Windows 10 Product Id Vs Product Key

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  • Microsoft allows anyone to download Windows 10 for free and install it without a product key. It’ll keep working for the foreseeable future, with only a few small cosmetic restrictions. And you can even pay to upgrade to a licensed copy of Windows 10 after you install it.
  • Are you asking if the product ID that is on a PC, or server, will somehow allow you to gain access to the product key for and OS or application that was installed on the machine?

Summary: If you are confused and have no idea to choose which Windows license key for your PC then, have a look at this article and know the Windows OEM vs Windows retail difference. This will help you in making a wise decision.

How To Get, Find Your Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 Product Key & Product Id Free By Produkey On Computer In Hindi.Hello Friends, Is video s.

If you owe a Windows 10 operating system then you must have a Windows license key as it activates and verifies the Windows on your PC. In some cases, Windows 10 automatically get activated with a digital license instead of the product key.

Copying Windows 10 from one PC to another requires a product key to activate it. If you have copied Windows 10 from the other computer then you must get the license key for Windows to run on your PC.

Though there are four types of Windows licenses for different requirements such as Windows OEM, Windows retail, Windows volume, and Windows MSDN. If you are not developing any software or working in a large business then you can choose either OEM or retail license.


Go through this article and get to know the difference between OEM and retail Windows 10 and then make a purchase of Windows license for your PC to activate Windows 10.

Also, discover the relevant information regarding Windows 10 OEM and Windows 10 retailversion.

What Does OEM Windows 10 Mean?

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a Windows license that is pre-installed on your PC by the companies that manufacture PC. They include a copy of Windows in it so that you can immediately use your PC.

Though this OEM license is pre-installed, users can also buy them if they want to build a gaming PC or have a second-hand system that is either outdated or have no operating system.

Talking about whether to purchase this license or not, you can decide when you go through Windows OEM vs Windows retail difference.

What Is The Retail Version Of Windows 10?

A retail version of Windows 10 is a full packaged product. It is referred to retail license that users buy when they purchase a Windows 10 copy from any retailer store or Microsoft store.

If you have purchased Windows 10 retail license then you can transfer it from one computer to another but not at the same time, one device has to be deactivated plus no limit on the hardware.

Now, that you got to know about Windows 10 OEM and Windows 10 Retail. Let’s the Windows 10 OEM VS retail battle begin.

What Is the Difference Between OEM and Retail Windows 10?

Finally, we have arrived at the battleground of Windows OEM VS Windows retail.

First of all, talking about the features both the OEM and retail have a full version of the operating system, where the user can enjoy updates, functionality, and features that is expect from Windows.

Whether you are using OEM Windows 10 or retail you can upgrade your Windows to a newer version as long you have a Windows license.

Though there is not much of a difference between OEM and retail Windows 10, only a few that is stated in the below table.

Windows OEM

Windows RETAIL

In OEM Windows 10 any part of the computer can be replaced except the motherboard. As the SLIC (Software Licensing Internal Code) is stored in BIOS if when missing then Windows 10 OEM won’t get activated.In Windows 10 Retail License there is no limit in replacing the hardware of your PC. Even if you replace any hardware of your PC it will still be activated without any issue.
OEM Windows 10 license is Non-TransferableWindows 10 Retail license is Transferable from one PC to another.
Windows 10 OEM license is cheaper and when purchased online from Amazon or eBay the price gets lower.Retail license Windows 10 cost is more than OEM but when online purchased the price gets a bit low.
The user needs to contact the manufacturer of the device for any problem.Windows 10 Retail customer if run into any hardware or activation issue, directly contact Microsoft support.
OEM Windows 10 can be installed only once and that too locked in a single PC.The retail version of Windows 10 can be installed multiple times but to activate the product key into the new device, the old one has to be deactivated.

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People Also Ask:

  • If you want to which Windows license key you are using, simply open the command prompt (PowerShell) by pressing Windows + X key
  • In the command prompt window, type Slmgr /dli or slmgr /dlv and hit the enter key
  • After a couple of minutes, the Windows script host will appear where your license type, product key, and license status will be mentioned.

YES, Windows 10 license can be transferred if you have purchased the Windows 10 retail copy. If you are upgrading your Windows to a newer version you are allowed to transfer the product key to a new device.

First of all, you have uninstalled the product key. For that open the command prompt (admin) and then type slmgr /upk command.

The Windows script host will let you know whether the product key is uninstalled or not. After that in the new PC, open cmd and type slmgr /ipk xxxxxxxx xxxx (xxxx means product key).

Wait for a couple of minutes for the Windows script host to tell you that the product key is installed successfully.


Windows 10 activation key free

All right, so this was all about Windows OEM VS Windows retail.

I have listed down the difference between OEM and retail Windows 10 so that it will get easier for you to choose the license key for your PC to activate Windows 10.

If you have a pre-installed OEM Windows 10 then there is no need to change the motherboard and if not then go with the Windows 10 Retail license as it has more privilege.

Well, it depends on you which Windows license you buy. I hope that you liked this article and go to know about the retail OEM difference in Windows license.

Apart from this, if you have left with any questions or suggestion then write to us on our Facebookpage. We’ll be happy to help you.

