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*** version v5.4.3 ***
*** Release: December 24th 2020 ***
for all Windows versions (and Linux using wine emulator)

Compatible with all previous versions
The software is free for HAM's and non-commercial purposes, but if you do use it and
want your free registrationkey that releases several extra options then please:

  1. Windows Packet Radio Software Free
  2. Windows Packet Editor

142823 Bytes - Multi windows packet term for emerg comm - 42117 Bytes - Amateur Radio Packet Door V1.10 for RA/MFJ - 52346 Bytes - Radio packet door v1.31 - BBS to PACKET - 66264 Bytes - AX.25 protocol specification in ASCII format - 13439 Bytes - AX25 for SunOS (tar.gz) - Can UISS also be used for normal radioamateur basic packet operations or APRS too. Powerful features allows you easy monitoring of any type of AX25 packet traffic. Plots the heard stations on a map using UISS module: UI-MapView! Works in all Windows versions or Linux (using emul software). Windows for the end user is the easiest for installing the 'TCP/IP over AX.25' software and has the broadest range of Packet applications. You can use a physical Packet Modem (Terminal Node Controller = TNC), but at 1200, 9600 and even 19,200 Windows DSP.

.** translate the manual, or contribute to the UISS-Project or ham-community in some special way **.
.** Or send me a donation to support this and future UISS projects (Pro-Edition) **.


After downloading run 'UISS_Setup' to install or upgrade UISS on your computer. Includes UISS-MapView v3.1.
This UISS version is compatible with previous versions (without loosing settings and registration keys).
Note: When you already using a previous version of UISS be sure to install it in your
existing UISS directory if you want to keep your settings.
  • UISS 5.4.3 (UISS_Setup.exe)

    UISS 5.4.3 Mirror, André de PE1PQX
    Previous version
    UISS 5.4.2 Mirror, André de PE1PQX

    These versions are recommended for installing UISS onto a Windows Me or Windows 98/95 PC
    UISS 5.3.2b Mirror, André de PE1PQX
    UISS 5.3.2b Win95/98/ME, Mirror, André PE1PQX.

UISS Modules (add-ons)


Click here for the UISS modules and addons downloads

  • RX-SSTV: An external stand-alone module for receiving SSTV! Ideal if ISS is transmitting SSTV!

  • UISS-TTS: Lets UISS speak using Microsoft Text-to-Speech. By LU4EG

  • UISS-GPS: GPS -> UISS bridge, a full featured GPS module that turns UISS into TinyTrack!! By LU4EG.

  • UISS-SatGate: UISS <-> Internet bridge, a full featured APRS-IS Satgate!! By LU4EG.

  • UISS-Orb: UISS <-> Orbitron DDE Driver, to automate UISS with Orbitron! By LU4EG.

  • UISS-MapView: to display the UISS's heard stations on a map!

  • UIData: a packet analyzer for your all your saved reports or monitored packets

  • UISS-EGWX : A virtual weather system for UISS. By LU4EG

  • UISS-MultiTelem : A unique tool to decode the telemetry of PCSAT. By G4DCQ

  • MonitorTrack : A clever tool to track and monitor satellite passages streamed from Orbitron. By G4DCQ

UISS Language Help Files:

You can download the following help-files which you need to unzip in your UISS directory:

  • Italian v5.2

  • Spanish v5.0

  • Polish (v4.0)

  • Portuguese (v3.x)

PDF format of the UISS manual and the above translated manuals can be downloaded in the Yahoo UISS support group.!

More Downloads

SoundModem (c)UZ7HO

  • The main download webpage:

  • Mirror download of the SoundModem here:

AGW Packet Engine (c)SV2AGW

  • If you don't have AGWPE drivers installed on your computer then you can
    download them at
    SV2AGW AGW Packet Engine site
    or at
    Download AGW Packet Engine
    Download AGWPE Drivers

  • Download AGW Packet Engine Professional edition []

  • Download the free AGW Packet Engine and drivers v.2010 here

  • KC2RLM site about AGWPE and soundcard packet

  • AGW packet engine replacement for LINUX
    Made by Lieven de ON7LDS:


  • Orbitron: freeware satellite tracker by Sebastian Stoff
    (supported by UISS and UISS-Orb addon)

  • Mirror download of Orbitron here:

VB Run-time re-distribution service pack

  • If you get 'DLL not found errors' when running UISS then please download the
    VB Service Pack 6 run-time dll's

UISS Backgrounds, Guides and more VB module examples etc

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  • Can be downloaded at the UISS Group: UISS_Group

Windows Packet Radio Software Free

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