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Posted By admin On 21/08/21
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In this post, we’ve collected 31 vision board printables that you might want to use for your own vision board. They can liven up your board, make it more interesting, and contribute to the theme you have in mind. The designers and creators of the printables featured have made them available for download, free of charge, from their own sites. Download Vision Board Builder - A handy piece of software worth having when your need to create image collages, and export the project to PNG, JPG, TGA, or BMP file format.

Vision Board software, free download Free

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Meet “MindMovies” – the BEST Online Vision Board!

Our top pick in vision board software, Mind Movies is the number 1 online vision board. It gives you the tools, knowledge and power to propel yourself out of the rut where you’re stuck and into the life you really want.

There’s nothing to download, it’s easy to use, and it includes everything you need – pictures, affirmations, power words, background music, and more. (Read on for complete details.)

You’re about to discover how to take your life to a whole new level!

Scroll down to read more, or click a link to skip ahead:Vision free download

Table of Contents

Editor’s Note: This page is not some random sales pitch. I recommend this online vision board because I use it myself and I love it. In fact, my personal experience has been that everything offered by the Mind Movies team is first rate. To find out for yourself, see “What works even better” below – a great learning experience that’s completely free. ~ Peace, Susan

What is a mind movie?

It’s a vision board on steroids! Using the Mind Movies 4.0 Creation Kit, you can create a “slideshow” type movie of your perfect life, or of a certain aspect of your life that you intend to improve. Watch online or download your vision board movie on your computer, phone, or other mobile device so that throughout your day it helps you maintain clarity about your vision and stay positive and focused.

These vision board movies are complete with pictures, text affirmations, and music. Adding music is particularly powerful because of the way it stirs our emotions. In fact, one vital key to success is feeling strong emotion connected to what we envision.

How does this online vision board work?

A Mind Movie works with the psychology of the brain by combining photos, affirmations and music into a visualization tool that engages the subconscious. Motivational and emotionally inspiring, your mind movie helps you turn what you only wish you had into what you do have.

Mind Movies vs. Free Vision Board Software
There are a number of websites that offer vision board software you can download for free. Needless to say, free is great! However, here’s what you need to know.

First, to my knowledge, none of the free vision board software will create an actual video. All those I’ve researched simply create a collage. You can usually download that collage to your computer or mobile device, and if that’s all you’re after then you may be perfectly happy with that. Just be aware that all you will have is a still picture.

(Note that if you just want to make a still picture collage see our How To Make A Vision Board page for instructions on creating vision board using Pinterest and your smart phone.)

On the other hand, what you create with Mind Movies is a video with images, affirmations that you choose or write yourself, and music. That, along with the information from the Mind Movies folks about how to create an effective video vision board, is quite a step up from a basic collage.

There is one other thing to note about free online software. Sadly, these days even many of the most reputable sites add little “extras” to those downloads that you didn’t bargain for. At best it may only be an annoying browser tool bar. At worst it can be adware or malware that is intrusive or destructive. (One way to avoid that is to never allow an “automatic” install. Always choose “custom” install, then pay close attention and uncheck every option that is offered so that, hopefully, the only thing that gets installed will be the free software that you want.)

Vision Board software, free download

With Mind Movies Software this is not an issue because there is nothing to download or install. You access the software by logging in to your account online. It’s fast, simple, and safe.

In addition, your software is always up to date. Any time a new version comes out, your account gets automatically upgraded, and that requires zero effort on your part.

Mind Movies 4.0 Features (to name just a few!)

  • Works on PC (Windows) and Mac
  • Nothing to download or install – just log in to your account
  • Easy to learn, simple to create your own custom mind movies
  • Photos, Affirmations, Music – select from the Mind Movies library or use your own
  • Watch your mind movies online or download to your desktop computer or mobile devices
  • Includes lots of valuable bonuses
  • Software includes advanced options for power users who want to get ultra creative
  • Upgrades Are FREE – Once you purchase Mind Movies, you have lifetime access to the most recent version. The software is automatically updated for you, so there is nothing you have to buy or install.

Best of all, your investment in Mind Movies is protected by a
100% 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Option I
(Highly recommended – Do this first!)

I deserve the best, and I want to take advantage of a totally free offer to learn more. Tell me about…

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Option II

I can’t wait! I want to get Mind Movies 4.0 and all the awesome bonuses right now.

WARNING: Choose this option ONLY if you are truly committed. The software is simple to use but it is not “instant”. To create a really good vision board you should be willing to spend at least an hour and possibly more. Choose this option ONLY if you who are ready, willing, and able to invest the time you’ll need to create a quality vision board.

What works even better than the Mind Movies online vision board? (and it’s free)

It doesn’t get any better than this:
Get a jumpstart on your new and improved life, starting right this minute, without investing a dime!

The best vision board on earth is useless if you’re standing in your own way. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us are doing exactly that, and we don’t even realize it.

Are you a victim of your own self-sabotage? If you’re thinking oh, not me, remember that it’s extremely difficult to be completely objective about yourself. That’s not a put-down. It’s just human nature.


The good news is that there’s a simple way to find out.

Are you willing to invest half a minute in creating a better future for yourself? Then stop right now and click the image below to take this unique quiz created by Natalie Ledwell and the Mind Movies team.

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it just might change your life!

On a personal note…
I’ve used vision board software for years, and I’ve made some great Mind Movies and experienced success from using them. Still, I had no idea what I was missing – because we don’t know what we don’t know, right?

For me, the turning point came when I got involved in the Mind Movies community. Taking that quiz above will get you on their mailing list, and you won’t regret it because you won’t get bombarded with a bunch of annoying pushy sales letters. What you will receive is high quality content that you can actually use.

Of course they are also going to offer products for sale now and then. They’re a business, and that’s smart marketing. There again, I can tell you from personal experience that you won’t be disappointed – if you are, everything is covered by a 60 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. However, it’s doubtful you’ll ever ask for a refund. It’s impossible to explain all the many ways I have benefited from Mind Movies materials and courses. Suffice it to say that the insights have been invaluable and have led to real, significant progress toward my personal goals.

I urge you to give the quiz a try, and I sincerely wish you all the best on your journey.


Yes, take me to the quiz.

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