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Windows 7 All in One or AIO is a complete and standalone setup of Windows 7 which contains almost all the installable and available versions of Win 7. Play games right here!the history of video games. As the name suggests that it contains all the versions and updates. The All in One Version was first released in late 2009 which was. Windows 7, the widely used operating system, was released on October 22, 2009.It is the upgraded version of the 6th edition, namely the Windows Vista. Windows 7, like its previous versions, has a well-working GUI allowing the user to use items on the screen with a simple combination of devices like keyboard and mouse.


Windows All In One Iso

To create a Windows 7 universal DVD or ISO with all editions please use one of the Win 7 ISO files. Here is the solution explained in 3 steps!

Please Download Windows 7 Professional or Home Premium.
See here: .. Download the Windows 7 Starter, Home (Basic Premium), Professional and Ultimate!
Download ei.cfg Removal Utility: STEP 2:
Deflate the and start the 'eicfg_remover.exe' and selecting the target Windows 7 ISO (Windows 7 Professional or Home Premium), the disc image will be patched right away.
So make sure a copy of ISO backup is done and burn the iso on a DVD.
See the result:

See also: .. Burn a CD or DVD from an ISO file on Windows-7?

(Image-1) Windows 7: Starter, Home (Basic Premium), Profesional, Ultimate!

You can download the Windows 7 Enterprise Trial and test it for up to 240 days. Very handy for software developers, administrators and power users.
But the editions are quite different and the Windows 7 Starter is totally slimmed down. There is also no download to test these versions (starters) and the behavior of the software.
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