Volvo Ptt 2.7.85 Software Released Notesauto Diagnostic Tool

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Latest update online version Vag com 20.4.2 is arrived on obd2cartool vag diagnostic cable centre. Update version Vag com 18.9.1 HEX CAN USB Interface support 16 Languages Diagnose for AUDI VW SEAT SKODA. VCDS online updatable 19.6.2 main changes is BUG fixes and improvements support Windows 10 system.

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Vagcom 20.4.2 HEX CAN USB Interface VAG COM 18.9.1 Long coding cable VCDS 19.6 online update version support 16 languages

VAG COM 20.4.2 Features:

1. The product can use the official software and update online, so you can always get the newest software version( VAG COM 20.4.2 already update, other version some is 20.4.1 ).
2. You can get access to Internet when using this product and not easy be locked.
3. This product can support long coding,fast scanning fuctions.
4. It supports 16 Languages.( Support 16 languages, including of Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Czech, polish, Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovenia, Romania.)
5. It supports Firmware update online ( not NEC project), always the newest version.

6. No need send file active anymore, just run the loader choose 16 languages any you like.

New VAG COM 19.6.2 Newer loader free to download:!mVpS0IQB!SrI4-RgMp1wL_D22zvenweJ3G8ty8LttKmYrtcPUo0o

VCDS 18.9.1 online updatable cable Multilanguage including:

EN English 20.4.2
ITT Italian 20.4.2 ( Italiano
Cz Czech:19.6.1 ( čeština
DE German 20.4.2 ( Deutsch
ROJ Romanian 20.4.2 ( Română
FRM French 20.4.2 ( Français
NEZ Danish 20.4.1 ( dansk
AER Sweden 20.4.1 ( Sverige
EST Spanish 20.4.1 ( Español
AKP Polish 20.4.1 ( Polskie
RUS Russian: 20.4.1 ( Выпуск
HGJ Hungarian 20.4.2 ( Magyar
PTT Portuguese 20.4.2 ( Português
CN Chinese 19.6.3

Note: Import taxes and duties are buyer's subject to pay, if need help to clean customs could contact with us.

There not suggest clients update to the 20.4.2 version , That version is good work for the Hex V2 for MQB platform cars.Good version is 20.4.1 or 19.6.1 Release.

How to update obd2cartool update online VAG 18.2 to newer version?

Please download newer software from official website, uninstall old version, then as CD guide to install newer version on computer, still work newer HEX CAN version. Stable and effective version, you can save a lot of money. Note: It is not work friendly with MQB platform cars.

MQB platform cars and MY2018+ MY2020 cars recommend this item

DIY VAG COM 20.12.0 HEX V2 Interface MQB HEX V2 unlimited VIN Diagnostic Cable for VW Audi Seat Skoda vagcom 19.6.1 vcds 19.6.1 english tested screen: vagcom 18.1 French version already tested.Virtual reality: apps ideas & resources list.

Volvo Ptt 2.7.85 Software Released Notesauto Diagnostic Tools

Vagcom 18.9 highlight:

1. Vag com 18.9.1 can work with 16 Languages, Buy one cable can use many language version(each version need loader one time).
2. While vcds 17.8 with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, win7, win8, win8.1 WIN10 the operating system compatibility (32-bit and 64 - bit), Does not support Windows 95, 98, 95, ME, as well as the NT4 operating system
3. Compared to the previous version, the VAG 17.8 main changes is BUG fixes and improvements, support Windows10 system

Basic functions

00 Auto Scan
01 control module unit information
02 read fault codes
03 Output Test
Selective output test (only for KWP-2000 *)
04 Basic settings
05 clear DTCs
06 Close Control Module
07 pairs of coding control module
Slave control module for coding (only for KWP-2000 *)
Read measured value block 08
09-channel read (applies only to KWP-1281 *)
10 matching
11 Log (known under KWP-2000 * Coding II)
15 View Ready
16 security access (only for KWP-2000 *)
18 All supported fault codes (only for KWP-2000 *)
33 Common OBD-II function ect

Vehicle Application List:

Golf / Gol GTI / Jetta / Bora / Vento / Rabbit / Touran / New Beetle / Cabrio / Passat / Magotan / Touareg / Phaeton / Polo / Santana / Sharan / Transporter / Eurovan / Winnebago Rialta / VW Corrado / VW Eos / Audi TT / Audi A3/S3 / Audi A4 / A4 / Cabriolet Convertible / S4 / RS4 / Audi A6 / 100 / A6 / Allroad / S6 / Ur-S4 / RS6 / Audi 200 / V8 / A8 / Audi S8 / Audi 90 / Cabriolet Convertible / Audi Q7 / AudiR8

