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Microsoft dropped Windows Media Center from Windows 10, citing 'decreased usage' as the reason it would no longer be available. In its place the software giant released a DVD Player, but this was expensive and incredibly basic.

Click to download Windows, Media, Os, Center, Computer, Google, Legal, Pc, Server, Desktop icon from Mega Pack 2 Iconset by ncrow. If Windows 8 Pro is already installed on the computer, download Windows 8 Media Center Pack to install Windows Media Center. Press the Windows + W keys to search Settings. In the Settings search field, type add features.

If you miss Windows Media Center, and alternatives such as Kodi aren’t filling the gap for you, the good news is you can, with a little trickery, install Windows Media Center on Windows 10.

The My Digital Life Forums has come up with the goods. All you have to do is download Windows Media Center from one of these sources:

64 bit

  1. The Windows version is Windows XP Professional, version 2002. The Media Center version is 2005. Reviewer: A-ManWare - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - July 21, 2019 Subject: Serial Number.
  2. Media Center Windows 10 free download - Windows XP Media Center Edition, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Player (64-bit), and many more programs.
  3. If Windows 8 Pro is already installed on the computer, download Windows 8 Media Center Pack to install Windows Media Center. Press the Windows + W keys to search Settings. In the Settings search field, type add features. Click the Add features to Windows 8 icon.

.zip Installer (preferred) (Google Drive)

.7z Installer (Mega)

32 bit

.zip Installer (preferred) (Google Drive)

.7z Installer (Mega)

(These are the installers for version 12 of WMC for Windows 10, and fix problems found in earlier releases.)

One you've done that, follow these steps to install it:

Windows media center pc go to

Where To Download Windows Media Centers

  • Extract the folder to your hard drive (it must be saved to your system drive) and open it.
  • Right-click _TestRights.cmd and choose to Run as administrator.
  • Next right-click Installer.cmd and Run as administrator. (There’s also an uninstaller here).
  • Press any key to exit when prompted and then search for Media Center.
  • If it doesn't install correctly, try rebooting your PC and repeat the process.
  • You’ll find the app under Windows Accessories in the Start menu, but you can pin it to the taskbar if you require quick access.

I’ve installed Windows Media Centre in Windows 10 Anniversary Update without problems and it works very well. If you get a decoder error when trying to play live TV you may need to install the LAV Filters from here.

You already know that Microsoft no longer bundles Windows Media Center (WMC) with Windows 10. Therefore, you can’t get it back officially again on the latest operating system. There are many other smart alternatives to Windows Media Center. You can find them here. But if still love Windows Media Center and wish to use it, here’s how we can help you install it.

Note:- Microsoft doesn’t officially support Windows Media Center anymore. Therefore, you require to download the tool from a third-party website. You can trust the links provided by us as we have scanned the downloaded files with the help of our powerful anti-malware system. But if you disagree, we recommend you to retract from the process.

We tried it and didn’t face any problem. The downloaded file was scanned through an antimalware. You can and must use your anti-malware software to scan the downloaded file.

We suggest you to download Advanced System Protector to scan the downloaded file. It’s a powerful anti-malware that detects and removes malware effectively. You can download it from here.

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Thus, if you want to install Windows Media Center on Windows 10, keep digging into the article.

Step 1: Download Windows Media Center



You can download Windows media Center by clicking on the following links. We have provided the links for both 32-bit and 64-bit software. You can also search them online. But, make sure that you scan the respective download with your anti-malware software.

Note:- If you don’t know whether your PC supports 64-bit or 32-bit software, you can check it by right-clicking the Start button and selecting the ‘System’ option. You’ll see the system type on the screen.

After identifying your system type, you can click the respective link to download the software.

Step 2: Install The Software

As the downloaded software arrives as a zipped folder, open it in WinRaR to extract the original file.

Note:- If your PC doesn’t have WinRaR in it, you can download it here (32-bit/64-bit).

Download Windows Media Center 8.1

Now, you can right-click on the downloaded file and choose “Extract here”.

It will extract a folder named “WMC64”. It’s recommended to place the folder to C drive. After, placing the folder, open WMC64 and right-click “_TestRights.cmd” to and choose “Run As Administrator”.

It will open the command prompt panel. You can close it.

Now right-click “Installer.cmd” and click “Run as Administrator”. It will install the program and at last, give an instruction to press any key to close the command prompt window.

Hence, Windows Media Center should be installed by now. If it’s not, it is possibly because your Operating system must have been upgraded from Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10. Therefore, there are some traces of the old Windows Media Center that doesn’t allow to install the newer one. To mitigate the situation, right-click “Uninstaller.cmd” and choose “Run as an administrator”.

Afterwards, repeat the process by running “_TestRights.cmd” followed by “Installer.cmd”. It will install Windows Media Center on your PC.

You can find it on the start menu or can search it in the search menu.

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Step 3: launch Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center Windows 10 Install

Hence, you can launch the program and use it as you used it on Windows 7 or 8.

If you have any problems related to installation or operation of the software, you can refer to ‘Workarounds.txt’. You can find it in C Drive> WMC64>Worksaround.txt.

Though Windows Media Center works perfectly on Windows 10, with future updates Windows 10 might stop supporting Windows Media Center. For instance, Windows 7 games like Solitaire were automatically uninstalled by Windows 10 build 1511, when people started using hacks to install their favorite games. So, don’t get surprised if your Windows 10 PC automatically removes your favorite media center. Well, Windows user community will certainly come up with a solution to the problem.

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Windows media center for windows 10

Let us know whether you were able to install the software without any hassle. Share your experience in the comments below. Also, subscribe to our newsletter for more interesting articles.

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