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Over the years the installation of Windows has gotten easier and more reliable, and Windows 10 is not an exception. In the new version of the operating system Microsoft has made it a lot easier for users to upgrade, but to make it all happen the company had to modify the different ways in which customers install Windows 10, and up until now there was not much documentation explaining the new changes.

Recently, the company made available documentation resources that explain how the Windows 10 activation and upgrade process work.

In the “Activation in Windows 10” web page, the software giant begins explaining that it uses the activation technology to verify a computer is running a genuine copy and the same license hasn’t been used on more devices than it was permitted under the terms.

Windows 10 also includes a new kind of activation, something the company calls “digital license” (formerly known as “digital entitlement”), which is in addition to the 25-character product key method. The activation the operating system will use depends on how you have obtained your copy of windows 10.

According to Microsoft, “digital license” (digital entitlement) is the new activation method in Windows 10 that doesn’t require the user to enter a product key. In this case activation will happen automatically.

Windows 10 will use the “digital license” (digital entitlement) activation method, if one of the following is true:

KeyWindows 10 Product Id Vs Product Key
  • You’re upgrading a genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 for free.
  • You’ve purchased a copy of Windows 10 in the Windows Store and successfully activated Windows 10.
  • You’ve purchased a Windows 10 Pro upgrade in the Windows Store and successfully activated Windows 10.
  • You’re part of the Windows Insider Program and you have upgraded your genuine activated copy Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build.

Windows 10 will use the product key activation method, if one of the following is true:

  • You have obtained a copy of Windows 10 from an authorized retailer.
  • You have obtained a digital copy of Windows 10 from an authorized retailer.
  • You’re using the Volume Licensing agreement for Windows 10 or MSDN subscription.
  • You have purchased a new computer running Windows 10.

How to activate Windows 10 after the upgrade

If you have upgraded to Windows 10 from a genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, the activation will happen automatically through an internet connection and an online “digital license” (digital entitlement) will be created for your device.

According to the Microsoft documentation, if your version of Windows is not activated before upgrading to Windows 10, you won’t be able to activate, as such you have to make sure your copy is fully activated before upgrading.

View Windows 10 Product Key

Checking your Windows activation is very easy:

  • Windows 7: Click the Start button, right click Computer, and click Properties. Then look under Windows activation.
  • Windows 8.1: Go to Control Panel, click System and Security, and click System: Then look under Windows activation.
  • Windows 10: Open the Settings app, go to Update & security, and navigate to Activation.

If you’re copy of Windows 10 isn’t activated, you can get more information in the “Windows 10 activation errors” web page.

How to activate Windows 10 after reinstall

If you have activated a free copy or bought and activated a copy of Windows 10 from the Store, you have a “digital license” (digital entitlement) for that device.

This means that you can reinstall Windows 10, even a clean installation, and you don’t need to enter a product key. If during the installation you’re prompted to enter a product key, select Skip. Then the operating system will activate automatically after the installation.

If you previously installed and activated Windows 10 using a product key, then you’ll need to enter a product key during the installation.

How to activate a new Windows 10 installation

A product key will be needed to activate Windows 10, when you install the operating system for the first time, and your device never had an activated copy of Windows 10 on it.

Of course, you’ll also need a product key if you are installing Windows 10 Pro on a device that has Windows 10 Home running on it. Citrix online plugin web.dmgwizardstree.

How to activate a Windows 10 Insider Preview build

If you upgraded your genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build, then you’ll get new and activated builds.

After July 29, 2015, if you want to install the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build, but you’re running Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1, you first need to upgrade to Windows 10 using the free upgrade offer.

After the upgrade go to Settings > Update & security > Advanced options and then click the Get Insider Builds to join the Insider Preview Program to receive the new builds.

How to activate Windows 10 after hardware change

If you have taken advantage of the free upgrade offer of Windows 10, and then you made some significant hardware changes, such as replacing the motherboard, Windows 10 won’t re-activate.

However, starting with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, you can link your Microsoft Account with your Windows 10 digital licence, and use the new Activation Troubleshooter tool to re-activate the operating system.

Windows 10 Activation Key Buy

Linking your digital license with your account is very straightforward, if you’re already have a Microsoft Account connected to your Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later, you’re good to go.

If you only have a local account, you need to add a Microsoft Account to Windows 10. Go to Settings > Update & security > Activation, click Add an account and complete the process.

Then you can use the Activation Troubleshooter. Go to Settings > Update & security > Activation, click Troubleshoot, sign-in with your Microsoft Account. Then select your computer your the list of digital licenses associated with your account, check This is the device I’m using right now, and click Activate. If the activation fail, then you’ll need to contact customer support for assistants.

Is Product Id Product Key

Update, October 14, 2015: Microsoft will make easier to activate Windows 10 with Threshold 2. Starting Windows 10 build 10565, users will be able to use their Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 product key to do a clean install of Windows 10 without having to do the upgrade first — full details on the changes here.

Windows 10 Product Id To Product Key Converter

Update, June 23, 2016: Starting with Windows 10 build 14371 and moving forward, Microsoft is renaming “digital entitlement” to “digital licence”.

Update, July 9, 2016: On July 29th, Microsoft is ending the free offer to upgrade free to Windows 10. Everyone who has upgraded will retain the digital license for the life of the device. This means that if you reinstall Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update your computer will remain activated.

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