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Game description: Thing Thing Arena is a shooting game on in which you hold the gun to shoot the enemies. Before the fight, you can create the character by selecting the head and body. There are several mode of the game. One of them is survival mode, which you try to survive a never ending onslaught of enemies. The other one is zombie survival. In this mode, the enemies are undead. They’re faster and they drop less health. You also start with less health. But you have a seemingly endless supply of ammo for your “Zombie Special”. The third mode is supper survival. This mode is more enemies, more firepower, and less health. Even the most seasoned Thing-Thing player will sweat with this one. You’ve got 20 rockets, and 30 grenades! The last mode is stinky bean survival. It’s you against the most pathetic life form on the earth, Stinky Bean. They’re too stupid to comprehend pain, and they work in numbers. Beware the bean!

Thing Thing Arena 3free Flash Games

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Game title :Thing Thing Arena

Game author :Diseased Productions

11 Thing Thing Arena 2; 12 Boxhead the Nightmare; 13 Madness Combat Defense; 14 3 in One Checkers; 15 RaidenX; Thing Thing 3 Game Info You are player number 1,399,373. Play Flash Games free online Games on the Best Flash Games site, Flashgames247 is a great place to come and play. Thing Thing Arena 2. Thing Thing Arena 3. Play Thing Thing Arena 3. WASD Keys to Move Left Click to Shoot Shift Key to Run Change Weapon E Key or Mouse Wheeel R Key to Reload Spacebar to Pickup Weapon.

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Thing thing arena 3 free flash games for kids

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Thing thing arena 3 free flash games online

Thing Arena 2

Hp dvd a ds8a5lh driver for mac. Best game screen resolution: 700 x 400 fullscreen