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Cooking Fever is a free game which is one of the most addictive games for iOS and Android. It is developed by Nordcurrent which happens to be a ‘Top Developer’ at Google Play Store. Anything that comes from a Top Developer is sure to be of premium quality. التعريف بـ لعبة cooking fever: لعبة حمى الطهي cooking fever من العاب الطبخ للكمبيوتر و للموبايل وهي من اجمل العاب الطبخ للهواتف حيث يمكنك صناعة تشكيلة كبيرة من الاطعمة المختلفة مث البيتزا pizza والهامبرجر والمعكرونة والفشار والسمك.

Game Acheivements are tasks that reward you with XP and coins when
they are completed. These tasks may be related to overall game play, or
may be specific to a restaurant. There are also 4 Hidden
Acheivements. SPOILER ALERT – We’ve listed their details below. You can access the Game Acheivements list by clicking on
the Trophy icon on the bottom right side of the main location screens.
You will be notified when you complete an acheivement. You will need
to click the Claim button in order to receive your reward.


Serve 1 client

Level 1 Fast Food


Complete 5 levels in a row
without burning a dish

Level 5 Fast Food


Complete 15 levels in a row
without burning a dish

Fast Food Level 20+


Serve 50 customers with

Fast Food Level 15


Earn 1,000 coins in tips

Fast Food Level 12


Complete 30 levels in a row
without burning a dish

Around Level 35 in Fast Food Court

50500PerfectComplete every level in the Fast
Food Court with 3 stars5001000Keeping
Them Hydrated

Sell 200 drinks

Fast Food Level 23


Serve 700 clients

Between Level 31-38 Fast Food (if you’ve replayed levels)

MasterEarn 10,000 coins in tips50500People
Are ThirstySell 1,000 drinks20200Good JobComplete 200 levels100700Show
Them What You CanComplete total 250 levels with 3
stars in any of your restaurants5003000Professional
WaiterServe 5,000 clients.5003000Quench
Your ThirstSell 3,000 drinks.50500Speedy
ServiceEarn 100,000 coins in tips2003000MillionaireEarn 1,000,000 coins1005000WinnerComplete 21 levels without
losing a single customer50300Happy

Don’t lose any clients 7 levels
in a row

Fast Food Level 7

10100Wake and
BakePlay the game 10 days in a row100500Taking
No Breaks

Play for 1 hour straight

Fast Food Restaurant by Level 15

55024/7Complete 50 levels in 24 hours50500Perfect
RestaurantFully upgrade a restaurant100Www700Restaurant
ChainFully upgrade three restaurants3001500Restaurant
MonopolyFully upgrade five restaurants5003000Investor

Spend 10000 coins on upgrades

Interior upgrades in Bakery

Extra Hours

Receive 1,000 coins for
completed tasks

By Level 5 in Bakery

2070Extra JobReceive 5,000 coins for
completed tasks50300Hard
Earned MoneyReceive 10,000 coins for
Cooking fever game online, free completed tasks100500Surpassing
All ExpectationsEarn 200 more coins than the
target score10200


Download free fire for pc. Spend 20 diamonds

After Level 30 Fast Food Kitchen Upgrades; Or unlock Chinese Restaurant

ShiniesSpend 200 diamonds2001000HighrollerSpend 2,000 diamonds10005000Smart
UpgradingReceive 500 XP points from a
single upgrade100500They’re
Less Fortunate

Cooking Fever Game For Free

Feed the homeless by throwing 11
dishes away to the recycle bin in one leve10100You’re
Doing it WrongBurn 100 dishes30300Try
HarderLose 50 clients10100Fast Food

Serve 4 clients in 3 seconds

Fast Food Level 21

a HandCall the repairman 10 times20200Master
ConfectionerComplete all levels in the
Bakery with 3 stars500Cooking fever game online, free1200First
Class RestaurantComplete all levels in the
Chinese Restaurant with 3 stars5001500Elite
PizzeriaComplete all levels in the
Pizzaria with 3 stars5002000Take a
NapLose a level 3 times in a row20150Been

Unlock 1 additional restaurant

Unlock Bakery

TravellerUnlock 4 additional restaurants200500Best of
the BestComplete all levels in the
Seafood Bistro with 3 stars5002000Level Up

Reach experience level 10

Around Level 5 in Bakery

100200Half Way
ThereReach experience level 20200500ProfessionalReach experience level 303001000ConquerorUnlock 6 additional restaurants3001000Restaurant
KingFully upgrade 7 restaurants10005000Best
Indian DinerComplete all levels in Indian
Diner with 3 stars6002500English
breakfast professionalComplete all levels in Breakfast
Cafe with 3 stars7002500Getting
what you deserveGet 10 gems just from daily
rewards5001500PlayerSpend 10,000 coins in Casino75500Better
luck next time

Spend coin machine at casino 15
times in a row without winning

After winning your daily 15 Casino gems, place $100 bets 15 times


Win 1,000 coins in Casino in one

Right after advancing to XP Level 7 (around Level 20+ in Fast food), place $500 bets in Casino


HIDDEN ACHEIVEMENT – Throw away some food when you have 0 coins in a level.

As soon as you begin a level, throw away the drink, soup or other dish.2050Other
way to win

HIDDEN ACHEIVEMENT – Complete level without making any of the main dishes.

Fast Food – Upgrade your Cupackes to Level 1 or 2, then replay restaurant Level 1 and only serve Cupcakes.

them all

Cooking Fever Game online, free

HIDDEN ACHEIVEMENT – Have 9 dishes burning at the same time.

You will need to have 9 cooking surfaces available in the Seafood Bistro, Chinese Restaurant, or Breakfast Cafe and allow all your dishes to burn.


overcooked meal on your stove for more than a minute

Fast Food: Leave a hamburger burning in the hamburger pan for an entire level

MasterComplete all levels in Sushi
Restaurant with 3 stars8002500Category: Cooking Fever

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Cooking Fever is an arcade game that has already gained millions of players worldwide. It’s a game that can entertain you while giving you something to fuss about when playing. Your limits will be tested as you are compelled to manage your time and decide quickly on what to serve next while ensuring that your customers stay happy. You also have the chance to customize and upgrade your kitchen so you can better serve your customers.

What’s more is that in this game, you will need to adapt a wide array of restaurant locations and themes, so get ready for every challenge that comes your way!

Don’t know how to cook in real life? Worry not because in Cooking Fever, you will be able to hone your skills so you can cook the best quality dishes. Plus, you will be able to develop a winning strategy that will put the best chefs to shame. All that is possible through the help of the best kitchen appliances that you’ll have to create the best dishes from an international menu.

In Cooking Fever, there are thousands of courses that you can easily recreate using high-quality ingredients. At every level, the challenge becomes difficult. But as long as you keep on practicing and getting the right technique, you will be able to run your own restaurant business with ease in no time.

Do you feel the excitement of learning to cook the best dishes and running a restaurant business? Then, play the game on a bigger screen so you can experience and immerse more. Besides that, learn basic playing tips and interesting facts about the game so you can get to know more about it. Expect all these and more here in Cooking Fever’s unofficial fansite.