VCDS 17.8 Diagnose car list:

For Audi A1 (8X) 2010+
For Audi A2 (8Z) 2000 - 2005
For Audi A3/S3 (8L) 1997 - 2003
For Audi A3/S3 & A3 Cabriolet (8P/FM) 2004+
For Audi A3/S3 (8V/FF) 2013+
For Audi A4/S4/RS4 (8D) 1995 - 2001
For Audi A4/S4/RS4/Cabriolet (8E/8H) 2001 - 2008
For Audi A4/S4/RS4 (8K/FL) 2008+
For Audi A5/S5 (8T/FH/FR) 2007+
For Audi A5/S5 Cabriolet (8F) 2010+
For Audi 100/A6/S6 (4A) 1991 - 1997
For Audi A6/S6/RS6/allroad (4B) 1997 - 2006
For Audi A6/S6/RS6/allroad (4F/FB) 2005 - 2011
For Audi A6/S6/RS6/allroad (4G/FC) 2011+
For Audi A7 (4G) 2011+
For Audi A8/S8 (4D) 1994 - 2002
For Audi A8/S8 (4E) 2003 - 2010
For Audi A8/S8 (4H) 2010+
For Audi Q3 (8U/FS) 2012+
For Audi Q5 (8R/FP) 2008+
For Audi Q7 (4L) 2006+
For Audi R8 (42) 2007+
For Audi TT (8N) 1999 - 2007
For Audi TT (8J) 2007+
For Audi Radio/Navigation System
Bentley Continental (3W) 2003+

For Skoda Fabia (6Y) 2000 - 2007
For Skoda Fabia (5J) 2007 - 2010
For Skoda Fabia (5J) 2011+
For Skoda Felicia (6U) 1996 - 2001
For Skoda Octavia I (1U) 1997+
For Skoda Octavia II (1Z) 2005+
For Skoda Pick Up (67) 1996 - 2001
For Skoda Roomster (5J) 2006 - 2010
For Skoda Roomster (5J) 2011+
For Skoda Superb (3U) 2002 - 2008
For Skoda Superb (3T) 2008+
For Skoda Radio/Navigation System

For Seat Alhambra (7M) 1996 - 2010
For Seat Alhambra (71) 2011+
For Seat Altea (5P) 2004+
For Seat Arosa (6H) 1997 - 2004
For Seat Exeo (3R) 2009+
For Seat Ibiza/Cordoba (6K) 1993 - 2002
For Seat Ibiza/Cordoba (6L) 2002+
For Seat Ibiza (6J) 2008+
For Seat Inca (6K) 1996 - 2003
For Seat Leon/Toledo (1M) 2000 - 2006
For Seat Leon (1P) 2006+
For Seat Toledo (1L) 1992 - 1999
For Seat Toledo (5P) 2005+
For Seat Radio/Navigation System

For VW Amarok (2H) 2010+
For VW New Beetle/Cabriolet (1C/1Y/9C/AG/AL) 1998 - 2010
For VW Beetle (5C/AT) 2012+ (North American Region only)
For VW Caddy (9K) 1996 - 2003
For VW Caddy (2K) 2004+
For VW Corrado (50) 1989 - 1995
For VW Crafter (2E) 2006+
For VW Eos (1F) 2006+
For VW Fox/Spacefox/Sportvan/Suran (5Z) 2005+
For VW Gol/Parati/Saveiro (5X) 2000+
For VW Golf/Jetta (19E) For VW Golf/Jetta II (19E) 1983 - 1992
For VW Golf/Jetta/Vento/Cabriolet III (1H) 1992 - 1998
For VW Golf Cabriolet IV (1E) 1999 - 2002
For VW Golf/Jetta/Bora IV (1J/9M) 1998+
For VW Golf/Golf Plus/Jetta/Bora V (1K/5M) 2004+
For VW Golf/Golf Plus/Jetta Wagon (JSW)/Golf Variant (5K/52/AJ) 2009+
For VW Jetta (1K/AJ) 2010 only
For VW Jetta (16/AJ) 2011+ (North American Region only, GLI excluded)
For VW Jetta (16/AJ) 2011+ (Rest of World, including North American Region GLI)
For VW Golf VII (5G/AU) 2013+ (Rest of World, 2015+ in North America)
For VW LT (2D) 1996+
For VW Lupo (6E/6X) 1999+
For VW Passat (31) 1988 - 1993
For VW Passat (3A) 1994 - 1997
For VW Passat (3B) 1997 - 2005
For VW Passat (3C/AN) 2006 - 2011, and later RoW
For VW Passat CC (35/AN) 2009+
For VW Passat (36) 2011+
For VW Passat (NMS/A3) 2012+ (North American Region only)
For VW Phaeton (3D) 2002+
For VW Polo (6N) 1994 - 2002
For VW Polo (9N) 2002 - 2009
For VW Polo (6R) 2009+
For VW Routan (7B) 2008+
The Routan is a rebadged Dodge Caravan and is NOT supported by either vag or the VW factory scan tools.
For VW Scirocco (13) 2008+
For VW Sharan (7M) 1995 - 2010
For VW Sharan (7N) 2011+
For VW Tiguan (5N/AX) 2007+
For VW Touareg (7L/A9) 2003 - 2010
For VW Touareg (7P/BP) 2010+
For VW Touran (1T) 2003+
For VW Transporter (70) 1991 - 1996
For VW Transporter (7D) 1997 - 2003
For VW Transporter (7H/7J) 2003 - 2009
For VW Transporter (7E/7F) 2010+ vagcom 17.8 New Feature:

