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  • Raven, Chelsea, Booker, Nia, Levi and Tess set out on a long road trip to Maine's Camp Champion, but a GPS glitch sends them off course to Camp Kikiwaka; the newcomers forge a camaraderie with Lou, Noah, Ava, Destiny, Gwen, Finn and Matteo.
That's So Raven is an American Emmy Award-nominated[1] sitcom television series broadcast on the Disney Channel. The plot revolves around teenager Raven Baxter and her schemes to get herself, her friends Eddie and Chelsea, and family members, such as her brother Cory, out of various situations, usually by using her psychic powers and her skills as a master of disguise. Seasons 1-3 were produced by Brookwell McNamara Entertainment. The fourth and final season was produced by Raven-Symoné. It became the first (and only) Disney Channel Series to create a spin-off, Cory in the House, which followed her younger brother, Cory, as his dad becomes the head chef for the President of the United States, causing the two of them to move to Washington D.C.FreeDownload
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