODO]TODO
sv_pda_hunt [0, 1]TODO
sv_prevmap [TODO]TODO
sv_reinforcement_time [ 1, 3600] - TODO
sv_remove_corpse [ 1, 1] - TODO
sv_remove_weapon [ 1,1]
sv_return_to_base [TODO]TODO
sv_returnplayers [0, 1]TODO
sv_rpoint_freeze_time [0, 60000]TODO
sv_setenvtime [TODO]TODO
sv_setweather [TODO]TODO
sv_shieldedbases [0, 1]TODO
sv_spectr_firsteye [0, 1]TODO
sv_spectr_freefly [0, 1]TODO
sv_spectr_freelook [0, 1]TODO
sv_spectr_lookat [0, 1]TODO
sv_spectr_teamcamera [0, 1]TODO
sv_startteammoney [TODO]TODO
sv_satistic_collect [0, 1]TODO
sv_statistic_save [TODO]TODO
sv_statistic_save_auto [0, 1]TODO
sv_status [TODO]TODO
sv_teamkill_limit [0, 100]TODO
sv_teamkill_punish [0, 1]TODO
sv_timelimit [0, 180]TODO
sv_unbanplayer_ip [TODO]TODO
sv_vote_enabled [0, 1]TODO
sv_vote_participants [0, 1]TODO
sv_vote_quota [0.000, 1.000]TODO
sv_vote_time [0.500, 10.000]TODO
sv_votestop [TODO]TODO
sv_warm_up [0, 3600]TODO
texture_lod [0,4] Sets texture level of detail level.
unbind [action] Unbinds any primary keys from the specified action.
unbind_console [TODO]TODO
unbind_sec [action] Unbinds any secondary keys from the specified action.
unbindall Unbinds all keys from all actions.
vid_mode [WxH] Same as in-game Resolution option.
vid_restart Restarts the graphics engine; should be used after changing certain graphics settings such as texture_lod and vid_mode.
Stalker Misery Console Commandsbaldcirclekidz

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