1.Includes partial support for VW Crafter vans. Communications with all control modules;
functions supported: Control Module ID and Advanced ID, Fault Codes (Read and Clear),
Supported Codes, Security Access, and Adaptation. Other functions such as Measuring Values,
Output Tests, and Basic Settings will be added in future versions.

2.New more universal Airbag Coding Assistant.

3.New 'Upload Debug/Log File' function in Applications Dialog

4.Completely revised and expanded ROD (ODX) Data.

5.New USB Drivers. Now compatible with the latest PCs which use Fresco Logic USB3 chipsets.

6.Refactored DTC routines which interpret DTC data, including enhanced interpretation of status byte for DTCs in UDS modules.

7.New area to display additional info for Basic Settings.

8.Added data types 0B, 0D, 0F to Generic OBD-II Mode 9.

9.New version of LCode.

10.Revised and expanded Label Files.

Release Notes:

Release 17.8 works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows 2000 will probably still work, but we no longer consider it supported.

Windows running in a VM (Parallels, Virtual Box, etc) may work but is not supported.

Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT4 definitely will not work.

Release 15.7 must be used with a HEX-, KEY-, KII-, or Micro-CAN 'high-tech' Interface.

It does not work with any third-party interfaces or some of our older 'low-tech' interfaces.

If you're a registered user and have an older low-tech interface, you should consider our

If you're not ready for an interface upgrade, you'll have to use Vag-Lite instead.

It is essential NOT to install in the Program Files tree in on systems running Windows Vista or newer.

VCDS 18.9.1 Compatibility:

This interface works with all diagnostic-capable VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda models from 1990 through 2018.(Not work friendly with MQB platform cars!!!)

It does NOT fully support the following vehicles:

2016+ Audi Q7 (Rest-of-World) Chassis 4M (2017+ North American Region chassis F7)
2016+ Audi A4 B9 (Rest-of-World) chassis 8W (2017+ North American Region chassis F4).
2017+ models (including all MQB-A0 cars such as the SEAT Ibiza KJ)

To remove other old versions:

Versions prior to Release 704, simply delete the shortcuts from your Start menu and
Desktop and delete the folder(s) where the program was installed.

Release 704 and newer may be uninstalled using Windows' Add/Remove Programs or by running the uninstall.exe program found in the folder with the version that you wish to remove.

Volvo ptt 2.7.85 software released notesauto diagnostic toolkit

VAG 20.4.1 Diagnostic Cable Package list:

1 x Vag com diagnostic cable
vag com Software download from original website

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Part of Volvo VOCOM clone comes with default free Premium Tool 1.12 software and optional higher V2.xx version. Here you can download PTT 1.12 software for free:
Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7
Multi-language: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Burmese, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Finish, Swedish,Thai, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian etc
How to Install and Activate Volvo Tech Tool 1.12?
Step 1: Install PTT setup
Install PTT 1.12 run the setup

Enter installation ID:123456

Install setup completed
Reboot PC

Volvo Ptt 2.7.85 Software Released Notesauto Diagnostic Tool Download

Step 2: Activate PTT
Open VTT 1.12_KG folder and run Premium Tool keygen
Write down the login ID: M311331

PTT require to enter User ID (login ID): m311331 (don’t need password), Press OK to continue

Check Volvo PTT 1.12 version software features

Go to Menu->Settings

Select language you desired
Step 3: Offline Update
Go to Computer Management-> Services and Applications->Service->disable networkupdateagent service and program
In Win7 system, must end the networkupdateagent in Task Manager

copy all offline files to C:/Program Files/Network Update Agent

Run the networkupdateagent and services
Wait for 1-2 hours until the offline network update completed.

Volvo Ptt 2.7.85 Software Released Notesauto Diagnostic Tool Free

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