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Broadcast tv playout automation & media asset management (mam) About SGT SGT (Hexaglobe Group) is a leader in TV playout automation and Media Asset Management software solutions, developing scalable and innovative platforms and products. About Based in the United Kingdom, offers real-time playout, workflow and content preparation solutions for both cloud and the facility. Their products are specifically.

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Tv Playout Softwareplaytree
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Encompass provides comprehensive channel playout services including advanced transmission and 24/7 monitoring with technical support for 1,200+ channels in HD, SD and 4K. We deliver content to satellite and cable providers worldwide via satellite, fiber and IP. As a full-service broadcast company, we formulate strategies to launch legacy and start-up TV networks on a global scale. We are able to provide our clients with tiered solutions meeting an extensive range of technical requirements.

  • 24/7 Master Control and engineering
  • State-of-the-art automation systems
  • On-air graphics
  • Quality control
  • Satellite
  • IP distribution
  • North American, Latin American and Asian satellite platforms
Tv Playout Softwareplaytree



Encompass’ on-air environments are staffed 24/7 with Master Control, operations and engineering. Our team of operators monitor the output of the primary and secondary feeds, satellite uplink and downlinks as well as the digital streams for OTT/TVE solutions. Our managers verify each playlist ensuring the overall reliability and quality of channel playout operations.

Radio Station Playout Software

In addition to server-based content, we integrate live feeds into the network’s playlist for final distribution to any screen. Our staff leads the coordination efforts and works directly with the client’s personnel to guarantee successful content distribution. We can handle any and all operational issues associated with live events.

  • 24/7 playout, monitoring, operations and engineering
  • OTT/TVE playout with live event integration
  • Automated feed decoration triggers
  • Commercial insertion
  • Subtitles and closed captioning
  • Advanced graphics, squeeze, snipes and lower thirds
  • Live integration
  • Traffic and ingest services
  • 100% and software quality control
  • Disaster recovery and archive management


Encompass ChannelMark™ automatically prepares a linear channel with SCTE messages marking the beginning and ending of each program segment and advertisement along with adding high-quality metadata enabling frame accurate source file output including AVOD, SVOD, Live-to-VOD and digital ad Insertion. The dynamic workflow and process automation helps you monetize content faster and target more markets while optimizing costs. Software for focusrite scarlett 2i2.

  • Advanced meta-tagging
  • Automatic VOD output
  • Rapid program segment reorder
  • One-to-many file outputs
  • Enables server-side ad replacement


Encompass is the leading provider of centralcasting services in the industry today. Our hub in Atlanta originates over-the-air television stations from across the U.S. and transmits these stations via fiber to local market facilities for broadcast. Our centralcasting services enable television station owners to generate significant cost savings while improving video quality and operational performance. Our clients are able to eliminate Master Control-related capital expenditure and achieve significant reductions in operating costs. In addition, every primary station feed originating from the Encompass Atlanta Hub can be transmitted in HD from day one at no additional cost.

  • Ingest and QC of all customer media
  • Redundant playout architecture supported by UPS and diesel power generator
  • Dedicated fiber transmission with satellite backup

Free Playout Software

  • Live event switching and break rolls
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • FCC emergency alert compliance
  • Retransmit D2 feeds


Encompass offers a full array of disaster recovery services including backup for channel playout and playback; Teleport; off-site content archival storage; and on-location emergency telephone and high-speed Internet.

We team with our clients to develop customized disaster recovery solutions. Options range from storage and playout of evergreen material on an as-needed basis to full mirroring of the client’s digital archives. Synchronized backup playout services, encoding and uplink can also be performed. In the event of a primary facility emergency, we can assume playout and uplink without interruption to the viewers from one of our global facilities.

  • Channel playout and playback
  • Teleport services
  • Geographical redundancy
  • Archival storage
  • On-site emergency communications
  • Data and voice (VoIP) restoration


Encompass provides a global archival solution utilizing Spectra® Logic and Front Porch Digital®. These services are available at our facilities in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Stamford, London and Singapore. Front Porch Digital DIVArchive® software and Spectra Logic robotics utilize LTO media for deep archive. Our ability to archive and restore files from a global footprint provides our clients with an efficient, cost-effective solution for archiving and restoring media. Disaster recovery services can also be provided through Encompass’ global archive.

  • Spectra Logic Robotics
  • Front Porch Digital DivArchive software
  • LTO media compatible
  • Global archive
  • Auto-retrieve

Video Playout Software

  • Automated backup
  • Remote file backup
  • Remote file restoration
  • Mirrored storage
  • Disaster recovery